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Swimming-pool: attention danger!

Every year some 100 children die in France by drowning. It is the leading cause of death by accident of life before the age of 13. Figures which must inspire you to caution! A few simple tips that your summer does not turn into a nightmare. A quarter of domestic accidents occur outside the home, […]

Pool, beach, and monitoring

Drowning is the leading cause of death by domestic accident in children aged two to 14 years. In older children, these drownings occur mainly accidents of recreation (drownings in sea and river). In adults, failure to comply with the basic rules of safety is the primary cause of water accidents and drownings. Drownings occur both […]

This summer, adopt anti-drowning reflexes!

Despite a drop in deaths by drowning, the number of these accidents is still too high. Faced with this alarming situation, prevention based on “reflexes anti-drowning” campaign reminds us of the rules to follow to avoid these tragedies. Maritime regions or hosting many tourists are most affected by drowning. Each year, two groups are mainly […]

Crush syndrome

Earthquakes, bombings, shelling. After the disaster, began the work of rescuers. One of the main risks for survivors buried for several hours is the crush syndrome or Bywaters syndrome. September 11, 2001, two planes crash on the two highest towers of New York (415 metres and 417 metres) in which 50,000 people work. June 1990, […]

Fungi: make no mistake!

Porcini mushrooms, Boletus, chanterelle mushrooms… Fungi are greatly appreciated for their gustative qualities. However, some are likely to cause digestive disorders and even poisoning. Doctissimo details the dangers, and gives some advice to budding mycophagous… First and foremost, you should know that all mushrooms (even edible!) can lead to digestive disorders. Indeed, consumed too much […]

The heart, this extraordinary pump

The heart is a pear-shaped hollow muscular organ located between the lungs, in the middle of the chest. It ensures the circulation of blood throughout the body, cells receive oxygen and nutrients. It is attached to the sternum by specific connective tissue called ligaments. The size of an adult heart is comparable to that of […]

The brain, the most mysterious of our bodies

The seat of our emotions, our thoughts, our identity, etc… our brain allows us to collect and to discover the world that surrounds us. It is the headquarters of the central nervous system. More than 10 billion cells transmit and receive messages from different parts of the body. Discover some information about the last box […]

Attention to the evil of the mountains!

Dreaming of these holidays in the mountains of this trek in the Atlas or the Nepal… And yet, barely arrived at altitude, you are suddenly caught by headaches, nausea, you feel tired. Attention! Learn to recognize the evil acute mountain (MAM). How to prevent this problem? What are the treatments? The evil of the mountains […]

The beach is not the foot!

It has dreamed of long months and we finally, lying on the sand, toes in range… But leaving your towel, don’t forget to watch where you put your feet! Sea urchins, shells, sharp, syringes, bits of glass, burns… took no vacation. Countless enemies lie in wait. Attention! The wounds of the foot are very frequent […]

Summer in the mountains

In any season, should tackle the mountain with respect and intelligence. The summer is no exception: more than 100 people lose their lives each year during an accident in the mountains. A few tips and rules of bases for your holidays reach summits. Even in summer, the mountain requires a respect for the rules of […]