Making oil with Rosehip

When a rose loses its petals all, what is left is what is known as rose hips . Rose hips are rich in vitamin C and edible, but most people use the rose hips to make rose oil. It is believed that oil rose hips help with scarring (acne, surgical), burns, dry and damaged skin to reduce the size and depth of wrinkles, though there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Ask rose oil rosehip is easy. Use the oil on the weekend, as it is a process that takes all day.



Clean your roses by removing dirt, debris or stems. It is not necessary to wash rosehips, simply remove the garbage rose. You can pick the roses from your own garden or buy them at specialty stores. This recipe can be used fresh or dried musk roses.

Making oil with Rosehip

Prepare your pot and turn on your low-temperature cooking. Placing your cooker high temperature can burn the roses, leaving you with a mess and a product that is not usable. Continue reading “Making oil with Rosehip”

The best breakfast foods for diabetics

Breakfast is imperative for diabetics. In addition to providing energy, a balanced breakfast also helps to balance blood glucose levels. Start with a solid glucose reading in blood makes it easier to maintain good levels throughout the day. The best foods for breakfast for diabetics are those that are high in lean protein and whole grains, as these types of foods are more filling and generally have a low glycemic index.

foods for diabetics


Lean Protein
Lean protein is an excellent fuel source for diabetics, especially early in the morning. The food filled with lean protein but not contain many carbohydrates that can shake the blood glucose levels. Although many foods for breakfast are high in protein, very few are suitable for a diabetic diet. The bacon, sausages and eggs fried in butter, for example, contain too much fat to be nutritionally sound. Cottage cheese and low fat yogurt or wrongly are excellent sources of lean protein for diabetics, like boiled or scrambled eggs. The lean ham or turkey can be added to scrambled eggs or omelette. Continue reading “The best breakfast foods for diabetics”

The best snacks to eat with the hand

The best snacks to eat with hand prepared and served easily and are unique to the ubiquitous sausage canapes. Basically, it depends on the atmosphere of your party choose snacks that include the above qualities, but also fit with the theme of the party. Luckily there are many possibilities to makeĀ simple snacks for any occasion.

best snacks to eat


Source of antipasto
Antipasto literally means “before the meal” and is Italian food by excellence . If your party has an Italian theme or a chance meeting, a source of antipasto satisfy the appetite of your guests despite being easy to prepare. This source is essentially a combination of meats and cheeses and usually served with wine. Make sure you have toothpicks and small hand towels for guests. Some examples of combinations of antipasto dishes are marinated artichoke hearts served with water crackers and Camembert cheese, prosciutto chips with chunks of cantaloupe and a bowl of chopped walnuts and toasted focaccia bread with sardines and sweet onions. The olives , capers, sweet pickles and salami are often a traditional antipasto tray. Continue reading “The best snacks to eat with the hand”

Healthy diet plan for teens

Eating a healthy diet during adolescence is an important step towards a healthy lifestyle, especially for adolescent girls, who are under enormous pressure to be thin as models. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just want to eat good, healthy diet plan will help you stay in shape and avoid starvation diets that leave you weak and hungry.

healthy diet



Forget pills

Avoid diet pills. They are dangerous and do not work. Many are simply powerful stimulants or drugs that make your body burn more calories accelerating your heart and other functions. People taking diet pills regain the lost weight very quickly. Evita also take Ritalin or Adderall to lose weight . You could be taking this prescription medication to treat ADHD, but using these drugs as a method of weight loss is dangerous.


Eating a healthy breakfast will help you lose weight by making your body work. Fruits like apples, bananas and oranges are a good start, the eggs are high in protein and low in calories (if you cook with olive oil spray) and a bowl of whole grain cereal or oatmeal prevent feeling hungry . If oat cereal and you’re bored, disfrazalos with cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar), blueberries, bananas or strawberries. Many teens drink soda to get a caffeine kick in the morning. Sodas are full of sugar, so stay away from them. If you need something to lift you up in the morning, try to have a cup of tea instead.
Eat a snack

If you’re in school, you may not be allowed to eat in class, but you can keep a healthy snack in your locker and eat between classes. Fruit is the best (but be sure to eat the same day you bought it). Granola bars are good, but make sure they are low in sugar and do not contain the word “hydrogenated” in the ingredients. The hydrogenated products are highly processed and bad for the heart. You must stay away from snacks like potato chips (even if they seem healthy), cookies and candy bars. They contain a lot of calories and still leave you hungry.


Become a sandwich with whole grain bread and lean meat like chicken, turkey or tuna. (If you eat tuna, do it with little mayonnaise). Combine it with all the vegetables you find, like lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers or olives, and top with mustard or humus. A great dessert could be another piece of fruit, raisins or almonds, or low fat yogurt. Foods you should avoid at lunch, especially if you are eating in the cafeteria, are fries, pizza, chicken nuggets and nachos. These foods are OK once in a while, but eating them every day will make you gain weight and feel weak. If you leave school for lunch, stay away from the burger chains and select a sandwich shop.

Eat another snack

Between lunch and dinner, eat another snack, like a bag of carrots or light popcorn. Eat small meals throughout the day is much better than starving yourself and eating only once or twice a day. Help your body to burn calories at a healthy pace (this process is known as metabolism).

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy diet, especially if you play sports. But even if you do, you will find that drinking water can give you feeling full. The human body can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so if you stay hydrated, some of your hunger pangs may disappear. Also, drink water regularly helps keep your metabolism healthy. You can drink lots of water. A good goal is to drink too much so you never feel thirsty. If you do, you’re already dehydrated.

