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The lines of cleavage, what to do?

Many women are faced with, sooner or later, with the appearance of wrinkles on the decollete. These wrinkles can become very deep and rather unsightly. Because right there, and why so obvious? We interviewed Dr. Joseph Parodi, Dermatologist in Genoa, and we asked some questions about wrinkles, like trying to prevent them, how to intervene […]

Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends

How many how many fears, doubts, because we need advice when you start thinking about how to retrieve the physical form. Subscribe to the gym? And if ‘became big’? Put me on a diet? But if I put myself on a diet and I go to the gym I can eat more? And so on […]

The chronic fatigue syndrome

The chronic fatigue syndrome “I’m tired, always tired, I do not want to do anything …” This is known as chronic fatigue syndrome, or at least could be. He speaks frequently and often without really knowing what it is. We interviewed Prof. John Cristianini, and we shot some of the questions most frequently arrive in […]

Fitness for combat autumn depression

Here we go again. The days become shorter and the cold, dark, intimate but sometimes more often … depressing (let us say). Autumn can be depressing, all right! And what is the first instinct that comes when we hear the autumn depression take over our lives? Eat anything, better if you these high calorie foods, […]

Get fit for summer

Get fit for summer The summer is coming, whether you like it or not, and within a few weeks we will begin to worry about our fitness, as we in bikini, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera … But it is never too late, and since now we still really enough time to get into […]

Tired, stressed out?

It happens that the daily life with its commitments, worries, stress and interfere to such an extent that negatively affect, among other things, even our personal life. And our sexual sphere. The wishes, game, fun, erotic. More and more women arrive at the end of the day and would just collapse on the sofa (in […]


Why screen for colorectal cancer? Because diagnosed early, colorectal cancer is curable in more than nine out of ten cases. And colorectal cancer kills 100,000 Europeans, men and women. To encourage the French to get tested, the National Cancer Institute launched the first national awareness campaign. 1.”Most often detected in time, colorectal cancer is not […]


Ewing sarcoma is a bone cancer. This cancer is serious, but the prognosis has been greatly improved thanks to treatment advances in chemotherapy and radiotherapy. -Ewing’s sarcoma: a primary bone cancer -Bone cancer: what are the symptoms of Ewing’s sarcoma? -Ewing sarcoma: sometimes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy but otherwise Ewing’s sarcoma: a primary bone cancer […]


Actinic keratosis, you know? This skin condition is characterized by small red-brown lesions and rough, which have the particularity of not cure but to persist for months on the areas most exposed to the sun. However, actinic keratosis can lead to precancerous lesions. 1.Actinic keratosis, it looks like what? 2.What might we do with an […]

How to change baby?

During the first year of his life, you change your child of the thousands of time… Then better control a few bases. To keep baby dry, discover the art of the Exchange in eight steps. To make your Cherub always feel well. Some people prefer to change their child before feeding, else after. If change […]