More I eat, less I used

Imagine a treatment that would allow you to eat as many calories as you like without risk of becoming obese or diabetic. This miracle cure, U.S. researchers come to the point… in mice1.

A genetic modification, mice a high-calorie diet are resistant to weight gain and diabetes. The trick was to create genetically modified animals to produce a gene called UCP 1 (protein uncoupling or thermogenin) in their muscles.

stable weight

The gene that makes the energy balance

Present in humans as in mice, the UCP genes play a fundamental role in the energy balance. There are in fact three types: the UCP 1, which are found in some fat cells (Brown adipocytes); and the UCP 2 and 3, located mainly in the muscles. In the absence of these genes UCP, an excess of calories is stored as fat. If they are enabled, the caloric surplus is burned and dissipates as heat. The susceptibility of an individual to obesity would thus in part tied to its UCP gene expression. Continue reading “More I eat, less I used”

Dental caries and diet

Once, the sugar was considered an exceptional food and was reserved for the sick or consumed during the holiday season. It became a food consumed every day since the development of the industrial production of sugar, he y a century. For a long time, dental caries was that adults, and she began to reach children in parallel to the development of the sugar industry.

Today it is a disease that affects mostly children, adolescents and young adults; its frequency decreases after 40 years. It is a public health problem that has a very significant cost. In France, at the age of 6 years, two thirds of the children already have at least a decay.

Dental caries

Sugar and carie good household

Carie detainment et sentimentalization is a phenomenon of demoralization of the hard tissues of the tooth (enamel, dentin, cementum), caused by the acidic environment created sugars made by food and certain bacteria in dental plaque. Sugar consumption is therefore a key element of the formation of caries. The sugars the most “cariogenic” are fast sugars, including sucrose, main component of sugar cane and sugar beet. It is the most used in confectionery. Then came the (industrially produced from corn, used in baking) glucose, fructose (fruit sugar), lactose (milk sugar) and starch (slow sugar grains and starches), which is much less cariogenic. Continue reading “Dental caries and diet”

“I drive well.” “The others are of chauffards…

Marie-Aimee Moindrot, psychologist, runs courses for awareness of drivers sanctioned for dangerous driving. His battle horse: rise against received ideas whose consequences are sometimes dramatic. It is for people who, in good faith, consider themselves of good drivers. Because it is well known, hell it’s always the more…

“Drinking and driving?” For many, it is a scourge for the young, the unconscious, the invetere… Fashionista But oneself, after a few drinks? It reassures quickly on his own conduite…

The others are of chauffards

My role is to raise awareness to those present that alcohol is dangerous even before they realize, before even the others perceive it. My credo is therefore the following: don’t rely on what you feel. This “felt” offers no guarantee on your real state. A person whose blood alcohol content ranges from 0.60 to 1.20 gram, 1 glass of whisky, feels fully confident. Sometimes, it feels even better than usual, less stressed, more conqueror. He is not aware that alcohol has an influence on physical capabilities. Continue reading ““I drive well.” “The others are of chauffards…”


“MOM, I want to vomit!”: it is by these words is the sickness in children. In this case, you stop the vehicle on the side of the road, expect that the child has vomited, and then you resume the road in poor conditions, because you already know that things will manage when you will be arrived or that your sick child will lull. But much inconvenience can be avoided by a better understanding of the phenomenon of “evil of transport” and the means to fight.

Useful measures before departure


1 – The child must be rested
The first of the conditions is to make the journey to the child after a good night’s rest. A time of insufficient sleep increases the nauseous phenomena. Also, check it early layer and throw it at the last moment. Unnecessary that he is half asleep at all the preparations. Continue reading “Sickness”

The doctor in the kitchen

The doctor in the kitchen, in a previous note we have tried to teach our readers systems and secrets to make an intelligent and careful spending, the premise that esteemed essential ones used to create a healthy cuisine. Not enough to know how you buy at a rational and prudent, if not then you know all the various tricks to cook in a healthy way, namely by implementing the techniques of cooking the most beneficial and advantageous, varying some system of preparation of various dishes and putting in place all necessary measures to obtain tasty foods using low-fat, cholesterol and very few calories.

We refer not only to those who have to cook for people “at risk” or those who are already suffering from some disease related to malnutrition, but also to those who are in a very common condition and would like to lose a few pounds overweight superfluous.


The first suggestion that we feel afraid I have is that, ultranoto but little used, always cook with less fat as possible. And please do not come to argue that restricting their use will be half of the flavor of various dishes, which are thus less appetizing and is therefore subject to the approval of the diners. We can say that it’s all a matter of technique and experience, qualities that require both to be refined and improved in various ways by using various tricks. Continue reading “The doctor in the kitchen”

Foods to fight cancer

We all know the importance of daily food to save our body. What perhaps many people ignore is that there are a number of foods, consumed regularly in our diets, help prevent cancer. We bring you a list of these foods and their properties prevent the cancer.


The avocado is rich in antioxidants that attack free radicals within the body blocking the intestinal absorption of harmful fats. Is a source of potassium and beta-carotene. It is believed that also helps fight viral hepatitis, one of the causes of Liver Cancer.

cancer prevent foods

Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower:

These three vegetables have chemicals that fight breast cancerBy converting estrogen to promote tumor growth more pro-active varieties. Especially broccoli sprouts are rich in a compound that prevents the formation of some types of cancer such as rectal and the colon. Continue reading “Foods to fight cancer”

High heat and medicines

Since the 2003 heat wave, health authorities were better studied the links between drugs and large heat. Can drugs aggravate the effects of the thermometer? How store them?… The answers with Anne Castor health products safety agency.

In August 2003, the France was going through an unprecedented heat wave and 15 000 elderly people died. In order to avoid that such a tragedy does not happen again, the French Agency of sanitary safety of health products (Afssaps) provided an update on the proper use of drugs for heat wave1.

High heat and medicines

Some medications to monitor

Excessive heats asked the Organization an effort of adaptation, particularly challenging for vulnerable people: older children, infants, people with underlying diseases (particularly cardiovascular, renal, and neuropsychiatry) or critiques… Continue reading “High heat and medicines”