Depression after Prozac

Drug of the 1990s, Prozac ® has been dubbed “happy pill”. It is true that as antidepressant treatment is today one of the most prescribed in the world. Leader of a new class of antidepressants, Prozac ® has a great success with French practitioners. But it is now competed by other more recent molecules.

Until the beginning of the 1990s, the depressed had certainly effective antidepressants, but they were relatively difficult to manipulate and sometimes the origin of side effects.

Depression after Prozac

Prozac General practitioners were reluctant so to support them depressed and willingly spent hand psychiatrists. Everything changed with the arrival of Prozac®. Well tolerated, supported by a very active commercial policy, this drug was quickly very prescribed, a success which also explains that consumption has been deemed excessive by some experts as Pr Edouard Zarifian. Continue reading “Depression after Prozac”

When the stress is not good back

Stress is bad for the nerves, were already known. A US study indicates that it could play a role in the occurrence of backache, especially in the inward-looking people.

Stress has long been suspected to cause back problems. Stressed people focus it more on their symptoms or then their nervousness leads it them to not use their muscles so contractures and pain? A quite original study, published in the medical journal, Spine, slice clearly support this second hypothesis and suggests that some temperament are much more exposed to this type of pathology.

good back

The authors, who work at the University of the State of Ohio, in the United States, have selected a small group of 25 students and assessed their main personality traits, to clarify in particular if they were introverted (little expressing their feelings) or outgoing. They then asked these young people to raise a load of 12 kg, at a given rate. A lumbar belt equipped with electrodes could observe what muscles were engaged in this exercise. Continue reading “When the stress is not good back”

Should Families Reconsider Health Insurance come the 1st of July?

As we are all aware at this stage, the government’s proposed changes to the Medicare levy system mean that many individuals and families will be paying more for their cover than they have previously. As of the 1st of July single individuals earning more than $84,000 your 30 per cent health rebate will reduce and if you’re income exceeds $130,000 you lose all rebate privileges. For families, if your combined income exceeds $168,000 then you will also pay more towards Medicare. This has been reported throughout the news but you can find a detailed understanding of how the changes will affect you in an article found here from the Herald Sun.

These increases are, in many ways, necessary and the truth is that our health system is struggling to cope. However, for families the impact will be felt the most as family health insurance already attracts a higher premium than individual health insurance.  At some point we need to realise that the relative figures don’t quite meet in the middle. Understandably many families are reconsidering the need for happily health insurance and between 27,000 (Government predictions) and 150,000(health insurance provider predictions) people are expected to reduce their insurance cover or remove it completely.

health insurance comparison Continue reading “Should Families Reconsider Health Insurance come the 1st of July?”