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Learn to manage stress in the workplace

At work, you feel tired, irritable, you have lost your concentration or your enthusiasm, you multiply the small health problems… Attention, you have perhaps stress. For after a CSA survey (July 2000), “three out of four employees to say concerned” by stress, in particular due to an overload of work, difficult to meet deadlines, more […]

Depression: out of the infernal cycle

Depression can be treated effectively. Different therapeutic can now be offered to the patient. But the most important step belongs. Make the first step, only medical support will help you to overcome this disease. Treatment includes alternatives suitable for each case: psychotherapy, antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy. Recognized treatments offer psychotherapy, antidepressants and electroshock treatment. They […]

Ensure or driving

There are numerous television campaigns that remind us that alcohol kills at the wheel. On the other hand, the risks associated with fatigue are rarely mentioned. A study of Australian and New Zealand researchers yet shows that after a few hours of sleep, our reflexes are still more slowed only after several glasses of alcohol […]

Revealed your erotic dreams?

Your erotic dreams say a lot about you and your sexuality. They regulate your desires, release your fears and you relieve stress. Learn how to decode.According to a report by Insee, 70% of women admit to do erotic dreams, for 80% of the men. We are many to make this type of dream. They occur […]

Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!

Sleep apnea is more common than we think! 4 to 8% of the population would be concerned. And these nocturnal respiratory cases are a real threat to health. The responsible PR. Jean-Louis Racineux, of the Department of Pneumology at the CHU d’Angers is one of the organizers of the day national apnea of sleeping. It […]

Eye surgery: Lasik technique is 20 years old!

During the 20 years of LASIK, the technique of laser surgery most frequently used to correct myopia (lack of perception of objects by far), (lack of perception of objects closely) hyperopia and astigmatism, the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) launches awareness campaign “LASIK, safe in our hands” **, with the hope of […]

Towards the end of the glasses?

Nearsighted, farsighted, high-risk… you soon store your sunglasses in the closet. Indeed, laser, robotics and Informatics truly revolutionized the ophthalmologic surgery. Can to much to correct all defects of vision? With universal lasers, ophthalmic surgery is now capable of true prowess. Simplified and perfectly controlled, it helps correct many vision disorders and could even increase […]

Glasses or lenses, how to choose?

In several defects of vision, glasses or contact lenses may be proposed. One and others each have their advantages and their disadvantages. You won’t your eyes! Fashion accessory and instrument of high-tech, glasses are increasingly challenged by more discrete lenses. To guide you in your choices, learn about the characteristics of each. Contact lenses, a […]

Lenses for children: Yes, it is possible!

Unlike many of the ideas, lenses for children have many indications. Formerly confidential, they more are more favorable echoes in the younger. Author of a report on “children’s contact lenses”, Dr. Marie-Noëlle George tells us more. Doctissimo: What are the indications of lens in children? Dr. Marie-Noëlle George: They are mainly of two types. 7 […]

The child Visual deficits: prevent time

Nearly one in 10 children has vision disorders. If Visual acuity is able to mature until the age of 5, it is the first months that view should be monitored. Unsupported disorders can cause delays in engine development and acquisition of knowledge, particularly in the learning of reading and writing. As with many other diseases, […]