Support for Parkinson’s disease

Despite the latest medical advances, there is not today’s cure for Parkinson’s disease. But the support allows to correct the symptoms. The point with the Parkinson association.

Currently there is not a cure of Parkinson’s disease but since 1960, new treatments or discoveries occur. Drugs allow a resumption of activities in 80% of cases. For Pr Pierre Cesaro, neurologist, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Association France Parkinson, “new treatments allow to improve the quality of life of patients and extend their life expectancy of ten years from the 1970s. Among them, the brain stimulation reproduced stably the best effect of medical treatment“.

Parkinson's Disease Programme

Drug treatments
Fifty years after the discoveries of Arvid Carlsson (Nobel Prize 2000) on dopamine, which gave birth to the treatment for Parkinson’s disease, researchers are still working to better treat the symptoms failing to cure the disease. It is indeed known still not stop to date, or even slow down the process of destruction of neurons that produce dopamine.
THE BENCHMARK TREATMENT: LEVO-DOPA Continue reading “Support for Parkinson’s disease”

Zona: when worries lurk

Generally very painful, herpes zoster is an acute dermatosis of viral origin. Opportunity to see how a small officer infection of four letters, benign in appearance, may our skin a real hell.

Most of us carry the herpes zoster virus. Origin: chicken pox! EH Yes, primary infection, this first contact, occurs during early childhood: varicella-zoster viruses do one.

worries lurk

Dr. Jekyll in childhood, Mister Hyde in adults
When chickenpox, the virus penetrates and multiplies in the airway and past in the blood then reaches the skin, its main target. There, it induces a characteristic vesicular rash in the form of small droplets. Once the rash is gone, the virus settles in sensory nerve ganglia (spinal posterior, cranial, dorsal roots) where it will remain permanently. Continue reading “Zona: when worries lurk”

50 years of childbirth without pain

Created initially for the Steelworkers, the maternity ward of the Bluets in Paris has become the reference for painless childbirth. But since the 1950s, the preparation at birth has deeply changed. For Dr. Evelyne Petroff and Danielle Sfoggia today the accompaniment should be customized and fostering dialogue. They respond to issues of Doctissimo.

Doctissimo: Bluets surrogacy was pioneer in childbirth without pain. What developments experienced by this method?

Dr. Petroff and Sfoggia: Childbirth without pain has been developed by Dr. Fernand Lamaze and his team, after attending a birth in the former USSR. This method is based on two pillars. The first is pedagogical: it comes to learn the mother-to-be how birth, just as it would teach him to swim. Be given particular notions of anatomy. In the 1950s, pedagogy through lectures, and metallurgical workers ‘returning on the benches of the school”. The other pillar of the program is a physical component. It was based on the work of Pavlov at the time: it was of “deconditioning” women to suffer during childbirth. This happening by associate contraction with breathing to oxygenate baby, rather than associate it with pain.

childbirth without pain

This method was very controversial. In the 1970s, M. Leboyer added the concept of softness of the baby home. Light, gestures… the Leboyer method advocates a birth without violence. Then there was the arrival of the epidural in the 1980s, heavily dosed at the time. Women felt more nothing. They were passive, while Lamaze approach was intended to make them active. Need to find a balance between pain reduction and the involvement in its delivery.

Doctissimo: Precisely, how do you manage to find this balance?
Dr. Petroff and Sfoggia: Our goal is not to control the pain at all costs but to accompany women in what they wish to: singing, breathing, epidural dosed mini… We have women who opt for a method, and then change their mind along the way. Our support for the mother-to-be is refined. We are not aiming a kind “of ideal childbirth”, but what is best for each. But we keep the two pillars of the Lamaze, teaching method and physical approach. We give ourselves the means to propose more human accompaniments, favouring dialogue and Exchange. Thus, the educational part is done by classes diversified, with not more than 10 persons, from the 4e month of pregnancy. Because every woman is unique, and each baby is unique.

Doctissimo: But how do you manage to propose a personalised welcome, while most maternity wards are experiencing a real crisis?

