The contraceptive patch landed

What woman has never forgotten to take his pill? If this method of contraception is effective, it remains binding. An alternative is now available: the contraceptive patch. Operating on the same principle as the pill, it delivers hormones through the skin.

The weekly contraceptive patch is available from January 2004 in pharmacies. Review of details of a small revolution in contraception.

The contraceptive patch landed

To paste three times per month
Already distributed in many European countries between June and September 2003, he finally arrives in France after having obtained an authorization for placing on the market in August 2002. Called EVRA, this stamp issued to dose continues a combination of hormones: progesterone and estrogen for a week. The patch of 4.5 cm2 must be glued on the bottom of the abdomen or buttocks. The pace is monthly, the patch must be changed on the same day of the week for three weeks. The fourth week, the woman must not put stamp. Continue reading “The contraceptive patch landed”

The summer of all dangers

Summer is here and the holidays are approaching. Moment of joy and family reunion but also dangers for the younger period. An American study comes to the demonstration. The period of the year from May to August is that exposes the most children in accidents.

American researchers have surveyed between 1991 and 1996 under the direction of Angela Mickalide, child accidents. The conclusions of this work are clear: with 3 million of declared emergencies and 2,550 deaths, or 42% of annual deaths, the months ranging from May to August are the most perilous of the year for the 14 years of age. And, during the summer, 10-14 years are particularly prone to this problem.

children's health

Multiple reasons for this phenomenon
For Angela Mickalide, leading from Washington the national campaign on the safety of the children, there is nothing very surprising in that the latter are more likely during the summer season. The children then leave the universe protected from the classroom to the dangers of the street or the track. Continue reading “The summer of all dangers”

Barbecues, avoid rubbing alcohol!

Accidents of barbecues, are, like those of domestic fires, sometimes responsible for deep Burns extended, that go beyond the skin to attack underlying tissues and muscles. Deaths occur in 10% of cases. Attention so when you prepare Grill and especially when you avivez home with alcohol to burn or any other flammable liquid.

Rare, barbecue accidents are serious. Because it is a happy male task, they are in two thirds of cases of men, ages often of less than 40 years. Children are however not spared and represent 15% of these accidents. Most often the projection of embers, is the use of methylated spirits or a flammable liquid that is at the origin of the fire: the products to which it is better to give up. It is recommended to use ‘light-barbecues’, but knowing that they can then be toxic for young children. Don’t let not within their reach.

avoid rubbing alcohol

Install the barbecue in a stable location
To avoid accidents, the main prevention measures are:
A never leave Grill unattended, especially if children are nearby;
At install to an authorized location, away from vegetation and protected from the wind, on good ground if it is removable, or better to build if you can barbecue hard with a fireplace in your garden or on your balcony. Continue reading “Barbecues, avoid rubbing alcohol!”

External Burns

Skin very frequent, burns must encourage the rescuer to cool the skin more quickly. The severity depends on location, scope, depth and the cause of the blight. Behaviour varies according to the severity of the injury. When serious burns can cause circulatory distress and cause death. Regardless of the type of burn the first act to perform, after the scene of the accident, is watering.

How to react?
A simple burning face -which the extent is less than a demi-paume of the hand of the victim, which is not deep and who is not located near a natural orifice – after having removed the burning agent and you are guaranteed to be safe, you must:

External Burns

Cool the burn basting it with cold water for at least 5 minutes;
Remove any clothing in contact with the burning during watering, with the exception of those that adhere to the skin.
Possibly protect the burn with a dressing. Continue reading “External Burns”

Fight the “toast attitude”!

In recent decades, consumption of Sun has widely increased. Facing these excess ultraviolet radiation, melanoma has progressed. To combat this dreadful skin cancer, a national campaign invites you to do Grill more you “”!

Increase in vacation, travel under brighter regions, practices of outdoor sports…If one adds to these lifestyle changes, the cult of the tanned skin, we understand the resistance towards the adoption of methods of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Attention, the Sun can be dangerous!

toast attitude

Sun: instructions for use
Cases of melanoma (the most dangerous skin cancer) are more common. There are now more than 7,000 new cases per year: it is three times more than 20 years ago. In France, the number of new annual cases has tripled in 20 years, rising from 2 300 in 1980 to 7 200 in 2000. At the same time, mortality due to cancer has doubled during the same period, in men and women. If the average age of this cancer is over 55 years of age, it can affect people of all ages and is rooted in excessive exposure on lifetime. The most affected areas are those where the populations are little accustomed to sun exposure: Brittany, Pays-de-Loire, lower Normandy and Alsace. To combat melanoma, the national Cancer Institute has decided to fight the “Toast attitude”! Continue reading “Fight the “toast attitude”!”

