10 diseases in the language

Open your mouth and take out the language that is today the main protagonist of this post. She and the diseases because although it does not look like it, there are many problems  that we can find in the muscle with salivary glands since it is directly exposed to the bacteria that are near our mouth.  Here is a series of diseases that can have languages, which I advise you to read so that if you ever happen to know that you know what it is and react in time.

  1. Leukoplakia: it is due to an irritation in the tongue that produces white patches in the mouth. The treatment is simple to treat dental problems, stop consuming alcohol and smoking (since these cause irritation).

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How to relieve hemorrhoids quickly and naturally

How to relieve hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a series of veins that swell in the anus. These can cause much itching burning and sometimes bleeding in the area. This inflammation may be due to some type of inflammation in the area due to injuries or alterations in the circulation of the same.  One of the main causes why hemorrhoids tend to swell hurt more when they sprouted without hard stools. These can cause by high consumption of tobacco, alcohol or an unbalanced diet with very few fibers and proteins.

How to relieve hemorrhoids

The list of home remedies to relieve hemorrhoids that we present below, will serve to reduce inflammation and to decrease the pain. In an effective way, you can use them alone or combined depending on the hemorrhoids are present. Your condition since in this list they are varied. It will be useful for internal hemorrhoids and for external ones as well as some that will help you for both. Continue reading “How to relieve hemorrhoids quickly and naturally”

Drink lemon juice instead of pills if you have one of these problems

Lemon juice is an incredible natural remedy that can prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, indigestion, fever, constipation and improve the quality of your hair, skin and teeth thanks to its flavonoid content. According to the American Urological Association, lemon juice or lemonade forms urinary citrates that can prevent the formation of crystals and eliminate kidney stones.

Drink lemon juice

Weight loss

Lemon juice helps you lose weight according to recent research. The pectin found in lemons is a fiber that helps burn fat easier. Continue reading “Drink lemon juice instead of pills if you have one of these problems”

Why does the whole body ache? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Perhaps there is nothing worse than suffering acute pain throughout the body. When these types of problems occur, we are difficult to walk to sleep to eat to bathe, in short, the accomplishment of the tasks of each day. That is why we present you not only the best answers to why it hurts the whole body, but also you will discover how to deal with this problem through solutions that you can undertake from home. Let’s talk in this article what are the causes, symptoms some natural treatments you can do at home and a couple of simple exercises to relieve body pain.

One of the causes that are most mentioned when you experience this type of discomfort. Fibromyalgia is a disease that until recently was recognized by the World Health Organization influenza: sometimes an influenza malaise is not manifested only with nasal congestion and watery eyes. Continue reading “Why does the whole body ache? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment”

Foods to combat low mood and depression

Depression is described as a psychiatric diagnosis, in which a disorder is evident ado mood, which can be temporary or permanent, in which they have feelings of unhappiness, exhaustion, guilt, besides causing partial or total disability Enjoy the everyday things and events of life. General depression is accompanied by a lower or greater degree of anxiety.

Foods to combat

Increased risk of depression, some known factors that promote the increase of the disorder are: psychosocial stress, poor diet, increased intestinal permeability, food intolerance, physical inactivity, obesity, smoking, sleep, etc. As can be seen, large parts of the factors that influence the increase in depression have some relation with feeding. Continue reading “Foods to combat low mood and depression”

Tips to protect yourself from heat

The heat does not affect everyone alike. Some people are more vulnerable, such as children and the elderly, overweight, disabilities or diseases cardiovascular respiratory, renal, neurological, diabetes, bedridden or taking medications, antihistamines, amphetamines, psychotropic drugs, diuretics, Beta-blockers, contraceptives. Help the most vulnerable people in your environment!

protect yourself from heat

How does heat affect us? When it is hot and in normal conditions, the internal thermometer of our body produces sweat, which evaporates and cools the body. However, the days of intense heat force the human body into an adaptation effort to maintain normal body temperature. Continue reading “Tips to protect yourself from heat”

7-day muscle development program

Get in shape for the hot months that will come with this 7-day muscle development program so you can go to the beach pool. Any other place with great confidence, showing strong, toned arms, shoulders and backs that will be called the attention of anyone who looks at them, and most importantly, will make you feel great with yourself.  Muscle Training this training involves all muscle groups. In this way, we will work arms, back and other muscles twice a week to stimulate growth, and all other muscle groups once a week.

muscle development program

You can really do it for as long as you want, (minimum six weeks), you are more than welcome to try it over the summer if you want.  Perform the training for six weeks before taking a week off to perform an active recovery routine. By doing so, it would give you plenty of time to be out of the gym to enjoy spring and summer as well as the weather and vacation days. Continue reading “7-day muscle development program”

Exercises that will help you build your life

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Foods that help prevent cancer

The cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide the main lung cancer liver stomach, colon and breast. About 30% of cancer deaths are due to preventable risk factors high body mass index, fruit and vegetable consumption deficit physical inactivity or lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption.

prevent cancer

Join a healthy diet rich in fiber integral waxes fruits and vegetables low in fat and with antioxidant properties that protect against cancer. The so-called liquid gold slows cell proliferation and causes changes in the tumor an ally to prevent cancer and slow its progress. Take 3-5 tablespoons each day best in extra virgin olive oil and oil. Continue reading “Foods that help prevent cancer”

Best Foods to Gain Muscle

Gain Muscle

Let me tell you that this is because you do not integrate the most important factors to achieve the body you want. These factors are a healthy and balanced diet at the same time that you train. For a reason we decided to show you some foods you can eat to increase the quality and quantity of your muscles without any body fat.  The plot to increase muscle mass without gaining also fat or not fat is mainly in what you eat.

Gain Muscle

The amount as well as the quality of calories you eat should be greater than those you burn. That is the rule par excellence. If you consume the calories correctly, you will get your muscles hypertrophied giving you a more muscular look I do not want to say fatter. In addition, the goal is to consume daily a surplus of 300-500 calories in protein about 2 grams per kilo of weight carbohydrates (3-4 grams per kilo of weight), and unsaturated fats correct.  You should eat about 5 to 6 times daily so that in this way the blood glucose level remains stable. Continue reading “Best Foods to Gain Muscle”