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Baby learns to see

The vision of the child builds month by month, from birth to 5 or 6 years with specific “appointments” at 4 and a half months, 9 months, 18 months, 36 months (3 years) and 72 months (6 years). It depends on the maturation of the brain that learns to see more slowly than the eyes. […]

Baby before birth: intrauterine view

Miracle of the nature, the eye is one of the organs that appear early in the embryo. Discover the first stages of the view. The ocular system of the latter begins to exist at the same time that his brain draft: 18 days after the design!At this point, the human embryo is barely 2 millimetres […]

The miracle of sight

The vision is a very complex process that requires the participation of many elements of the eyes and the brain. Of all the senses, the view is often regarded as the most important. According to estimates, four-fifths of what we know about are transmitted to the brain through the eyes. The eyes transmit continuous flows […]

Baby is born. He sees.

Because he sleeps most of the time and, when he is awake, he fixed his gaze that fugitive manner, it was long thought that the baby did not, for about the first 2 weeks of his life. Today, we know that it is false. Even quite easily can measure this “first vision”. An infant that […]

Is depression hereditary?

Depressive, sickly anxiety, victim of panic attacks? And if you were to blame your parents for letting you these problems in legacy? According to a recent study, children whose parents suffer from depression are more likely to develop the same kind of problems as a child. Such transmission has already been the subject of numerous […]

Panorama of infertility treatments

All this prevents this meeting can be a cause of infertility. Several methods can fight against infertility. – The first level is based on a treatment, called “ovulation inducer”. This treatment will trigger ovulation in women, so the acolyte to occur more easily. These hormonal treatments will promote ovulation and therefore possible fertilization after sexual […]

Baby: give him the right to cry

There are few, the “trend” was left crying babies. Today, it reversed to the point that many parents rush to the slightest cry of their toddler. The important point is whether that crying is a way for the baby, to express its hassles. It is therefore absurd of them stifle would be aberrant to cry […]

Growth curves

The infant and child growth monitoring is the size, weight and head circumference curves that your pediatrician will fill in the health record. These curves allow the physician to monitor the child and parents. Are advised to weigh and measure children every month from birth to two years. Monitoring can then be space, but it […]

Dress up baby

Your child must be the most beautiful baby in the world! But don’t let you not too influenced by fashion. Clothes must be practical and adapted to the season. That each Exchange is not a gym session. Baby clothes are all more cute with each other and gifts of birth already fill his Cabinet. But […]

how manage them smoothly?

For 9 months, you have brought your baby and lived with him a real symbiosis. With your maternity leave, you also have create unique links with your child and build a unique and harmonious relationship. But is maybe time for you to return to the path of the work… How do I get this separation […]