The best hair color for yellow skin

The yellow may appear throughout the spectrum of the complexion, either right on the end of a peach skin, up to one color caramel and honey in the middle, and pitch dark cappuccino at the end. No matter what spectrum is, if your skin has yellow hues are blessed with a warm glow and creamy dream. Add to that a look of green goddess and have a look that just ask to have a rich and radiant hue deliciously decadent hair.

hair color for yellow skin

The Basics
If you still are not sure if your skin has yellow tones, look at the veins that are in the inside of your wrist. If you are green, rather than blue, congratulations – you have a golden glow. Now all you have to do is play with rich tones and lush hair. Those beautiful green eyes give you many options. While more lighter the color of your eyes, more clear you can make your look, and green eyes are usually on the light side, so do not be afraid to wear a look of a blonde bombshell. Your green eyes also give you a margin a little more larger freedom combined with color tones hair more fresh. Continue reading “The best hair color for yellow skin”

Solutions for oily scalp

The oily scalp is a troublesome condition that can lead to hair fatty dandruff or skin problem known as seborrheic dermatitis. According to the International Society of Hair Restorative Surgery, excessive oiliness, also known as seborrhea, is one of the most common conditions of the scalp. Treating oily scalp is possible, usually using home remedies and certain OTC drug products, although in some extreme cases you may need prescription drugs.

Solutions for oily scalp

Features oily scalp
The oily scalp is often the result of natural production of oil in your skin or sebum, says the International Society of Hair Restorative Surgery. This can cause you to feel your hair and scalp greasy or dirty, even when just just wash your hair. This type of scalp can cause acne or dandruff. Treatments focus, usually by washing to reduce the amount of sebum produced your scalp and remove dead skin cells and other clusters scalp. Continue reading “Solutions for oily scalp”

Standard Steps of Laser Hair Removal Session

Shaving, burns, scars, cuts and sandpaper skin on your legs have finally gotten to you and you’ve decided to go through with your first laser hair removal session. You’re excited at the prospect of never having to shave or wax again, yet you’re also a bit worried. Will it hurt? Won’t it be awkward? How long will it last? Here’s everything you need to know on the standard steps of the procedure, before you actually go down with it.

First things first, look into all the places in your area that offer permanent hair removal treatments. While the procedure might take a heavier toll on your budget than a visit to the regular waxing salon, you definitely don’t want to be saving money on any treatment that involves laser or IPL. The risk of permanent scarring, inflicted by a non-licensed technician, ought to convince any prospective patient of this.

spa treatment

Once you get to your selected salon, you can always ask for a test as a pre-treatment session. You will have hair removed from a small section on your arm or in your underarm area. You will receive a topical cream to treat and/or prevent any irritation, pain or rash. Based on the reaction of your skin and your threshold of physical pain, you can then decide whether or not to go ahead with a more intensive treatment of up to six sessions. Tests cost around the average price of a session, which is A$70. Discuss the results and the ensuing procedure with your technician. They will inform you on the number of sessions you will need to undergo for the best effects; bear in mind that darker-skinned people might require 2-3 sessions more than the average person. Be careful not to shave or wax for at least a week prior to the session, since laser beams cannot detect hairs that are too short. Continue reading “Standard Steps of Laser Hair Removal Session”

Diagnosing hair loss

The evolution of alopecia

If there are different types of alopecia, the most common is androgenetic alopecia. Hereditary and ultimately, this form of baldness can be male as female. To identify the degree of severity, classified by stage and sex was determined. The Hamilton scale shows the stages of baldness in men and that of Ludwig in women.

The most common form of baldness is androgenetic alopecia. Characterized by a progressive decrease of hair, this type of hair loss, known as common, is hereditary and permanent. If it primarily affects men, accounting for 90% of cases of male alopecia, it also appears in women, usually during menopause.

Diagnosing hair loss

What is the cause of androgenetic alopecia?

Testosterone is responsible for this hair loss. This male hormone contains an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase, which helps when using inheritance to wake up to the formation of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair follicles are particularly sensitive to this last phase of hair growth will dramatically shorten. Eventually, the hair formation ceases. Continue reading “Diagnosing hair loss”

Hair Loss

Baldness is largely a male phenomenon. However, some women suffer, especially after pregnancy. Hair loss is on average between 20 and 35, but may start later.

The warning signs are abundant hair loss, with a gradual release of the forehead, above the temples or the crown of the head.

Hair Loss

The causes

The main cause of baldness is an excess of male hormones (androgenic alopecia). This excess is hereditary: if your father is bald, you will have great chances to be. In fact, male hormones will accelerate the life cycle of the hair, making the fall faster. Other causes can be taken into account. Thus, the constant stress or anxiety can promote prolonged fall. An unbalanced diet, deficient in certain vitamins (H, B6 ¼), may also be at play too aware, too aggressive shampoos for scalp or common stains. Continue reading “Hair Loss”

Hairstyles for Summer 2012 collections

The hairstyles and styles for hair cuts for summer 2012 are refined and sexy. On the catwalks have seen so many influences from the past. ‘Revival’ is the keyword. During the spring summer 2012 season will see many reinterpretations of the ’20s and ’50s and ’60s.

We made for you a selection of hairstyles for long hair gathered and medium long, among the many seen on the catwalks for spring summer 2012. To better understand the trends for the coming season and help you find inspiration. But before taking the picture here is a brief list of the main trends with regard to hair.