Dr. Petroff and Sfoggia: First, it is true that we do not problem pregnancies. This allows us to concentrate on coaching. In addition, we work in network. Many doctors general practitioners and gynaecologists are related to our maternity to extend the monitoring. We regularly offer training.

Doctissimo: What is the profile of women who give birth at you and what methods of painless childbirth are preferred?
Dr. Petroff and Sfoggia: We give birth to 1,750 babies each year. But we do not have detailed data on the most methods. Because as I told you, many women change along the way. But in General, 70 to 80% of women are opting for a preparation for childbirth. Those who do not follow have often already practiced a technique they know. Or there may be other cultures, which will have specific approaches. With regard to the profile of expectant mothers, we welcome women of all backgrounds, of all socio-professional categories.

Doctissimo: Within your maternity, the father there a privileged position?
Dr. Petroff and Sfoggia: The father was always present during childbirth. But it is true that in the mid-1970s, there was a very militant movement so he attended the birth, cut the cord… Today, there is a return to more reason. Father occurs depending on what it is willing to do, there is no obligation. But there is a genuine work of the team, to make fathers feel welcomed as part of the adventure. They are welcome everywhere: in consultation, ultrasound, in preparation (“words of men” interview them is devoted), childbirth (even during caesarean sections) and in puerperium throughout the day.

Doctissimo: Under your auspices, a birth House will soon see the light of day?
Dr. Petroff and Sfoggia: This House of birth is expected in 2006. Attention, it is not an extension of motherhood the Bluets, but an autonomous structure, which will occur the liberal midwives. It will be attached to our maternity. The goal is to offer women a yet more custom tracking, and delivery “at home”. Because it is now almost impossible to give birth at home.

Polypill, remedy miracle or vast deception?

Reduce the leading cause of mortality by 80%! This is the incredible announcement of two British researchers. The solution is to be found in the combination of several medicines known cardiovascular disease. But after the hope, the “polypill” is today in the heart of a controversy.

The announcement of a compound able to eradicate cardiovascular disease left bode well to the discovery of a new unique compound. But in reality, the long-awaited cure could be that a clever mix of existing drugs.


A carefully measured cocktail
Presented as the most important article published for 50 years by the prestigious British Medical Journal1, the work of researchers at the University of London Nicholas Ward and Malcolm2 Law undoubtedly constitute an event. Authors went through various studies of large magnitude (meta-analyses) and followed by population, comprising altogether 750 therapeutic trials on more 400 000 people! Continue reading “Polypill, remedy miracle or vast deception?”

Chest pain: call fast relief!

Myocardial infarction remains the leading cause of death. Treating it is a race against the clock, and deaths still occur because it was late to call relief, especially in the early morning.

Myocardial infarction is a clot that forms in one of the arteries that supply the heart. What causes a lack of oxygen to the cells of the heart and the signs well-known: chest pain radiating in the left arm. Eventually, this leads to final damage to part of the heart muscle, the heart muscle wall. If the lesion is too large, the heart will no longer provide its role of pump. In addition, assaulted downtown can get carried away, and death occur by rhythm disorder.

Chest pain

The treatment of myocardial infarction: clogged artery
Treat statement a little plumbing: it must lead the artery. To do this, there are two ways:
Fibrinolysis, which is injected products that will “dissolve” clot. It can be effective in the first hours. It can now be carried out by the UAS to the bed of the patient; Continue reading “Chest pain: call fast relief!”

Stroke: what you need to know

The stroke is an abrupt shutdown of the blood flow to the brain. Vascular accidents are mostly secondary. They are due to either a clot located directly into the artery (and it does three times out of four), hemorrhage, is kind of breach of the walls of the vessel.

Of course, their severity depends on the location and the extent of brain damage. The consequences are, in general, immediate and are reflected by a neurological, motor or sensory deficit or loss of memory or speech.

what you need to know

Phenomena of variable recovery
The possibilities of recovery are fortunately very real. But they vary from one individual to another. Some meet 100% of their initial capacity, and the accident will be just a bad memory, others only partially recover and will have to fight every day to overcome their deficits. Continue reading “Stroke: what you need to know”

Revealed your erotic dreams?