The dangers of the Sun

Follower of sunbathing, this is news that could you cool! Swiss dermatologists believe that clothes are more protective than all solar creams. Worse, there is no evidence that these products reduce the risk of Melanoma!

With the arrival of the first rays of Sun, summer visitors are preparing already enjoy sunbathing and relaxing in the warm waters of the beaches and swimming pools. But attention, UV, be aware that all Sun creams are not worth a protective clothing!


Beware of the excesses of Sun!
We now know that the Sun has benefits but can also be responsible for skin aging and skin cancer. Among them, cases of melanoma, the most dangerous skin cancer, are more numerous. In 20 years, the number of cases has tripled and reached now more than 7,000 new cancers per year. Numbers that are not consequences: mortality due to cancer has doubled during the same period, in men and women. Continue reading “The dangers of the Sun”

Skin cancer: when to worry?

Frequent, skin tumours represent one of the major causes of cancer in France. And every year there are 8 000 to 10 000 new cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of these cancers. When should you worry? How to tell the difference between a harmless mole and skin cancer?

One thing is certain: in this field, optimism is never rule. Doubt, to consult a dermatologist and even, past a certain age, make a dermatological check-up for the slightest suspicious lesion. Because all skin tumors, even melanoma, can be treated effectively once they are diagnosed in time.

Skin cancer

Some signs let you not to Miss
In 15 to 20% of cases, melanoma develops from a mole. It increases in size, changes colour or starts to bleed often.
In other cases, melanoma develops gradually over an area of healthy skin in the form of a small flat pigmented spot. Do consider so, especially if the task has one or more of the following characteristics: contours asymmetric, elevated or irregular surface, an inhomogeneous color, which is tinged with Brown, black, red, blue, or even multicolored, sometimes and a great size. Finally, any signs of evolution should you consult. Continue reading “Skin cancer: when to worry?”

Prevention: critical weapon against cancers of the skin

A recent survey showed that the majority of the population is aware of the risks related to exposure to the Sun. If parents ensure more protection of their children, they are nevertheless not sufficiently conservative for themselves.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly deliver a message on the prevention of cancers of the skin in order to encourage the population to exercise caution and more responsibility.

cancers of the skin

In contact with the external environment, the skin undergoes assaults continuously; one of the visible effects of the attacks of the environment is his aging. The skin has natural mechanisms to defend themselves. Melanin and keratin thus provide protection for the body from ultraviolet radiation, the most destructive of solar radiation. Appearing as early as the second day of exposure, the melanin increases until around the twentieth day giving the skin its hale colorful while protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. Keratin ensures the maintenance of the skin and forms a protective layer of variable thickness according to the parts of the body. Continue reading “Prevention: critical weapon against cancers of the skin”

Get Rid of Eczema with Aveeno Eczema Treatment

Aveeno eczema treatment can help people to get rid of different types of eczema. This treatment proposes a complex of lipids, ceramides and active natural nutrients extracted from oatmeal. These nutrients are able to soothe the dry or irritated skin affected by eczema without the help of steroids or other chemical compounds. The effectiveness of this product is proven by the fact that numerous dermatologists recommend it instead of many others.

Aveeno Eczema Treatment Ingredients and Indications

Aveeno cream includes a series of ingredients besides oatmeal extracts, lipids, and ceramides. These ingredients are dimethicone, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, distearyldimonium chloride, petrolatum, panthenol, glycerin, and water. The product does not contain fragrance, which means that it helps the skin to heal faster than because of other products that include perfumes. Aveeno eczema treatment does not include fragrance because any traces of perfumes can irritate damaged skin, delaying the recovery process.

Thanks to its great properties, this product is recommended for different types of skin conditions, which range from regular dry skin to severe eczema. Aveeno treatment enhances the protective barrier of the skin by preventing water loss and improving skin texture. Because it includes natural compounds, this product can be used whenever necessary. Continue reading “Get Rid of Eczema with Aveeno Eczema Treatment”

Herpes, a tenacious guest

What could be more mundane than a button of herpes? What’s more annoying as when it comes regularly flourish at the edge of the lip? Fortunately there are now effective if applied early enough. Otherwise, take its bad to patience and avoid spreading the virus around itself.

Those who are familiar: it was first a small button hard and sensitive, barely visible, on the edge of the lip. quickly this button grows, becomes red, hot, painful and gives rise to small vesicles, which are cracked, ooze, and form a whitish film, then brownish crusts. The fever blister, i.e. cold sores, small benign infection, including the main disadvantages are to be unsightly and contagious.


Very many adults been infected by the virus Herpes simplex type 1, head of herpes of the skin. Oral herpes is the most common, but the vesicles can also touch the wings of the nose, the Chin… and tend always return to the same place in the same person. Continue reading “Herpes, a tenacious guest”