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Originally planned to treat the adenoma of prostate, finasteride is used today to… replenish the heads. History stutters, as the first truly active drug against early baldness, minoxidil, had, itself, been designed to combat high blood pressure!

For a long time, the men losing their hair had the choice between natures varied, precious shampoos and products to maintain morale but often less to prevent the appearance of baldness. In 1987, however, the arrival of minoxidil, a vasodilator drug constituted a therapeutic revolution. A product had to prove an admittedly modest but however real efficiency towards hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). Initially present in a single specialty pharmaceutical (Alostil), minoxidil participates today in the composition of many hair lotions (Regaine, Alopexy, Gerbiol, Minoxidil )…).

Your health daily

Of the prostate at the head
Since 1998, minoxidil is however challenged by Propecia, a product developed by Merck Sharp & Dohme-Chibret American laboratories. Composed of finasteride, this medicine works by blocking the functioning of an enzyme. This effect opposes the transformation in the tissues of testosterone to an androgen called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Continue reading “Your health daily”

Diabetes by the numbers

Of type 1 or II, diabetes translated abnormal rise in the rate of glucose in the blood. This anomaly is due to a failure or a bad use of insulin. Diabetes is a serious disease which, without proper treatment, can be the cause of heart disease, blindness, of impotence and even amputations.


In normal humans, blood glucose oscillates permanently between 0.50 and 1.50 g per litre of blood. What value can we talk about diabetes? Hypoglycemia?

Diabetes by the numbers

Blood glucose
Glucose provides energy to the various tissues of the body. If the rate of glucose in the blood remained stable even after a meal or after a physical effort, it is that there is a regulatory system complex in which insulin plays a key role.
Glucose is the rate of sugar in the blood. Continue reading “Diabetes by the numbers”

Diet and cardiovascular disease

In France, cardiovascular problems are responsible for a third of the deaths. It is the leading cause of death in women and the second cause for men. However these death rates are the lowest in the European Union for reasons still not known. The food is certainly not foreign. It indeed plays a key role in the appearance of these cardiovascular problems.

Among the causes of cardiovascular diseases, the most important is atherosclerosis, degenerative phenomenon that reached the arteries by reducing their elasticity and creating a decrease, or a decision of the arterial flow.

cardiovascular disease

Many factors involved

This pathology that covers several diseases (ischemic heart disease, cardiovascular disease etc.) is the responsibility of multiple factors: genetic, nutritional, obesity, physical inactivity, tobacco, high blood pressure, diabetes. Among these causes, dietary factors have a very important place and their role in cardiovascular pathology is the subject of multiple research for 50 years to better prevent and control these diseases. Continue reading “Diet and cardiovascular disease”

How to gain weight?

You lost a few pounds after an illness or you have lost the appetite following personal problems? Simply you are too lean. Doctissimo advises you to take a little bit of weight and find shapes.

If your body mass index (see our application calculate your body mass index) is within the normal, but you want to take 2 or 3 pounds to make feel you better in your body and in your head, here are some tips to gain weight.

gain weight

Attention however: If you maigrissez unexplained manner for some time, go see your doctor who will do a health check to find the cause of your weight loss. Continue reading “How to gain weight?”

More I eat, less I used

Imagine a treatment that would allow you to eat as many calories as you like without risk of becoming obese or diabetic. This miracle cure, U.S. researchers come to the point… in mice1.

A genetic modification, mice a high-calorie diet are resistant to weight gain and diabetes. The trick was to create genetically modified animals to produce a gene called UCP 1 (protein uncoupling or thermogenin) in their muscles.

stable weight

The gene that makes the energy balance

Present in humans as in mice, the UCP genes play a fundamental role in the energy balance. There are in fact three types: the UCP 1, which are found in some fat cells (Brown adipocytes); and the UCP 2 and 3, located mainly in the muscles. In the absence of these genes UCP, an excess of calories is stored as fat. If they are enabled, the caloric surplus is burned and dissipates as heat. The susceptibility of an individual to obesity would thus in part tied to its UCP gene expression. Continue reading “More I eat, less I used”

Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!

Sleep apnea are more common than we think! 4 to 8% of the population would be concerned. And these nocturnal respiratory cases are a real threat to health. The responsible PR. Jean-Louis Racineux, of the Department of Pneumology at the CHU of Angers is one of the organizers of the day national apnea of sleeping. He developed for Doctissimo on this disease that strikes at night.

The sleep apnea is not a problem to ignore. This disorder results in short breathing stops during the night. Long term, the poor oxygenation of the body causes heart problems, high blood pressure and the risk of myocardial infarction. Screening, treatment… Pr Jean-Louis Racineux answers our questions.

Beware of sleep apnea

Doctissimo: Are sleep apnea now better detected?

Apneas sommelier. Racine: The number of consultations for sleep apnea increases regularly for a few years. Because the public is better informed and this disorder better diagnosed by doctors. But there are still many patients who ignore. It is estimated that 4% of the population suffer from this syndrome, but the exact figure would be closer to 8%. Apneas affect as many chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes world! Should therefore further strengthen public information and train practitioners to the identification of the symptoms. Similarly, should be given more human and material resources to services of pneumology, today totally overloaded. Because it is at the hospital will be the diagnosis, after a full night of sleep recording. Continue reading “Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!”


