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You said intolerance to gluten?

Gluten intolerance is also called celiac disease. Its origin is unknown, but it is certainly an immune reaction rather than a real intolerance. The point on the disease, its causes and treatment. The cause of this disease more rare than the cow’s milk protein intolerance is unknown. It is particularly common in the countries of […]

The jaundice of the newborn

A few words to understand: Red blood cells are produced continuously in the bone marrow. They then pass in the blood and, after a life of 120 days, will die in the spleen. The normal destruction provides in the release of free bilirubin. This free bilirubin is toxic from a certain rate to the brain. […]

Should discard the nipples?

The nipples were already bad press. A study published by Finnish researchers should convince the diehard to limit use. According to them, do not use nipple for six months decreases over a third the risk of developing ear infections, one of the most common childhood infections. Advertising The study ** led by Dr. Marjo Niemela […]

The ABC of baby bath

The bathroom allows course Wash baby but it is also a time of relaxation and pleasure. Take the opportunity to make a few movements of gymnastics, will be pleased. The toilet of the child is generally done once per day. Time is not important and depends on your availability. You can give it the morning […]