Men are not less sensitive to stress!

Stress is the disease of modern times. But men and women are equal before this scourge? Have the same capabilities to deal with the tensions of everyday life? The answers with Dr. Laurent Chneiweiss, psychiatrist and author of living stress-free.

Doctissimo: Are men more sensitive to stress than women?
Dr. Chneiweiss: First, let’s define the boundaries of the stress: when people complain, they often simply think about the difficulties they face in everyday life. But psychologically, the real stress corresponds to a precise definition: it is a defect of adaptation. Then there are stressors, events or circumstances that will force to adapt and stress itself, i.e. the set of adaptation of the organism, physiological and psychological reactions. With regard to men and women, stress affects both sexes equally. These are the reactions that are different: women respond by developing anxiety, men express anger and aggressiveness. With regard to the reactions to extreme stress, fuller for example depressions in women, and more than problems with temper tantrums among men.

sensitive to stress

Doctissimo: What are the factors that cause the most stress?
Dr. Chneiweiss: There are two major stress factors. The first is the lack of time: when only one has lots of things to do in too short notice. Men and women are also vulnerable to this type of pressure. In practice, women are most concerned: they often have to reconcile a professional life and a family life loaded. The second major cause of stress, these are the relationships with others: social relationships, self-affirmation… Women complain more often, because they more easily express their emotions, but in fact both sexes are concerned. Continue reading “Men are not less sensitive to stress!”

Erection problems: attention to stress!

We know the sex anti-stress virtues, but much less influence of stress on sexual life. Professional problems, lack of money… sources of concern abound. Stress can result in a more or less sustainable way of erectile dysfunction. Not to fall into a spiral of failure, solutions do exist!

Decline of desire, the frequency of reporting or stress, erectile dysfunction can actually undermine your sex life. In France, a man in five suffers from occasional or frequent erectile dysfunction. In the majority of these cases, these problems are (psychological cause) psychogenic, or mixed (partly psychogenic). But who are these victims of stress which, too often, suffer in silence?

attention to stress

29% of stressed men victims of erectile dysfunction
Louis Harris conducted in May 2001 an investigation allows us to relativize the stereotypical image of the young champion indisputable framework of stress. The composite sketch of the stressed of nature appears more nuanced. Continue reading “Erection problems: attention to stress!”

Burn-out: when the work out you!

Tired, discouraged, disengaged himself… everything is more also rose in the Office and you find it difficult to get up each morning. Beware, you are possibly affected by burn-out, this famous burnout syndrome. How to straighten the bar and find the energy required?

In 1980, an American psychoanalyst Herbert j. Freudenberger, came out a book on Burnout phenomenon that he named burn-out. This in reference to an ‘inner fire’: as for a building in which the fire would have taken, it can leave people internally empty but intact appearance…

the work out you

A permanent stress
In detail, this occupational disease victims will run out mentally and physically trying to reach impossible goals or insurmountable tasks. Burn-out seems often occur suddenly, yet it is the result of a slow process, a continuous voltage during long months or years until exhaustion. Continue reading “Burn-out: when the work out you!”

Learn to manage stress in the workplace

At work, you feel tired, irritable, you have lost your concentration or your enthusiasm, you multiply the small health problems… Attention, you have perhaps stress.

For after a CSA survey (July 2000), “three out of four employees to say concerned” by stress, in particular due to an overload of work, difficult to meet deadlines, more strong to customers requirements or a too rapid pace.
Live under pressure…

manage stress

Stress is a normal reaction to adapt to a situation. In a society seeking more productivity, some people will need emergency situations, conflicts or complexity to outdo themselves and work effectively. Others, on the contrary, will react more violently to what seems to them be an assault. If the stress is halted, the balance back. But if it becomes chronic, there is a danger, because it pump much energy by constantly asking the Organization to adapt. It alters the nervous and hormonal balance and lower concentration and productivity capabilities. Not to mention the more or less severe psychological impact, and cardiovascular problems, such as hypertension, that it can generate. Continue reading “Learn to manage stress in the workplace”

Depression: out of the infernal cycle

Depression can be treated effectively. Different therapeutic can now be offered to the patient. But the most important step belongs. Make the first step, only medical support will help you to overcome this disease. Treatment includes alternatives suitable for each case: psychotherapy, antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy.

