Baby: give him the right to cry

There are few, the “trend” was left crying babies. Today, it reversed to the point that many parents rush to the slightest cry of their toddler. The important point is whether that crying is a way for the baby, to express its hassles. It is therefore absurd of them stifle would be aberrant to cry a child without reacting.

There are myriad reasons why a small may cry. Hunger, of course, fatigue, pain, but also frustration, fear, etc. Suggested to eat to someone who says that it is exhausted? This is what we do sometimes when we offer breast or a bottle to a child who screams fatigue.

give him the right to cry

Listen to crying

Before answering a question, common sense requires us to listen to the question. It is exactly the same with our children crying: the first thing to do is to listen. Don’t have fear, the cries of hunger are quickly identifiable: the child then screams as if a horde of wolves is dechainaient in his ventre… Continue reading “Baby: give him the right to cry”

Growth curves

The infant and child growth monitoring is the size, weight and head circumference curves that your pediatrician will fill in the health record. These curves allow the physician to monitor the child and parents. Are advised to weigh and measure children every month from birth to two years. Monitoring can then be space, but it is advisable to take the measures at least every six months to six years and every year until puberty.

Monitoring of weight and size is especially important in the first years. These curves are used to detect early abnormalities revealed by weight or insufficient or excessive in size with age. To detect early risk of childhood obesity, is also used for a short build curves that are found in the health record.

Growth curves

The curve of weight of 0-3 years

Pink row corresponds to the “normal”, limits between which lie most of the French children. In some countries is called the pink area “the path of health”, which means that the child which is within these limits grows without problems.

Weight curve

Consider the progression of the curve of the child and not its weight at any given time. It is not normal that the weight of a child is stagnating and especially decreases. Should then be appeal to a physician for a balance sheet.

If the weight of the child is located below the lower line, talking about weight or weight delay. Need to find the cause, first by looking at the evolution of the weight of the child in the weeks or months earlier. It is important that the child takes regular weight, on a line parallel to the curves drawn.

If the weight of the child is above the top line, talking about overweight. However if the curve of the weight of the child is well parallel to that of the schema, it is not necessarily a problem. Should then consider also the size and index size for a diagnosis. In this case the most important is the shape of the curve. Even while remaining within the normal area, if the curve of the child progresses too fast and pass quickly to the upper corridor, this may be a start of obesity.

The curve of size 0 to 3 years

Pink row corresponds to the “normal”, limits between which lie most of the French children.

Curve size

If the size of the child is located below the lower curve, we speak of growth retardation or statural delay. It is important to watch the progression of the curve of size, then to find a break or even a sluggish growth. However to characterize growth retardation, other parameters will be taken into account such as the size of the child at birth and the size of the parents. Eventually a radio of the cartilages of the wrist will be prescribed to establish “bone age” of the child.

The curve of the circumference of 0-3 years

It is the measure of the “tour of head”. The curve of the circumference is used to monitor the growth of the brain, extremely fast in the first years. The measurement of the circumference by the physician is particularly important first year because it allows to detect early abnormalities in the development of the nervous system. Pink row corresponds to the “normal”, limits between which lie most of the children.

Dress up baby

Your child must be the most beautiful baby in the world! But don’t let you not too influenced by fashion. Clothes must be practical and adapted to the season. That each Exchange is not a gym session.

Baby clothes are all more cute with each other and gifts of birth already fill his Cabinet. But during the first weeks, do not try to make a “top model” worthy of magazines for children, choose the aspect practical for you and comfortable for him. Wide necks and further armholes, easy to put on you will avoid having to turn and return baby in every sense.

Dress up baby

Adapt to the season

It is clear that the climate and the temperature will affect the mode of clothing of the child. In hot weather, baby will be dressed to a cotton shirt or a body and a bloomer (short Pant cotton), in cold weather, the infant will be: a body of cotton, a bra, a small wool vest, pants, or a comfortable combination. Continue reading “Dress up baby”

how manage them smoothly?

For 9 months, you have brought your baby and lived with him a real symbiosis. With your maternity leave, you also have create unique links with your child and build a unique and harmonious relationship. But is maybe time for you to return to the path of the work… How do I get this separation is best for you and your baby? Here are all our tips!

Return to work is a moment feared by many young mothers. After spending several weeks with their tiny, it is not always easy to move away so a day… Your concerns are normal. For these separations are not a source of stress for you and your baby, it must simply that each of you preparing in douceur….

First steps baby

Separation: anxiety to the mother, the baby.

After your delivery, you probably received a postnatal leave of 10 weeks. During this period, set a climate of trust between you and your baby. You indeed are the first object of attachment of your child! The future separation can be painful for everyone. Continue reading “how manage them smoothly?”

Your delivery in 8 questions

Will settle immediately in the classroom work? Can I eat? Drink? In what position should I settle? Can dad stay in all circumstances to my side? You ask us very many issues on your delivery. And it is normal. Martine Loch in, midwife, tells you.

