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Cancer and diet: to eat everything!

Eating to avoid cancer risk… Easier said than done! Should we outlaw the milk, drink less alcohol? Are antioxidants essential? To try to answer these questions, Doctissimo interviewed Dr. Paule Martel, Coordinator of the network of National Food Cancer Research (mother of Pearl) ** whose teams explore this problem for several years. Doctissimo: More than […]

Start a physical activity with a plan

You decided to lose a few pounds! To achieve your goal, you will change your diet and spend you! This is an excellent initiative, but be careful not to do anything! Some precautions should be taken, especially if one starts from zero or one has significant weight problems. 1 – A check-up is necessary First, […]

Sports: the mind is essential

If the top athletes are in their bodies, are also in their head? To find out, Doctissimo interviewed Makis Chamalidis, psychologist of top athletes in many sports. He is also teaching in Reims and Montpellier in sports psychology. Doctissimo: What place do you hold between the coach and the athlete? Makis Chamalidis: I first try […]

Your health daily

Originally planned to treat the adenoma of prostate, finasteride is used today to… replenish the heads. History stutters, as the first truly active drug against early baldness, minoxidil, had, itself, been designed to combat high blood pressure! For a long time, the men losing their hair had the choice between natures varied, precious shampoos and […]

Herpes, a tenacious guest

What could be more mundane than a button of herpes? What’s more annoying as when it comes regularly flourish at the edge of the lip? Fortunately there are now effective if applied early enough. Otherwise, take its bad to patience and avoid spreading the virus around itself. Those who are familiar: it was first a […]

Back pain: the computer cleared!

Sitting long hours in front of your computer, it is not uncommon that your back playing you tricks. Often accused, work on screen is responsible for these recurrent pain? The point with Doctissimo. More than one French out of four suffers from back and eight out of ten will suffer during their lifetime. In 2000, […]

What Tests Can Be Performed To Screen the Liver for Disease

The liver may not show early signs of disease and symptoms of liver disease may be vague. Usually symptoms only present when the damage is severe. Some of the early signs associated with liver damage include a state of general poor health, tiredness, weakness, fatigue, vomiting, nausea, anorexia (loss of appetite), weight loss, abdominal pain […]

Women handle stress better

Young women would be less sensitive to stress than men. But after menopause, it would be the opposite. Must we conclude that female hormones have a soothing effect? Between gender war and war stress. The German team of Dr. Olivier Wolf is interested in phenomena that influence responses to stress, such as age, sex and […]

Men are not less sensitive to stress!

Stress is the disease of modern times. But men and women are equal before this scourge? Have the same capabilities to deal with the tensions of everyday life? The answers with Dr. Laurent Chneiweiss, psychiatrist and author of living stress-free. Doctissimo: Are men more sensitive to stress than women? Dr. Chneiweiss: First, let’s define the […]

Erection problems: attention to stress!

We know the sex anti-stress virtues, but much less influence of stress on sexual life. Professional problems, lack of money… sources of concern abound. Stress can result in a more or less sustainable way of erectile dysfunction. Not to fall into a spiral of failure, solutions do exist! Decline of desire, the frequency of reporting […]