Recognized treatments offer psychotherapy, antidepressants and electroshock treatment. They now provide good results, used in combination or based on different factors such as the importance individually and the type of depression and tolerance towards the side effects. In all cases, your doctor is the best person who can prescribe the treatment best suited to your case. Most of the time, an association between psychotherapy and antidepressant is used to quickly end the depression.

the infernal cycle

Psychotherapies are especially effective in patients of slight depressions. These therapies allow the patient to discuss one or more emotional aspects, personal relationships that led him to a depressive episode. The importance of the family environment can lead all of the relatives to be present at the meetings of support. Recent studies have show that psychological approaches are as effective as treatment with antidepressants for moderate depressions. Continue reading “Depression: out of the infernal cycle”

Ensure or driving

There are numerous television campaigns that remind us that alcohol kills at the wheel. On the other hand, the risks associated with fatigue are rarely mentioned. A study of Australian and New Zealand researchers yet shows that after a few hours of sleep, our reflexes are still more slowed only after several glasses of alcohol ingestion. Not very reassuring for who must travel on roads or perform hazardous tasks at night.

Undertaken by Australian and New Zealand, researchers study ** conducted 39 adults. Nine of them were in the army and the rest worked for the transportation industry. Our guinea pigs had, for the purposes of science, refrain from sleep for 28 hours. Then, the researchers analysed their replies to all kinds of standardized tests, involving their attention and coordination capabilities. These answers were then compared with those obtained after alcohol consumption, with adverse effects on the alertness and reflexes are admitted for a very long.

Ensure or driving

Drunk on fatigue
After 17 to 19 hours of standby, the performance of our volunteers were also poor, or even worse, after ingestion of two glasses of wine (a blood alcohol level of 0.5 g/l). In our “night watchman”, some answers to the tests occurred in a time 50% higher than the usual time. And the actions of the participants were less precise than for a blood alcohol level of 0.5 g/l.

Attention returning late-night work
When the subjects had not slept for a higher time, responses to the tests were and became also unsatisfactory than those obtained after ingestion of a quantity of alcohol up to 1 g/l alcohol.

Drivers should take more account of this parameter and admit that they are less efficient when they have not slept for 17 to 18 hours. Certain circumstances appear to be more dangerous, as for example the routes of return home that can follow a long evening of “cart” to work.

In the same way, it is perhaps not so safer to run long distances by car at night to avoid plugs, as do so many vacationers summer. In this case, the solution may be a small NAP in anticipation. Do not always comply with driving times or those of rest, the road are probably not safe from this threat.

Finally, all those of us who sleep less than six hours a night appear fairly highly exposed. According to the authors, two out of three traffic accidents have for origin fatigue caused by lack of sleep in developed countries.

The world of the work involved
This study should not overlooked nor in the factories where the workers are brought to practice unsafe acts. And one can imagine that the practice of the three eight arranged not things. Young internal hospitals, astreints frequent nights of guard, seem them as particularly exposed to this risk… and as a result their patients.

Because of its significant social impact, the subject should, in any event, arousing the attention of trade unionists in many sectors. But is it the same of their employers?

Revealed your erotic dreams?

Your erotic dreams say a lot about you and your sexuality. They regulate your desires, release your fears and you relieve stress. Learn how to decode.According to a report by Insee, 70% of women admit to do erotic dreams, for 80% of the men. We are many to make this type of dream. They occur in adolescence. It is in effect at the time of puberty that appear in a dream the first loves. “Adolescents are many snakes dreams: symbols of the awakening of sexuality”, said Georges Romey, author of the dictionary of the symbolism of dreams.