“MOM, I want to vomit!”: it is by these words is the sickness in children. In this case, you stop the vehicle on the side of the road, expect that the child has vomited, and then you resume the road in poor conditions, because you already know that things will manage when you will be arrived or that your sick child will lull. But much inconvenience can be avoided by a better understanding of the phenomenon of “evil of transport” and the means to fight.

Useful measures before departure


1 – The child must be rested
The first of the conditions is to make the journey to the child after a good night’s rest. A time of insufficient sleep increases the nauseous phenomena. Also, check it early layer and throw it at the last moment. Unnecessary that he is half asleep at all the preparations. Continue reading “Sickness”

The doctor in the kitchen

The doctor in the kitchen, in a previous note we have tried to teach our readers systems and secrets to make an intelligent and careful spending, the premise that esteemed essential ones used to create a healthy cuisine. Not enough to know how you buy at a rational and prudent, if not then you know all the various tricks to cook in a healthy way, namely by implementing the techniques of cooking the most beneficial and advantageous, varying some system of preparation of various dishes and putting in place all necessary measures to obtain tasty foods using low-fat, cholesterol and very few calories.

We refer not only to those who have to cook for people “at risk” or those who are already suffering from some disease related to malnutrition, but also to those who are in a very common condition and would like to lose a few pounds overweight superfluous.


The first suggestion that we feel afraid I have is that, ultranoto but little used, always cook with less fat as possible. And please do not come to argue that restricting their use will be half of the flavor of various dishes, which are thus less appetizing and is therefore subject to the approval of the diners. We can say that it’s all a matter of technique and experience, qualities that require both to be refined and improved in various ways by using various tricks. Continue reading “The doctor in the kitchen”

How to make the bun soft

In this article we explain with the help of Mark Iafrate, creative director of TIGI Italy, step by step how to make a soft bun that we saw on the catwalk by Gianfranco Ferre autumn winter 2012 2013

Soft bun. As if you had danced all night.
‘The inspiration for this hairstyle created for the parade of Gianfranco Ferre is a girl who has done her own hair, which we played. It is deliberately a bit ‘messy. As if she did her hair and then put on a hat or helmet to go on a motorbike. Once you remove the hat or helmet you have experienced this effect, ‘says Marco Iafrate. A little ‘, we add, as if she had danced all night …

soft bun

Play with different textures. The effect dry / wet
‘But the most important part of this hairstyle is that we played with different textures. We have a combined effect of ‘dry’ (dry) to effect a ‘wet’ (wet). One can say that this is the key to the hairstyles that we see in this fashion week ‘explains Marco Iafrate.
The use of hair products

In order to obtain contrasts between different textures in one hairstyle takes various products. In the backstage of Gianfranco Ferre’s hair stylist have used four hair products (all of the line

– TIGI Catwalk / Session Series):
– Salt Spray
– Transforming Dry Shampoo
– True Wax
– Finishing Spray

How to … The hairstyle step by step
Here are the steps to follow to achieve this hairstyle
1. Wash your hair, dry with a towel and applied Salt Spray, a product for hair that makes them more dry and rough and even easier to manage.
2. Now dry your hair with the fohn
3. Bring your hair back and applied near the roots, a little ‘Dry Shampoo (which is a kind of powder). So you get an effect ‘dusty’. If the Salt Spray gives the hair a certain ‘friction’, the Dry Shampoo counterbalances this effect.
4. Secure hair in a tail low.
5. To give volume to the bun, cotonate the tail with your hands, pushing his head (see photos)
6. Then turn the corner on itself and create a soft bun.
7. Secure the bun with bobby pins.
8. Soften the look by gently pulling the hair over the head thereby giving them a little ‘more volume. Pull a few strands from outside bun (think disheveled effect as a hat or helmet, as noted above).
9. You can put a little ‘wax along the hairline (forehead and temples) to an even more experienced
10. Eventually all the hair spray, especially near the roots, with the Finishing Hairspray, which adds a slightly wet which contrasts with the effect of dust created by Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo.

These are the steps followed by hair stylist backstage at Gianfranco Ferre. Marco Iafrate we also suggest a faster way to create this hairstyle. Applied Salt Spray on damp hair, tie it in a tail down and do a soft bun. Wait until the hair is dry. Pull out a few strands, apply Dry Shampoo at the roots and completed the look with Finishing Spray.

PS On one of the photos you will see a hairdresser who cuts the hair of a model. This is not the model’s hair but the extension which had been applied earlier in the parade. To speed things up by the hair stylist Ferret have simply shortened the extension, and left the rest … with the effect that the buns were still fuller.

Baby in his furniture

Come home, baby gradually occupies its space. So that he will feel comfortable and so that it can follow you everywhere, choosing his highchair or Park? What walkers choose? Read before buying the furniture of the last.

The transit

The transit (0-6mois) allows baby to follow his parents in different parts of the apartment. Choose a removable and washable model. An adjustable folder to vary the positions depending on the age of the child. When the latter is able to remain seated, the transit can no longer be used. Some models have a carrier. A crotch strap and belt are required to prevent falls.
(Standards: Pr NF in 12790)


The High Chair

The High Chair (7 months-3 years) must be chosen with care because falls are very common. Plastic models are easier maintenance than traditional models in wood. Buy a stable template and install it in a corner of the room. The folder must measure at least 35 cm high. A crotch strap is essential and some models have a safety harness. There are models to flexible height and reclining seat. Do not change the position when baby is already installed. Check the system of folding (risk of pinching fingers) before the purchase and blocking systems before each use.
(Standards FD ENV 1178-1) Continue reading “Baby in his furniture”