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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

We give you 10 facts about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is not a single disease but a general concept of various chronic lung diseases that damage the lungs and limit the flow of air into the lungs. COPD is the most common chronic lung disease in the world, affecting 64 million people worldwide. More […]


What’s happening with antibiotics?

New drugs are urgently needed to combat the growing threat of high-resistance bacteria, but few are in the pipeline. What is happening? In a time when great new pharmaceutical products cure some of our most deadly diseases and help us live healthier lives, the world has largely abandoned the development of some of the most […]


For better brain health synchronize your biological clock

The early bird God helps can be considered a wise advice, but if your circadian rhythm -alias your watch is shifted biological may become sleepy when awake and keep awake should feel when you should be sleeping. Patterns altered sleep can lead to poor memory depression and even migraines. Here are nine ways to synchronize […]

early menopause signs

Problems That Improve Your Danger Of Earlier Menopause

Additionally, if you are thinking, what is the large deal? So my personal periods stop just a little sooner, you need to know which earlier menopause is recognized as a gun of natural aging and could warn associated with chronic illness risk within later existence, according to some 2014 overview of menopause research. Women that […]

It’s this that It's Like To obtain An MRI

It’s this that It’s Like To obtain An MRI

I also have had three MRIs done to date one on my personal left shoulder, 1 on my remaining hamstring, and 1 on my remaining thumb. Being scanned is not my favorite move to make, as I am actually claustrophobic and the actual MRI machine is not known for its roominess. However, I understand that […]

ADHD Symptoms in Children

Symptoms of ADHD in Children

Definition of ADHD (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that involves activities. A recent national study reported by the CDC noted that 11% of school-age children have been diagnosed with ADHD. Three main defining symptoms of ADHD that is short of attention hyperactivity and impulsive. The symptoms are harsh sufficient to affect the […]


New warning on counter painkillers

According to studies reviewed last year by an optional panel of the Food and Drug Administration FDA, Food and Drug Administration there is growing proof that NSAIDs anti-inflammatory drugs augment the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure in spite of of whether the person has heart illness. Those with a history of heart […]

Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

For the first time in history, they have managed human sperm obtained solely by in vitro events from testicular tissue in a sterile man. Despite the novelty of the news, which was announced by the company specializing in spermatogenesis following investigations of the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, the scientific group of people remains […]

Found a substance that stimulates sexual appetite

Found a substance that stimulates sexual appetite

Mammals secrete the substance and depending on the dose can stimulate or inhibit male sexual behavior. We saw the result of these compounds is biphasic i.e. that low doses stimulate sexual appetite while high doses inhibit which play a key role in regulating the appearance of sexual behavior male said the specialist. Although these findings […]

How to conduct a mental health assessment?

A mental health assessment conducted by a specialist psychologist may be necessary if you seek help in case of depression, suicidal thoughts, or if you are testing for psychological treatment. These tests are also frequently used in child custody cases and drug rehab. There are several steps in conducting them; Therefore, be sure to gather all relevant […]