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Parkinson’s disease questions

Discovered in 1817 by a British doctor who gave his name, Parkinson’s disease affects 4 million people worldwide. On the 100 000 to 150 000 likely PD in France, only 80,000 are known and followed. Too often still slow and earthquakes are attributed to the simple effect of aging. Each year 8 000 new cases […]

Parkinson’s disease: a difficult diagnosis

At the beginning of the disease, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is difficult because symptoms may go unnoticed. Nevertheless several criteria now allow to carry a reliable diagnosis… If not early. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are progressive and little specific: fatigue, pain, rheumatism, depression… This is why the national agency of Accreditation and assessment […]

Contraceptive patch: users speak!

The patch already has followers among our forums. Then, conquered or disappointed? This new method of contraception is practice? Secure? Our users confront their opinions online. Selected pieces. Available in France since early 2004, the patch is an alternative to the existing means of contraception. What are its advantages and disadvantages? To be nonstick, discover […]

The contraceptive patch landed

What woman has never forgotten to take his pill? If this method of contraception is effective, it remains binding. An alternative is now available: the contraceptive patch. Operating on the same principle as the pill, it delivers hormones through the skin. The weekly contraceptive patch is available from January 2004 in pharmacies. Review of details […]

Support for Parkinson’s disease

Despite the latest medical advances, there is not today’s cure for Parkinson’s disease. But the support allows to correct the symptoms. The point with the Parkinson association. Currently there is not a cure of Parkinson’s disease but since 1960, new treatments or discoveries occur. Drugs allow a resumption of activities in 80% of cases. For […]

The management of Parkinson’s disease

Despite recent medical advances, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease. But support can correct symptoms. The point with the Association France Parkinson. Currently there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease but, since 1960, new treatments and discoveries succeed. Drugs allow a resumption of activities in 80% of cases. For Professor Pierre Cesaro, neurologist, […]

Parkinson’s disease: healing the body and mind

In addition to the new extended-release drug treatment, research focuses on the psycho-social aspects of Parkinson’s disease. An important to lift the veil on many prejudices and allow patients to exonerate it. A man aged 45 has fixed lines and walk “weird.” There is, however, neither depressed nor under the influence of alcohol. It is […]

A Parkinson Plan to change the lives of patients

Two years. This is the time it took to wait for a Plan Parkinson adopting all the measures proposed in the White Paper on this neurodegenerative disease measures be adopted. This is now done, and for the Association France Parkinson’s announcement in March by Nora Berra is a decisive step in the management of patients. […]

A Parkinson when a Plan?

Great forgotten neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s disease receives no National Plan unlike Alzheimer’s disease in particular. This results in a lack of coordination in the management and research, to the detriment of patients and their families. One year after the White Paper on Parkinson’s disease , which offered twenty measures to improve the management of patients […]

Neurostimulation against Parkinson’s disease

It is possible for several years to improve the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease by stimulating deep brain area. This surgical procedure is not available to all patients. Benefits, indications, techniques … Doctissimo an update. This method is now practiced in over twenty centers in France and concern 300 new patients each year. Neurostimulation: […]