Beauty remedies for a broken heart

It all happened to us. The ruptures are inevitable and we have to go through them.  If we only remember how the previous break was. We survive and here we are ready to love again, we would not suffer so much.  After a break our self-esteem falls to the floor we women attach much love to beauty. The fact that they leave us or leave us makes us feel worthless.

broken heart

We fall into depression and sometimes it is hard to get up. Some tricks can make the pain more pleasant our self-esteem is returning to normal. It is not easy, since after a break we do not feel like doing anything we hardly get out of bed.  However, because we do not put a little effort we leave the drama aside and we do some pampering that we need so much?  We help you in the process, with these beauty remedies for a broken heart. Continue reading “Beauty remedies for a broken heart”

Precocious puberty why does it occur?

Early puberty is defined as the occurrence of secondary sexual characters before 8 years of age in girls and 9 years in boys. This definition is somewhat arbitrary because of the large variation in the age at which puberty begins in healthy children, especially in different ethnic groups.

Precocious puberty

In early some secondary sexual characters appear, but there is no activation of the normal hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. In the latter group, sex characters can be iso sexualize or heterosexual contract sexual early pseudo puberty can induce maturation of hypothalamic – pituitary-gonadal axis and may end up triggering the onset of true sexual precocity. Continue reading “Precocious puberty why does it occur?”

What your mouth says about your health

When you open your mouth the dentist can deduce a lot about your health, and not only if you are flossing regularly or if you have a toothache. Your gums, teeth, mouth, tongue, breath and throat provide clues about your overall health. According to new research from Johns Hopkins University, less than half of adults 65 and older have consulted with a dentist in the past year but regular screenings are important to maintain more than dental hygiene. If you are a man with a chronic gum disease your dentist may tell you that your sex life may also be affected.

mouth says about your health

An analysis of five studies of 213,000 patients between the ages of 20 and 80 years published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, found that erectile dysfunction was almost twice as common in men with periodontitis a chronic bacterial infection than in men who did not have the infection. Because of the inflammation it causes gum disease has also been linked to a higher risk of heart disease. The good news is that a study published in 2013 found that treating gum disease seemed to lessen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction after three months. Continue reading “What your mouth says about your health”

Better Healthy Tips

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable

Do you know the best time to start the bikini operation? Let us find out together with Rachel and great channel. When I was younger, I always ended up dragging my classmates to the gym. I had such a good time that in the end they also signed up.

I ate fate, I just exercised to go home, where I was not even 5 minutes, to the office and on weekends, those were the worst. Sometimes the hard knocks of life make you re-take the helm, and with the death of my father, I took refuge in the sport. That made me takes the bad thoughts out of my head. I took up the healthy life and I decided to share it because I knew I could help more people not only lose weight, especially to have a healthier life style and be a little happier.

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable

My surprise was that the one that ended up being happier. Get up and see the comments on my YouTube channel, which is where my fans is more active has become a drug for me. For me health is always the most important and having a more beautiful body is a consequence of having a healthy lifestyle. It seems like a lie, but replace the elevator up the stairs, take advantage of dead times on the phone to walk around the house, tighten the gut while we are with the computer or the buttocks when we queue in the super do for us much more than we think. Continue reading “Better Healthy Tips”

FDA ruling would allow sale of counter hearing aids


During a special announcement the FDA Food and Drug Administration said that with immediate entry into force, no longer be required people get a medical checkup before buying most hearing aids. Do you like what you are reading? Receive similar content direct to your email.


Loss of hearing

The announcement was made at a public meeting of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Prior recommendations from this group, as well as a White House advisory panel on science and technology, and some groups of consumers and audiologists have strongly suggested removing this restriction as long as the hearing aids are more affordable and accessible. Continue reading “FDA ruling would allow sale of counter hearing aids”

Symptoms of gluten intolerance


Celiac disease, wheat allergy and sensitivity to non-celiac gluten can cause similar symptoms, but have different implications for your health. We have already spoken before of what is gluten.  The celiac gluten sensitivity not only is diagnosed after celiac disease and wheat allergy are discarded.


