The suffocation of the child

One piece, a small toy, a peanut. So many causes that may lead to suffocation of the young child. If despite all your precautions, your child can’t breathe, we must react quickly and adopt good gestures, his life is in danger!

The suffocation of the young child is a common household accident. Before a brutal Arians by a foreign body airway obstruction, two types of attitude are distinguished:

The suffocation of the child

If the child is breathing spontaneously, encourage efforts to cough. Don’t realize other gestures, except if the ventilation difficulty worsens and a stoppage of ventilation occurs; Continue reading “The suffocation of the child”

Measures to prevent recurrence

fter a first stroke, a number of precautions to reduce the risk of recurrence.The occurrence of stroke reflects the presence of predisposing factors, it is important to correct to improve the prognosis. In the absence of preventive measures, the risk of recurrence is high.

Hypertension, first target
Hypertension is the major risk factor for stroke. Taking into account to reduce the risk of recidivism. If the beneficial effects of antihypertensive treatment concern above all brain hemorrhages, they also extend to the ischemic (lack of oxygenation of the brain) and may even apply to people with normal blood pressure.

Measures to prevent recurrence

The first results of a large international study presented by Marie Germaine Bousser at the 17th World Congress of Neurology June 22, 2001, in London. More than 6,000 patients who had a stroke have participated in the study, whether or not they are hypertensive. Diuretic and antihypertensive (by converting enzyme inhibitor) treatment resulted in a decrease in recurrence of 40%, compared to placebo. He has also decreased the risk of death and slowed the decline of brain function often associated to the lack of cerebral oxygenation. Continue reading “Measures to prevent recurrence”

What aid bring to hit something by a Cerebral vascular Accident?

The aid that you can make to a subject who has suffered a stroke depend on the seriousness of the situation. On the basis of disability and the speed of the recovery, you in turn support and both functional and psychological.

The stroke may have important consequences on the patient but also on his entourage. Relatives will have a vital role to play in the recovery after the accident.

Cerebral vascular Accident

The Guide to more autonomy
Don’t be not stingy with incentives against the efforts made by the patient. Do not forget that these efforts are for him considerable, even if you consider them very inadequate. In addition, violations are too often considered by the patient as a very degrading. He has struggled to express themselves, to do what he wants which places him in a situation of dependence difficult to live. The support is necessary, but you do so without being offensive. Continue reading “What aid bring to hit something by a Cerebral vascular Accident?”

Why men don’t listen to half?

It might be a scientific justification for the scant attention which men are capable. Researchers at Indiana University (United States) found the explanation to this ancestral problem: men seek only half of their brains when they listen while women use the two cerebral hemispheres.This is a study that could well feed conversations and revive a war of the sexes.

Rather than a lobe or an ear…
Equipped with headphones, twenty men and twenty women took attention to the reading of a passage from a novel by John Grisham. During this period, and under the eye a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner happening their brains examined, the majority of the men showed brain activity of one temporal lobe of the left hemisphere, generally associated with the functions of listening and language. Conversely, the brain of the majority of the women testified to an activity in the temporal lobe of the two hemispheres, both the left than the right, commonly used for musical activities and the situation in the area.

Why men don't listen to half

The areas of brain activity in red highlight that men use a lobe to listen to two women.
The study presented at the annual meeting of the society of Radiology in North America in Chicago does not, however, if men have a capacity of less than women listen. “Our research suggests that the way to listen differs between the sexes, but this does not necessarily imply that the capacity and performance go hand in hand,” says Professor Joseph Lurito, responsible for the study. Continue reading “Why men don’t listen to half?”

The summer of all dangers

Summer is here and the holidays are approaching. Moment of joy and family reunion but also dangers for the younger period. An American study comes to the demonstration. The period of the year from May to August is that exposes the most children in accidents.

American researchers have surveyed between 1991 and 1996 under the direction of Angela Mickalide, child accidents. The conclusions of this work are clear: with 3 million of declared emergencies and 2,550 deaths, or 42% of annual deaths, the months ranging from May to August are the most perilous of the year for the 14 years of age. And, during the summer, 10-14 years are particularly prone to this problem.

children's health

Multiple reasons for this phenomenon
For Angela Mickalide, leading from Washington the national campaign on the safety of the children, there is nothing very surprising in that the latter are more likely during the summer season. The children then leave the universe protected from the classroom to the dangers of the street or the track. Continue reading “The summer of all dangers”

Barbecues, avoid rubbing alcohol!

