Responsible tanning cabins of 76 deaths per year

Between 19 and 76 deaths annually are due to the use of tanning booths, according to a French study published in the weekly epidemiological Bulletin (BEH), and this number could rise to 2 288 in the next 30 years if the habits of the French exposure to UV cabins do not change, warn the authors.

The day of the publication of BEH specially devoted to the dangers of artificial UV, Health Minister Mari sol Touraine announced the publication next a decree to tighten the regulation of tanning booths. Filed by the former Government, this order is to better protect users exposed to artificial ultraviolet. In detail, it would be particularly to encourage tanning centers to offer free eye protection, or to affix warnings about the health dangers associated with ultraviolet UV in these centers.

skin cancers

Artificial UV would be responsible for 76 deaths annually by melanoma.
The number of skin cancers double every 10 years. These cancers, melanomas are by far the most aggressive and difficult to treat currently, recall Jean Cavetti and Jacques Bazex, members of the Academy of medicine in their editorial. For the latter, exposure to UV tanning booths are undoubtedly involved in this development. False! According to the national Union of professional tanning cabin (SNPBC) which highlights the discrepancy between the location of the centers of tanning and skin cancer. “Regions in which melanomas are the most frequent are precisely those where tanning centres are the least likely, or even absent,” and claimed the SNPBC in a statement released late April, while the controversy was already full following the publication of a us study involving the cabs of tanning in the explosion in the number of skin cancers. Continue reading “Responsible tanning cabins of 76 deaths per year”


If conventional treatment of colorectal cancer are unavoidable (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc..), It is possible to act in parallel to maximize his chances of recovery and minimize recurrence. These additional instructions can be practiced by all in preventing colorectal cancer. What are the complementary strategies of fight against colorectal cancer?

1) against colorectal cancer: full of calcium and vitamin D
2) Against Colorectal Cancer: regular physical activity
3) Against Colorectal Cancer: Alcohol should be avoided
4) Beware of overweight and especially with the large belly!
5) Red meats, grilled meats and seriously limit
6) Fruit, vegetables and whole grains galore
7) Less sugar and sugary drinks
8 ) Consistency neuro-emotional, Tai Chi, yoga, relaxation, etc..
9) Support and psychotherapeutic groups of patients


1) against colorectal cancer: full of calcium and vitamin D

Dairy products and bottled water contribute to an adequate calcium intake. Otherwise, supplementation may be recommended. On vitamin D, it is important to expose every day about fifteen minutes in the sun because it is under the influence of sunlight our skin manufactures the majority of vitamin D we need. Remember that vitamin D helps in particular to the binding of calcium on bone. Again, if vitamin D deficiency, you can also use supplements. The ideal is to calibrate their vitamin D levels in the blood first. Continue reading “TIPS TO FIGHT DAILY AGAINST COLORECTAL CANCER”


Tropical diseases are numerous and dangerous. The first major principle is to know before they go on recommended vaccinations and preventive treatments to go. The second is to apply to the return travel: any unexplained fever should suggest a cause malaria and consultation without delay.

1.Before the trip: what are the recommended vaccinations?
2.Return advice immediately if fever
3.For more information


How you travel back in good health and still healthier? It is the goal of travel medicine, highly specialized discipline that must juggle tropical infectious diseases. It has two essential weapons: vaccinations and preventive treatments, which doctors call as “prophylactic”. Continue reading “TROPICAL TRIP: TWO KEY PRINCIPLES”


Since the reform of the attending physician, the more we put our hand in pocket. While a board, choose your complementary health!

1.How to do it to choose its complementary health?
2.Eight tips to choose your complementary health
3.How to do it to choose its complementary health?

Herve Requillard: For example, you are a family whose parents have dental problems for a long time, a weakness in this area. Preference should be given a generous supplemental health on the dental plan. But it is not easy to find, as do his market research with complementary health is not very clear, the information is not always clear. When receiving an offer of complementary health, reimbursement rates are often a percentage relative to the rates charged by Social Security. Except you do not necessarily know it by heart rates of Social Security, which are themselves very complicated. We must therefore seek to obtain this information before choosing a medical insurance company.


One can simply go to the website of the Social Security that displays the cost of the most commonly performed actions. I would advise to get the rates of complementary health and then, with a calculator, to see what is for example 300% of the rate of Social Security. This gives a clear idea of reimbursement levels that we can then compare with the prices charged by health professionals. For example, in dental, where tariffs on prostheses are free, the same prosthesis can vary from 1 to 5 between Dunkirk. Continue reading “HOW TO CHOOSE COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH?”

How to train your ABS and streamline your life

How to train your ABS and streamline your life Abdominals, not just training, not only serves the diet. the right combination of diet and physical activity makes it possible to achieve better results. National Fitness Manager at Virgin Active Italy (19 fitness centers in Italy) to train your ABS, streamline your life, to finally see some results and not only sweat at the gym without knowing what you’re doing.