Many people experience digestive problems and health hazards caused by eating gluten or wheat, so if you or your child are experiencing an intolerance to gluten or wheat there are three different medical conditions that could explain what is happening: allergy wheat, celiac disease or celiac gluten sensitivity not. Continue reading “Symptoms of gluten intolerance”

Questions and answers that could improve your health


That is, excrement is eliminated looks normal color, blood featureless. Knowing that more than 90% of cases of cancer of the colon and rectum occur after age 50, every man and older woman older should have an annual occult blood test in the stool. This test, called FOBT (for its acronym in English) -being the Immunological Fecal Test or FIT method is very simple and can be done at home and mailed to a laboratory for processing. If the test is positive, the person should get a colonoscopy to determine the source of bleeding. If all people over 50 years we did this simple test (FOBT), deaths from colon cancer could almost disappear. At this time the cancer of the colon and rectum are the second leading cause of death by disease in the United States.


Miraculous food

Good for reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol, take care of your heart stimulate the mind among other benefits. Of course, it is possible that his mother has suffered attack celebrate transient ischemic attack TIA, its acronym in English. The strokes occur when blood flow of blood flowing through a brain artery is interrupted arterial blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to brain tissue. This interruption of flow is of two types, an obstruction plates arteriosclerosis -composed calcium and cholesterol- called stroke 80% of cases and the other by rupture of the artery, called cerebral hemorrhage 20% of cases. Continue reading “Questions and answers that could improve your health”

Foods to eat that are healthy

weight loss drinks

We’ve all been there are duplicated pain after eating five too many men pursued ginger bread spiked eggnog followed by a crust of cheese cranberry and nut slab log. However, while treat during the holidays is expected and I would say completely healthy if you eat a balanced diet as a bloated gassy feeling mess of a hangover is never a good time. While you cannot completely undo the harm you can upload it to certain foods beverages that will help to offset the effects of their surplus squander and make the digestion and power levels back on track. You can also try the liver detoxification by 12 days to the in general health of the body!

While there is no appetite for this, you will want to eat breakfast as the key to boosting metabolism. In addition, keep it light however, to go easy on the stomach. Hassock’s go-is Greek yogurt with fruit. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus bacteria which can help keep you regular and decrease intestinal inflammation caused by alcohol and sugary foods. If you need a boost of subtle energy in the morning, enjoy a green tea. This BREW is rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent cellular injure induced by too much trash. There is also some research showing green tea helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and blunts the craving which is significant if you have too much sweets and alcohol. Bonus it also increases the immune system!

weight loss drinks


In addition to all this with caffeine, you will want to take in the water all day. Hydration is the key, particularly after a night of drinking. Water will help flush toxins aid digestion and fight against gas distension-induced. High-protein eggs contain the amino acid cytokine, which degrades the toxin of alcohol acetaldehyde allowing you to take away the urine while the vegetables rich in fiber like spinach and tomatoes help that swell and continue running during digestion. Jump on the side of bacon and cheese as foods high in fats slow the passage of food into the little intestine, which can bring more bloating, gas and cramps drunk post junk. Continue reading “Foods to eat that are healthy”

Multiple sclerosis symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis

Who can get manifold sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is estimated that you exaggerated 2.3 million people in the world. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 to 50, although it may also occur in young children and the old. It is three times more common in women than in men and is additional ordinary among Caucasians than other ethnic groups. It is believed that have a genetic component as people with a family member with the disease of first instance have an occurrence higher than the universal population.

What causes multiple sclerosis?

The exact cause of Ms is unknown but is believed to be a combination of immunological, ecological infectious or genetic factors. Researchers are studying the possible role of the virus of the reason of MS but nevertheless this is to be judged.

Multiple Sclerosis

When multiple sclerosis is attacked

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder in which the body perceives its own myelin the sheath around the nerves as an interloper and attacks such as a virus or other overseas agent. This causes inflammation and degeneration of the myelin and may lead to demyelization, or extraction of the myelin sheath of nerves. It can also cause sclerosis symptoms scars. In this way, electrical impulses travel more gradually along the nerves that results in the deterioration of the function in the body process such as vision speech walking, writing, and memory. Continue reading “Multiple sclerosis symptoms”

How to conduct a mental health assessment?

A mental health assessment conducted by a specialist psychologist may be necessary if you seek help in case of depression, suicidal thoughts, or if you are testing for psychological treatment. These tests are also frequently used in child custody cases and drug rehab. There are several steps in conducting them; Therefore, be sure to gather all relevant information before implementing them.

 mental health


Review process for mental health

Assesses levels of depression and anxiety using psychological inventories. For example, the Beck Depression Inventory, Anxiety Scale and the Hopelessness Scale, as well as the Firestone Assessment Self-destructive thoughts were designed to measure levels of anxiety and depression, states of current and recent mood, and suicidal ideas. An experienced clinician must be authorized to administer such tests. Continue reading “How to conduct a mental health assessment?”