Should discard the nipples?

The nipples were already bad press. A study published by Finnish researchers should convince the diehard to limit use. According to them, do not use nipple for six months decreases over a third the risk of developing ear infections, one of the most common childhood infections.


The study ** led by Dr. Marjo Niemela of the University of Oulu in Finland was conducted on 484 children aged 7 to 18 months, recruited in 14 clinics. The researchers compared two groups, asking the parents of the first group to restrict the use of the nipple to calm the child.

discard the nipples

Nurses, trained to this study, the parents about the potential dangers of using these objects have raised: there is usually a greater risk of misalignment of teeth and a possible link with the development of ear infections. Continue reading “Should discard the nipples?”

The ABC of baby bath

The bathroom allows course Wash baby but it is also a time of relaxation and pleasure. Take the opportunity to make a few movements of gymnastics, will be pleased.

The toilet of the child is generally done once per day. Time is not important and depends on your availability. You can give it the morning or evening and vary depending on the day.

Baby care

A minimum of preparation and a maximum of precautions

The temperature of the bath room is ideal at 22 ° C. Close the Windows to prevent air currents. When you give baby bath, you are available to answer the phone or open the door when someone rings. Do you see as absent from the House. Many accidents occur when the mother turns a few minutes leaving only one baby in the bathtub. Prepare all the necessary equipment before taking baby to have everything close to hand. Indeed, is not where it is naked in the water that need to think about SOAP in the House! If baby is dirty, clean her buttocks before the dive in the bath so that stool does not sully the water in which it goes swimming. The duration of a bath is variable, but usually the meeting ends after 5 minutes to save your back…! The temperature of the water should be between 35 ° and 37 ° C. Check the before baby. First pour the cold water before the hot water, it reduces the risk of Burns by carelessness. Continue reading “The ABC of baby bath”