Hairstyles for Summer


Are different styles as regards the pony tails. From the 60-volume soft tails on the back of the head (see the parade of Blumarine) up to code very tidy in which the hair has been brought back with gel or other wet conditions produced the effect (see the parade of Paul & Joe) . Continue reading “Hairstyles for Summer 2012 collections”

How to make the bun soft

In this article we explain with the help of Mark Iafrate, creative director of TIGI Italy, step by step how to make a soft bun that we saw on the catwalk by Gianfranco Ferre autumn winter 2012 2013

Soft bun. As if you had danced all night.
‘The inspiration for this hairstyle created for the parade of Gianfranco Ferre is a girl who has done her own hair, which we played. It is deliberately a bit ‘messy. As if she did her hair and then put on a hat or helmet to go on a motorbike. Once you remove the hat or helmet you have experienced this effect, ‘says Marco Iafrate. A little ‘, we add, as if she had danced all night …

soft bun

Play with different textures. The effect dry / wet
‘But the most important part of this hairstyle is that we played with different textures. We have a combined effect of ‘dry’ (dry) to effect a ‘wet’ (wet). One can say that this is the key to the hairstyles that we see in this fashion week ‘explains Marco Iafrate.
The use of hair products

In order to obtain contrasts between different textures in one hairstyle takes various products. In the backstage of Gianfranco Ferre’s hair stylist have used four hair products (all of the line

– TIGI Catwalk / Session Series):
– Salt Spray
– Transforming Dry Shampoo
– True Wax
– Finishing Spray

How to … The hairstyle step by step
Here are the steps to follow to achieve this hairstyle
1. Wash your hair, dry with a towel and applied Salt Spray, a product for hair that makes them more dry and rough and even easier to manage.
2. Now dry your hair with the fohn
3. Bring your hair back and applied near the roots, a little ‘Dry Shampoo (which is a kind of powder). So you get an effect ‘dusty’. If the Salt Spray gives the hair a certain ‘friction’, the Dry Shampoo counterbalances this effect.
4. Secure hair in a tail low.
5. To give volume to the bun, cotonate the tail with your hands, pushing his head (see photos)
6. Then turn the corner on itself and create a soft bun.
7. Secure the bun with bobby pins.
8. Soften the look by gently pulling the hair over the head thereby giving them a little ‘more volume. Pull a few strands from outside bun (think disheveled effect as a hat or helmet, as noted above).
9. You can put a little ‘wax along the hairline (forehead and temples) to an even more experienced
10. Eventually all the hair spray, especially near the roots, with the Finishing Hairspray, which adds a slightly wet which contrasts with the effect of dust created by Salt Spray and Dry Shampoo.

These are the steps followed by hair stylist backstage at Gianfranco Ferre. Marco Iafrate we also suggest a faster way to create this hairstyle. Applied Salt Spray on damp hair, tie it in a tail down and do a soft bun. Wait until the hair is dry. Pull out a few strands, apply Dry Shampoo at the roots and completed the look with Finishing Spray.

PS On one of the photos you will see a hairdresser who cuts the hair of a model. This is not the model’s hair but the extension which had been applied earlier in the parade. To speed things up by the hair stylist Ferret have simply shortened the extension, and left the rest … with the effect that the buns were still fuller.

Hair and hairstyles. The new look for your hair for spring summer 2012

This week we published a trend report with predictions for trends in hair of various international hair stylist. This week Enrico Mariotti, the official hair stylist for Pantene Italy, tells us more about the trends in haircuts and hairstyles for the coming season. During fashion week Enrico Mariotti hair care for the most important designers in Paris, Milan and New York. None better than Enrico Mariotti, who spent literally weeks at the backstage of fashion’s most important, can tell us in detail what will be the next venture hair trends. Here’s what he told to ..

What are your expectations regarding trends for Women 2012?

After more than a month of fashion shows, at the conclusion of the Paris fashion week, I think the trend emerged for women for Spring Summer 2012 is the ‘wet hair’. It is a style ‘surf chic’ that was developed depending on the imagination of the greatest hair stylist in the world with romantic tones, such as Chanel, where the party boyish look was adorned with an elegant play of beads, until back to the ’50s-inspired style of Prada.


And what about the everyday life? Do you have any tips for styling hair for our readers?

There will be a strong return to glamor and a natural desire for spontaneous beauty with soft textures. Communicate the message that your hair this summer is ‘wash and go’. The natural movement of the hair is the crown jewel of the summer. Sprinkle a bit ‘of hair spray on damp hair to give texture and then turn the hair into a bun for thin soft waves. Continue reading “Hair and hairstyles. The new look for your hair for spring summer 2012”

Trend reports. 2012 Hair Trends

Curious to know what the hair trends for 2012?

The opinion of four international hair stylist, four of the most famous stylists who take care of their hair for fashion shows and the most important magazines in the fashion world. Who better to tell them and tell us what haircut will be the trend for the coming year?

A small summary, to begin with?

We will see a return to more natural forms, textures and more dry mat and hair soft and light. There will certainly influences the back. Dominate the ’20s, ’50s and ’60s.

Hair Trends


After more than a month of fashion shows, the conclusion of the Paris fashion week, I think the trend emerged for women for Spring Summer 2012 is the ‘wet hair’, says Enrico Mariotti, hairstylist official Pantene Italy. Style ‘surf chic’ that was developed depending on the imagination of the greatest hair stylist in the world. There will be a strong return to glamor and a natural desire for spontaneous beauty with soft textures. Communicate the message that your hair this summer is ‘wash and go’. The natural movement of the hair is the crown jewel of the summer. Will spray you spray on damp hair to give texture and will turn it into soft waves bun to get thin. We will also see influences from the past as a ’50s and ’60s. Continue reading “Trend reports. 2012 Hair Trends”