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Can be done of the sport when the voltage?

When you have high blood pressure, sports is particularly recommended. Regular, moderate physical activity is part of the treatment. This Council of exercise could even be entered on the order in the same way as drugs! If you exercise regularly, your blood pressure will drop by approximately “1 point”, so the figure higher than for […]

Glasses or lenses, how to choose?

In several defects of vision, glasses or contact lenses may be proposed. One and others each have their advantages and their disadvantages. You won’t your eyes! Fashion accessory and instrument of high-tech, glasses are increasingly challenged by more discrete lenses. To guide you in your choices, learn about the characteristics of each. Contact lenses, a […]

The importance of early detection. Visual and auditory disorders in children

It is time of re-entry and the opportunity for our dear Heads blond or brown to be examined closely by school doctors, especially for Visual or auditory disturbances. Screening effective and sufficient? State of the premises. According to the National Association for the improvement of sight (ASNAV), about 750,000 children emerging each year in France, […]

Color-blind: those who see never Red!

Color blindness is not strictly speaking a Visual pathology, but rather a feature that changes the perception of color. Transmitted genetically, this anomaly will endure a lifetime without deterioration or improvement. Advertising By observing a geranium in the light of a candle, the English chemist John Dalton had the feeling he does not correctly perceived […]

3D, safe for the eyes?

Initiated with Avatar, the 3D phenomenon continues to grow. But this technological revolution is harmless to our eyes? The warning from Nintendo advising against the use of its console 3D in very young children sowed doubt… Today, the experts of the French society of Ophthalmology are reassuring. The phenomenon of the 3D should take far-reaching […]

the three stages of the view

More mobile baby becomes a real Explorer. His world is expanding. With the floor, he can assign names to objects before finally colouring and drawing. The vision of the child builds month after month with however specific appointments: 9 months, 18 months and 36 months. The motor helping, the baby becomes a real Explorer. Four […]

Glaucoma: an essential early detection

Eye disease, Glaucoma can lead to blindness. However, this progressive and insidious disease may remain asymptomatic for 20 years! Only early detection at the age of 40 years and a treatment allow a good management of the disease. Today, an estimated 650 000 the number of patients treated for glaucoma, but 400,000 people would be […]

Glaucoma: zoom on current treatments

Reached irreversible of the optic nerve, glaucoma causes a progressive loss of Visual field. If the treatments do not cure, they delay the development of the disease… provided to take them seriously! Following a first drug prescription for treating glaucoma, 20 to 27% of patients resume not their ophthalmologist appointment. “Most of the patients are […]

The early stages of the vision

It has long regarded as blind infants. Today, these theses are forgotten and experiments have even highlighted a sensitivity to light as early as the seventh month of intrauterine life. Although imperfect, the vision of the newborn is an inexhaustible source of exploration of the new world. Early work on the vision of infants date […]

Pleased to see

Light, colours, curves and contrasts… Baby never tired to observe its environment. All of this information to stimulate her intellect. They will soon allow to distinguish faces and copy expressions. After 6 weeks, the infant differentiates the objects to each other. He began to organize time in remembering the past and anticipating the future. He […]