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Your delivery in 8 questions

Will settle immediately in the classroom work? Can I eat? Drink? In what position should I settle? Can dad stay in all circumstances to my side? You ask us very many issues on your delivery. And it is normal. Martine Loch in, midwife, tells you. 1 – Will settle immediately in the classroom work? Probably […]

Thyroid cancer: towards a new standard treatment

In a low-risk thyroid cancer, four therapeutic strategies by iodine-131 after surgical resection of the gland are also effective, according to a study conducted by a team of the Institute Gustave Roussy. But one of these approaches is distinguished from others by a better tolerance and less irradiation of the body. It should therefore become […]

Pregnancy symptoms: the signs that are not wrong

You dream of a child and you listen to the smallest signs of your body. A few days of delay in rules, tense breasts… And you can already imagine you round belly. Are there symptoms of pregnancy? Does rely? The hormonal upheaval that accompanies pregnancy can cause symptoms early and characteristics. This is what is […]

Pregnancy tests

More than two million tests are sold each year in pharmacy. The determination of a specific hormone of pregnancy, it enables a reliable response to 99%. They can be used as early as the first day of the rules or even three days prior to the more efficient. Who applies this test? A woman wishing […]

The miracle of life

4 Weeks ago, shortly after your ovulation, the meeting with a sperm to fertilize your egg and provided the necessary paternal genetic complement that your pregnancy begins. A cell thus formed, and then two, four, eight and so on. Evolution of the fetus – week 1 Evolution of the fetus – week 2 Evolution of […]

My pregnancy month by month

This second examination is critical. In it, your practitioner will you weigh, will check your blood pressure, urine examination will and serology against toxoplasmosis and rubella. The State of your cervix and heart rate of your baby will be also controlled. The medical consultation of the fourth month You will pass the consultation of the […]

Soon the second child… Will you have enough love?

You are the happy MOM of a child and you want or wait for another babe… Yet, despite the happiness of a new pregnancy, several fears you hasten… The emotion will be at the Rendezvous? Will you have enough love for two children? Will you have enough time? Advertising Very often moms, when considering having […]

Sudden infant death prevention

The sudden deaths of infants remain difficult to explain. Since 1990, their number decreased through campaigns of prevention for the sleeping infants on their backs. Intolerable, the sudden infant death syndrome occurs in a child in good health during his sleep and, in its first year of life, most often between two and four months. […]

Dodo, the child will sleep soon…

Within six months, the child is not comparable to your own sleep rhythms. Be listening and let him sleep. It is unnecessary to try to teach him to sleep: should it be gradually adopt good sleep cycles. But what type of bed should we choose? First, note that it is recommended to sleep your baby […]

That we reserve the medicine of the future?

“The blind covered the view and the palsy walking.” What appeared to be a miracle or science fiction might well appear us in the near future terribly banal. Each week brings its share of new experiments by scientists seeking to push the boundaries of the restorative intervention of man on his body. A chip with […]