Your erotic dreams say a lot about you and your sexuality. They regulate your desires, release your fears and you relieve stress. Learn how to decode.According to a report by Insee, 70% of women admit to do erotic dreams, for 80% of the men. We are many to make this type of dream. They occur in adolescence. It is in effect at the time of puberty that appear in a dream the first loves. “Adolescents are many snakes dreams: symbols of the awakening of sexuality”, said Georges Romey, author of the dictionary of the symbolism of dreams.

I dream therefore I am fine!
You dream of a trip by train with your spouse (e). Alone in the compartment, the urge takes you to make love… At the crucial moment of embrace, the train derailed! Horror you were with the best friend (e) your partner! “Under their whimsical appearances, erotic dreams are synonymous with good health,” jokes George Romey. Whatever the person with whom you do love, erotic dream shows that you know allier logic, intuition, action and imagination. It can also be a kind of dress rehearsal: you prepare, so imaginary, to live a real episode of your love life.

erotic dreams

According to the theories of Freud, the dream also plays a compensatory role, it is the fulfillment of a desire and satisfied our unconscious impulses. As such, to release the tensions accumulated during the day, night there we relieves stress. Continue reading “Revealed your erotic dreams?”

Men, women uneven before depression

At the time of parity, equality of the sexes… of American researchers tried whether the events promoting depression were the same for men and women. Results: if women are more sensitive to the problems of their family circle, men appear to be more difficulties to live a separation or professional difficulties.

All latitudes, women are more prone to depression than men. A factor that intrigues long specialists and remains poorly understood. Is the second sex life more difficult? What is the role of the social environment?

Men, women

To answer these questions, the team of Dr. Kenneth s. Lender studied for ten years, in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Virginia and the Institute of Psychiatry and behavioral genetics of Richmond, 5,000 pairs of variable sex twins born between 1934 and 1974. For this purpose, these twins were interviewed four times by professionals during this decade of investigation. Continue reading “Men, women uneven before depression”

In couple, sharing even the diseases

In addition to the descent of garbage or household, the life two could be other traps. A recent British study, people living in couples are more likely to be suffering from the same disease. This discovery could lead to new strategies for screening.

In the same way as smoking or overweight, two life might be a factor of risk of developing a disease. Indeed, live in couple with a patient would increase the risks of the same diseases and not only infectious diseases.

sharing even the diseases

Live as a couple, it is already a risk!

Maladies et coupleIn 1998, researchers at the University of Nottingham observed that a large number of married couples consulted together for a problem of hypertension and had both high records. To find out if this trend was more widespread, they studied couples which one of the partners was suffering from hypertension. By studying about 4,000 patients older than 30 years, they managed to demonstrate that the partner of the hypertensive has two times more likely to suffer from the same condition. This observation so to highlight the influence of environmental factors in the occurrence of hypertension. Continue reading “In couple, sharing even the diseases”

The “ice cream headache” book its mysteries

The headache caused by cold (also referred to as “ice cream”) is an experience that most of us have known: a pain in the head usually in the front following the ingestion of ice or a too cold soda. Despite its high frequency, scientists are still struggling to explain the disorder. The explanation of this phenomenon could eventually have an impact on the treatment of other forms of migraine.

Cold-induced headache book secrets
American researchers recruited 13 adults in good health and have monitored the blood flow of volunteers at the level of the cerebral arteries using several trans-crannies Doppler. All drank of the water ice with a straw pressed against their Palace (ideal conditions to bring this famous “ice cream headache”) and then drank the same amount of water at room temperature.

ice cream

Volunteers raised their hands at the onset of pain and his disappearance. The results showed that a particular artery, anterior cerebral artery, to dilatants quickly and was inundated with blood at the time where the pain was felt. Soon after this expansion, the same vessel contracts as the discomfort. Continue reading “The “ice cream headache” book its mysteries”