Abdominal training alone is not enough to get a flat abdomen and carved. What are the basic rules, food and fitness, to which you must follow if you want to improve the appearance of the abdominal area? Surely 3 are the components that affect the aesthetics of the belly.

streamline your life

Cardiovascular work (cardio machines), better to use machines that involve more muscles in the core.(wave, treadmills, etc..) The muscular work with sets and repetitions to districts throughout the body and especially in the abdominal area.
A balanced diet of all basic foods (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), consisting of small and frequent meals (at least 2 snacks) devoid of animal fats and refined sugars and with plenty of water (1 ½ l. per day) definitely contribute a lot to decrease fat deposits in General and in that area a fortiori. Continue reading “How to train your ABS and streamline your life”

Tips to lose weight in a healthy way

How to lose weight in a simple way, how to lose weight doing careful a few important rules-of-life and food. Tips to lose weight .

Not always necessary to have recourse to strict diets, or stemmata training sessions in the gym (are, clearly, even!) to lose some weight. To lose weight without almost realizing it may be some small change in our lifestyle. Just be careful and set differently some of our habits. Don’t believe it? Even we thought … and since it doesn’t cost anything, we tried. Successfully. Here are our tips to lose weight in ‘ painless ‘:)

Tips to lose weight

The base: increasing physical activity and reduce calories introduced through food. Always keep in mind these two points that are the basis for any advice that will follow. Continue reading “Tips to lose weight in a healthy way”

Train your ABS at home

Not all attend a regular gym. But there are periods during the year (like this before the holidays …) where a bit of muscle tone, especially at the level of the abdominal belt not go amiss. Indeed, I would like to own!

Fortunately, your ABS are among the few muscle groups which can be train in virtually any environment and situation, not requiring special equipment.

ABS at home

If you have decided that from today you want to train and tone your ABS, and if you have no desire or time to subscribe to the gym, maybe the advice that follows will help (or so we hope). Continue reading “Train your ABS at home”

Are you on a diet? Diet: some tips

The diet. Watch the eating habits of those who are around and you’ll notice that in this period tend to change. Those more and less, clearly. Less sugar in coffee, meals, small portions, less alcoholic … till real diets.

The warm period, the time when everyone would not have let go during the winter months, it is also the period of good resolutions, diets, inscriptions in the gym, long walks, hoping to burn those … Let’s say 3 chiletti too …

Diet of some tips

Spring/summer is the time when you feel more motivated, and often puts earnestly working to retrieve the form. Continue reading “Are you on a diet? Diet: some tips”

Lose weight with fitness

Lose weight with fitness When it comes to fitness for weight loss you feel-literally-everything and the opposite of everything. Aerobics, weight workouts. Diet, but only of a certain type … a few workouts but intense, no better than many low-intensity. Let stand the catsuits raincoats to perspire more when you train …

Since the letters we receive regarding weight loss and fitness are really many, we have always tried to understand more interviewing a real expert in the field, Dr. Antonio, Camo, Surgeon. Specialist in sports medicine, which we post the questions-in our avvisono-longer frequently in those trains or would like to do so with the goal of losing weight.

Lose weight with fitness

The first question, although seemingly trivial, is: why a certain type of training is more indicated for weight loss compared to another type? For example, tell me that if I train with weights is not the same thing as if you trained me to rotating carpet … yet in both cases at the end of the workout I feel I have worked and I tired …When the objective of the exercise is to lose weight, undergo training they do burn more body fat, which usually consist in working sessions continued for at least 40 minutes to metabolic and cardiopulmonary average intensity, are usually recommended. This does not mean that other types of workout cannot achieve the same effect: a lot depends on the physical and athletic subject’s initials. The best thing would be to enter a weekly training session with small overhead alternating three sessions of aerobic workout. Continue reading “Lose weight with fitness”

Menopause: How to best deal

I doubt a delicate period of life of every woman are many, and create anxiety even years to get there. Starting from hot flashes, mood changes from (that he sees the first people who live around) to the question of how to change your sex life.

We often hear about new approaches to better face the menopause and stay fit. We asked Dr. Roberta Daccò, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the CDI in Milan, to help us better understand what it is and how to deal with.

Hide Menopause

What are the symptoms that suggest the beginning of menopause?

Menopause is the physiological event that corresponds to the term in women of childbearing age and menstrual cycle. Ends in menopause the ovaries: ovaries no longer produce follicles and estrogen (the main female hormone). This event is often preceded by a period in which the ovaries are working so imperfect, with possible consequences of advances or delays of the menstrual cycle more often. Sometimes occur even months out of the cycle, periods during which she can begin to experience some sweating or hot flash or mood changes, menstruation may become more scarce or more abundant easily, even in relation to the absence of ‘ovulation which sometimes elapses. Continue reading “Menopause: How to best deal”