Stay busy

Stay entertained. The more people eat not only because they are hungry, but because they are bored. For teens, life can be pretty boring, especially after school. If you like sports, play an instrument, join a club or find another healthy way to participate in things that interest you.

Do not be afraid to food
Remember that you do not eat fat, it makes you fat is eating too much junk food. The food is good for you, and something that you enjoy. While many fruits and vegetables you consume, you reduce the sugar, and let go of fried food, full of fat and things like cookies, pizza and chips, you’ll be fine.

If you are vegetarian

Many girls choose not to eat meat during adolescence. You can have a healthy vegetarian diet, but you need to be careful getting enough protein. Good sources of protein include: eggs (especially egg whites), edamame (one Japanese plant is removed from the pods) and tofu (which can take the flavor of whatever you cook with it).

Do not drink

There are many reasons why teens should not drink, is illegal and can cause many other problems. But if you need more motivation, keep this in mind: the drink kills all diets. Alcohol is full of calories (especially sweet drinks that appeal to most girls), and here’s the worst part: when you drink your body stops burning fat until it penetrates all the calories from alcohol.

How to eat a balanced diet and healthy

Eating a balanced, healthy diet is important to maintain energy and prevent disease. Eating healthy is not to restrict calories or perform a strict diet, is to assure your body the nutrients needed to grow.

diet and healthy


Avoid restricting calories but do not eat too much of food . Active and healthy adults need about 2000 calories per day. The more exercise you do, the more calories you need. Use a calorie calculator daily (see the Resources section below) to determine how many you need per day. Continue reading “How to eat a balanced diet and healthy”

The perfect diet for humans

The plethora of diet products and weight loss ads of make it seem like eating a healthy diet seems to be much more complicated than it is. Following some basic guidelines on nutrition and eating foods rich in nutrients from a variety of sources, you can ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to function, while maintaining a healthy weight.

perfect diet for humans



Importance of nutrition
According to the Center Medical University of Maryland, your body needs more than 45 different nutrients to function. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrient rich foods, can give your body what it needs without overdoing calories. On the other hand, malnutrition can increase the risk of developing a variety of diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers, diabetes and obesity. Continue reading “The perfect diet for humans”

Eat for better sleep

A healthy life lie at a regular time, quiet in a room cool enough … But with a good diet! And even if there is no miracle food for sleep, some easy to follow dietary rules can help get a better night. You have trouble sleeping? And if the problem was on your plate? Here are some tips to not count sheep …

Spread the exciting
Coffee, tea and cola drinks should be avoided during the afternoon because caffeine they contain is very exciting for the nervous system, and its action may occur for several hours. Even chocolate (including any component, theobromine, caffeine is close), can have an exciting effect if consumed in large quantities: it suffices to observe children during the holidays of end of year!

Eat for better sleep

Dinner for sleep
Contrary to what the adage says “who sleeps dines,” it is better to sleep BEFORE dinner! By sunset fasting, one may be awakened by stomach cramps, or cravings. Experiments in animals have shown that fasting can completely eliminate sleep. And we know that pregnant women and the elderly, it can cause severe discomfort (fall, loss of consciousness) related to hypoglycemia. Continue reading “Eat for better sleep”

Slim to 20 years

At age 20, it may eliminate some kilos or erase small deviations nutritional adolescence … It is often easier to lose weight when you are young, it must at all costs avoid mistakes! Doctissimo advice to regain your figure …

Many young women are too fat as they do not fit into jeans “S” or clothing size 36 … We must learn to accept having the female form, and not (or no longer) respect the canons Fashion pornography.

Slim to 20 years

But you can lose a few pounds simply want to feel better about yourself, more in tune with yourself. Why not, as long as one remains within reasonable limits to stay healthy. It is also a perfectly legitimate desire if we left a few extra pounds settle insidiously on the buttocks or hips after a few drifts to chocolate or biscuits … But before starting a diet calculate your index body mass , it will let you know if you are really overweight. Continue reading “Slim to 20 years”

Cancer is it related to food?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death. The most common are breast, colon, prostate and lung. Diet is a factor in the emergence and development of this disease.

Cancer is almost always the result of several factors, including diet, whose role is becoming better known. Foods can promote the development of cancer in several ways: toxicity of certain food contaminants, possible carcinogenic role of certain food additives and especially composition of the diet with the presence too high or too low in certain nutrients.

Cancer is it related to food

Contamination by a fungus
An example of food contamination by a substance in the liver cancer risk is the presence of aflatoxin: this fungus can persist in some peanuts and cereals in tropical climates and is monitored extremely rigorous. Continue reading “Cancer is it related to food?”

Cancer and diet: to eat everything!

Eating to avoid cancer risk… Easier said than done! Should we outlaw the milk, drink less alcohol? Are antioxidants essential? To try to answer these questions, Doctissimo interviewed Dr. Paule Martel, Coordinator of the network of National Food Cancer Research (mother of Pearl) ** whose teams explore this problem for several years.

Doctissimo: More than smoking and pollutants, the food would be the first environmental factor involved in cancer risk. Can we explain this phenomenon?

apple food

Dr. Martel: Cancer is a multifactorial disease, meaning that many agents come into play: tobacco including, but also genetic factors that determine the susceptibilities of each person. Environmental factors as a whole, such as pollutants, radiation and of course food also play an important role. It is true that long, it did not consider food, because we saw the mainly as a provider of energy, without considering continued exposure to nutrients that it contains. Today we know that our eating habits have a real effect, beneficial or negative. Continue reading “Cancer and diet: to eat everything!”