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Diabetes, know the symptoms and risk factors

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by an excess of sugar in the blood. In France, more than three million people are supported for this disease, or 4.6% of the population. While their number is constantly increasing (+ 5.4% per year between 2000 and 2011), a diabetic on six would not be diagnosed. The most […]

Keratitis, ulcer, abscess of cornea

The cornea, this fine transparent membrane covering the pupil and iris, is fragile. His injuries, whether they are superficial (keratitis) or more deep (ulcers), pose an infectious risk (corneal abscess) or poor healing, engaging Visual prognosis. Related to the projection of liquid or solid particles in the eye, favored by dry eye and contact lenses, […]

Facilitate access by minors to contraception

While 18,000 young girls became pregnant in 2010, only 4,500 have gone at the end of their pregnancy. To avoid unintended pregnancies, a report is to be delivered to the Secretary of State for youth stressing the need for anonymous and free contraception for all teenage minor. Being pregnant at 13 or 14 years, this […]

Of contraception to another

Omissions of pill are too frequent, your IUD is more… you and you want to change contraceptive. It is quite possible, but be careful not to rush you, because these phases of change can make the bed of unwanted pregnancies. To avoid many of the risks, wait until you see your doctor before you stop […]

Cancer: how to limit the risks?

Cancer is the disease that makes the most fear, because nobody can feel safe. The most common cancers in women are breast (30%), uterus (12%) and ovaries (4%). More than anything, these cancers can be prevented through regular screening and lifestyle tips. In an Ifop survey published in November 2000, the cancer appeared as the […]

Foreign body in the eye

There are a thousand and one reasons to receive a foreign body in the eye, not because there is wind and you misplaced! But if one comes in general easily tipped a dust or a grain of sand in the eyes, it is everything else with some foreign body well registered in the cornea (for […]

Swimming-pool: attention danger!

Every year some 100 children die in France by drowning. It is the leading cause of death by accident of life before the age of 13. Figures which must inspire you to caution! A few simple tips that your summer does not turn into a nightmare. A quarter of domestic accidents occur outside the home, […]

Pool, beach, and monitoring

Drowning is the leading cause of death by domestic accident in children aged two to 14 years. In older children, these drownings occur mainly accidents of recreation (drownings in sea and river). In adults, failure to comply with the basic rules of safety is the primary cause of water accidents and drownings. Drownings occur both […]

This summer, adopt anti-drowning reflexes!

Despite a drop in deaths by drowning, the number of these accidents is still too high. Faced with this alarming situation, prevention based on “reflexes anti-drowning” campaign reminds us of the rules to follow to avoid these tragedies. Maritime regions or hosting many tourists are most affected by drowning. Each year, two groups are mainly […]

Crush syndrome

Earthquakes, bombings, shelling. After the disaster, began the work of rescuers. One of the main risks for survivors buried for several hours is the crush syndrome or Bywaters syndrome. September 11, 2001, two planes crash on the two highest towers of New York (415 metres and 417 metres) in which 50,000 people work. June 1990, […]