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The reasons for the delay

Only 7% form each year to emergency actions. A proportion should be multiplied by three to get satisfactory results in terms of public health. Dr Pascal Cassan, Associate Deputy national training in first aid to the French Red Cross, explains the reasons for this delay. Doctissimo: How are organized training sessions for the general public […]

Gestures of emergencies: where to train?

Different organizations provide Attestation of training in first aid (AFPS), which allows to obtain the diploma of first aid. Next to the French Red Cross and firefighters, include other associations whose status follows the law of 1901, the order of Malta, the Civil Protection and a myriad of small organizations such as the white cross. […]

Why learn the gestures which save

Chances of survival increased with the first rescuer and defibrillation Many scientific studies have proven the interest of the first rescuer during the chain of survival. The Red Cross experts believe “that if the rescue of the first moment is quickly relayed by specialised relief, among others equipped with semi-automatic defibrillation devices, the chances of […]