1 – Will settle immediately in the classroom work?

Probably not. The fast imposed in most of the maternity units is based on the risk of vomiting, nausea and “wrong” at work and in general anesthesia. However, things could change, in particular the prohibition of drinking water, with the implementation of protocols allowing women to drink during labour in some maternity units. Check with the institution where you give birth and, if this is not the case, do a water spray spray.


2. Do I will be sitting, lying down? Can I move?

You can see in what position you best support uterine contractions. Do not hesitate to talk to the midwife and implement this you have learned during your preparation for childbirth. Continue reading “Your delivery in 8 questions”

Thyroid cancer: towards a new standard treatment

In a low-risk thyroid cancer, four therapeutic strategies by iodine-131 after surgical resection of the gland are also effective, according to a study conducted by a team of the Institute Gustave Roussy. But one of these approaches is distinguished from others by a better tolerance and less irradiation of the body. It should therefore become the new standard for treatment as such.

A new standard treatment for thyroid cancer. To set the therapeutic strategy the most effective in the treatment of low thyroid cancer risk, after complete surgery of the thyroid, the Pr Martin Schlumberger (Chief of nuclear medicine at the Institute de cancerologie Gustave Roussy, Villejuif) and 24 French centers colleagues compared the 4 existing approaches 752 patients divided into four groups.

Thyroid cancer

The patients were treated by:

-withdrawal in thyroid hormone, and then 100 mill curies of iodine 131 (which corresponds to the standard treatment);

-thyroid hormone withdrawal, then 30 mill curies of iodine 131;

-thyroid hormone therapy, injections of human TSH recombinant then 100 mill curies of iodine 131; Continue reading “Thyroid cancer: towards a new standard treatment”

Pregnancy symptoms: the signs that are not wrong

You dream of a child and you listen to the smallest signs of your body. A few days of delay in rules, tense breasts… And you can already imagine you round belly. Are there symptoms of pregnancy? Does rely?

The hormonal upheaval that accompanies pregnancy can cause symptoms early and characteristics. This is what is called the “sympathetic” signs of pregnancy, even if the signs do not always deserve this qualifier.


The absence of rules, a reliable sign of pregnancy?

Well before that belly is round, many women may perceive the first signs of pregnancy. More consistent, which almost always gives the alert, is, of course, rules delayed. However, many women have irregular rules, or even periods of amenorrhea (spontaneous judgment of the rules), what makes this sign, in fact, unreliable, in early pregnancy. On the other hand bleeding may occur at the time where the rules should normally take place. Although often less abundant than menstruation,they can still be confusing. Continue reading “Pregnancy symptoms: the signs that are not wrong”

Pregnancy tests

More than two million tests are sold each year in pharmacy. The determination of a specific hormone of pregnancy, it enables a reliable response to 99%. They can be used as early as the first day of the rules or even three days prior to the more efficient.

Who applies this test?

A woman wishing to know if she is pregnant.

How it works?

The alleged day rules or even three days before, pregnancy tests sold in pharmacy detect the presence in the urine of a hormone secreted by the egg then the placenta, specific to pregnancy (b – HCG for human chronic gonadotropin). Fertilization is accompanied by the secretion of this hormone is growing during pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests

Placed in the presence of urine, the test change color. Their reliability is now 99% provided that the precautions have been well observed. The results must be obtained on the first urine of the morning. Continue reading “Pregnancy tests”

The miracle of life

4 Weeks ago, shortly after your ovulation, the meeting with a sperm to fertilize your egg and provided the necessary paternal genetic complement that your pregnancy begins. A cell thus formed, and then two, four, eight and so on.

Evolution of the fetus – week 1
Evolution of the fetus – week 2

Evolution of the fetus – week 3
Evolution of the fetus – week 4

The miracle of life

First week

Thus constituted egg continued to grow in one of your fallopian tubes, and, after 4 to 5 days, it arrived in the uterus. It is at this time 1 mm. It will then cling to the uterine lining and gradually sink into it to live comfortably: it is the stage of implantation, which is at the end of the first week of pregnancy, and your third week without rules. Continue reading “The miracle of life”

My pregnancy month by month

This second examination is critical. In it, your practitioner will you weigh, will check your blood pressure, urine examination will and serology against toxoplasmosis and rubella. The State of your cervix and heart rate of your baby will be also controlled.

The medical consultation of the fourth month

You will pass the consultation of the 4th month.

Your doctor will ask you a number of questions:

Do you feel the baby move?
Are you bleeding?
Do you have losses?
Have you contractions, pain?
Do you have problems to urinate?
Do you have a fever?

My pregnancy month

The review continues by weight gain. Some mothers will have the bad surprise to have taken more than superfluous kilos. Attention to nibbling and poor eating habits! Continue reading “My pregnancy month by month”