Accidents of barbecues, are, like those of domestic fires, sometimes responsible for deep Burns extended, that go beyond the skin to attack underlying tissues and muscles. Deaths occur in 10% of cases. Attention so when you prepare Grill and especially when you avivez home with alcohol to burn or any other flammable liquid.

Rare, barbecue accidents are serious. Because it is a happy male task, they are in two thirds of cases of men, ages often of less than 40 years. Children are however not spared and represent 15% of these accidents. Most often the projection of embers, is the use of methylated spirits or a flammable liquid that is at the origin of the fire: the products to which it is better to give up. It is recommended to use ‘light-barbecues’, but knowing that they can then be toxic for young children. Don’t let not within their reach.

avoid rubbing alcohol

Install the barbecue in a stable location
To avoid accidents, the main prevention measures are:
A never leave Grill unattended, especially if children are nearby;
At install to an authorized location, away from vegetation and protected from the wind, on good ground if it is removable, or better to build if you can barbecue hard with a fireplace in your garden or on your balcony. Continue reading “Barbecues, avoid rubbing alcohol!”

External Burns

Skin very frequent, burns must encourage the rescuer to cool the skin more quickly. The severity depends on location, scope, depth and the cause of the blight. Behaviour varies according to the severity of the injury. When serious burns can cause circulatory distress and cause death. Regardless of the type of burn the first act to perform, after the scene of the accident, is watering.

How to react?
A simple burning face -which the extent is less than a demi-paume of the hand of the victim, which is not deep and who is not located near a natural orifice – after having removed the burning agent and you are guaranteed to be safe, you must:

External Burns

Cool the burn basting it with cold water for at least 5 minutes;
Remove any clothing in contact with the burning during watering, with the exception of those that adhere to the skin.
Possibly protect the burn with a dressing. Continue reading “External Burns”

How To Choose A Cosmetic Dentist In Liverpool

If you’re thinking about having a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as a smile makeover or other procedure, you have to take your time and choose a cosmetic dentist in Liverpool who has the expertise and experience to guarantee you the best results.

It is very crucial that you pick a highly experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist. There are many guidelines that you should follow so that you pick the best cosmetic dentist. Consider these factors when choosing a cosmetic dentist:


Find out how long, in terms of years, the dentist has been working. Choose a dentist who has plenty of experience. An experienced cosmetic dentist will likely have the necessary skills. Check his or her pictures of dental procedures. Compare the before and after photographs to see if results please you.



Find out the kind of cosmetic dentistry procedures the dentist is specialized in. There are various areas of specialization in cosmetic dentistry training. Find a dentist who can perform several procedures.


When looking for a cosmetic dentist, find out if he or she is licensed and certified. The right dentist will have been licensed by the State authorities and have certification from the relevant body. Also, find out if the dentist passed his or her examinations. Continue reading “How To Choose A Cosmetic Dentist In Liverpool”

The respiratory system

The respiratory system is to provide oxygen to the blood and expel from the body of the waste gas, consisting mostly of carbon dioxide. The upper structures of the respiratory system are associated with sensory organs of smell and taste (in the nasal cavity and the mouth) and the digestive tract (of the oral cavity to the pharynx).

Respiratory organs separate from others at the level of the pharynx and become the respiratory tract, consisting of the larynx, the trachea and bronchi.

The respiratory system

The respiratory system
The bronchi are the number two and leave from the lower end of the trachea, at the level of the tracheal bifurcation, to then enter the hilum of the left and right lungs. Continue reading “The respiratory system”

Cardiac arrest

The heart is a hollow pear shaped muscular organ located between the lungs. It ensures the circulation of the blood in the body, allowing the cells to receive oxygen and nutrients. This movement is essential to life. Heart failure causes the death of the victim in the short term. React!

In a cardiac arrestif no gesture of relief is realized immediately, and if relief did not occur, the victim’s life is threatened in the short term. Any victim must have an external heart massage associated with artificial ventilation so that its survival is maintained pending the arrival of relief. The recommendations come from change recently. They are specified by PR. Pierre Carli, Chief of the Samu de Paris and president of the French Council of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CFRC).

Cardiac arrest

How to react?
The new recommendations focus on the simplification of the gestures: resuscitation, there is no time to lose because every minute is counted and paid by a loss of chance of survival. “The new recommendations do plus all the distinctions of situation (adult/children) taught previously. In the absence of signs of life, began cardiopulmonary resuscitation without asking any question, on the basis of 30 chest compressions to 2 breaths”said Pr Pierre Carli.
First case: the victim complains of a pain in the chest. Continue reading “Cardiac arrest”