I dream therefore I am fine!
You dream of a trip by train with your spouse (e). Alone in the compartment, the urge takes you to make love… At the crucial moment of embrace, the train derailed! Horror you were with the best friend (e) your partner! “Under their whimsical appearances, erotic dreams are synonymous with good health,” jokes George Romey. Whatever the person with whom you do love, erotic dream shows that you know allier logic, intuition, action and imagination. It can also be a kind of dress rehearsal: you prepare, so imaginary, to live a real episode of your love life.

erotic dreams

According to the theories of Freud, the dream also plays a compensatory role, it is the fulfillment of a desire and satisfied our unconscious impulses. As such, to release the tensions accumulated during the day, night there we relieves stress. Continue reading “Revealed your erotic dreams?”

Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!

Sleep apnea is more common than we think! 4 to 8% of the population would be concerned. And these nocturnal respiratory cases are a real threat to health. The responsible PR. Jean-Louis Racineux, of the Department of Pneumology at the CHU d’Angers is one of the organizers of the day national apnea of sleeping. It is developed for Doctissimo on this disease which strikes at nightfall.


The sleep apnea is not a problem to ignore. This disorder results in short breathing stops during the night. Long term, the poor oxygenation of the body causes heart problems, high blood pressure and even the risk of myocardial infarction. Screening, treatment… Pr Jean-Louis Racineux answers our questions.

Beware of sleep apnea!

Doctissimo: Are sleep apnea now better detected?
PR. Racineux: The number of consultations for sleep apnea steadily in recent years. Because the public is better informed and this disorder better diagnosed by doctors. But there are still many patients who are unaware of this. It is estimated that 4% of the population suffer from this syndrome, but the exact figure would be closer to 8%. Apneas affect as many chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes world! Should therefore further strengthen public information and train practitioners to the identification of the symptoms. Similarly, should be given more human and material resources to respiratory services, today completely overloaded. Because it is at the hospital will be the diagnosis, after a full night of sleep recording. Continue reading “Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!”

Eye surgery: Lasik technique is 20 years old!

During the 20 years of LASIK, the technique of laser surgery most frequently used to correct myopia (lack of perception of objects by far), (lack of perception of objects closely) hyperopia and astigmatism, the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) launches awareness campaign “LASIK, safe in our hands” **, with the hope of reassuring people still reluctant.

With the advent of Lasik, corneal refractive defects support has evolved significantly: this technique is painless, with an almost immediate effect, and surgical suites are minimal. RID forever of his glasses… until the presbyopia. Fact Doctissimo point on this revolutionary technique that repairs the vision of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Eye surgery

Lasik, said between 20 and 40 years old
Lasik Surgery to repair the cornea refractive anomalies, either the myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia. In the case of myopia, this technique is to raise a very fine lamella of the cornea called pane and to remove below a layer whose thickness is a function to correct myopia. These two steps can be carried out using two successive lasers, femtosecond laser then the Excimer. Reserved for those whose nearsightedness is scalable, it is therefore contraindicated in less than 20 years, but particularly indicated between 20 and 40 years old. Continue reading “Eye surgery: Lasik technique is 20 years old!”

Towards the end of the glasses?

Nearsighted, farsighted, high-risk… you soon store your sunglasses in the closet. Indeed, laser, robotics and Informatics truly revolutionized the ophthalmologic surgery. Can to much to correct all defects of vision?

With universal lasers, ophthalmic surgery is now capable of true prowess. Simplified and perfectly controlled, it helps correct many vision disorders and could even increase Visual acuity.

Towards the end of the glasses

The prowess of the laser
Attention, everyone cannot benefit from these new technologies. They are today directed to patients with Visual anomalies qualified low to average. The failure of vision must not be scalable, the vision must be stabilized (in particular for myopia). Finally, to the rank of contraindications, we note certain eye diseases: glaucoma, ocular lesions due to the UV or ocular herpes. The operation is also discouraged for pregnant women. Continue reading “Towards the end of the glasses?”