Dentinal hypersensitivity: solutions exist!

The only contact of a cream against your teeth trigger you pain, acid eats gives you cold sweats. You have surely Dentinal hypersensitivity. No panic, solutions exist for the smile. Doctissimo is the point.

Dental hypersensitivity is a real problem. It is estimated that approximately 50% of patients consulting their dentist suffer. Women would be mainly affected, in a niche of age of 20 to 50 years, with a peak between 30 and 40. But how to prevent these headaches that interfere in the life of every day? The causes of dental hypersensitivity


Sensibility dentin ire First of all, a small point on the anatomy of our teeth. These consist of two parts: the Crown, the visible and the root, hidden under the gumline. Schematically, the Crown is composed of different layers: the enamel, dentin, and pulp containing vessels and nerves. Contrary to conventional wisdom, these fleeting pain have nothing to do with caries, and do not result from a lack of hygiene. Continue reading “Dentinal hypersensitivity: solutions exist!”


If conventional treatment of colorectal cancer are unavoidable (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc..), It is possible to act in parallel to maximize his chances of recovery and minimize recurrence. These additional instructions can be practiced by all in preventing colorectal cancer. What are the complementary strategies of fight against colorectal cancer?

1) against colorectal cancer: full of calcium and vitamin D
2) Against Colorectal Cancer: regular physical activity
3) Against Colorectal Cancer: Alcohol should be avoided
4) Beware of overweight and especially with the large belly!
5) Red meats, grilled meats and seriously limit
6) Fruit, vegetables and whole grains galore
7) Less sugar and sugary drinks
8 ) Consistency neuro-emotional, Tai Chi, yoga, relaxation, etc..
9) Support and psychotherapeutic groups of patients


1) against colorectal cancer: full of calcium and vitamin D

Dairy products and bottled water contribute to an adequate calcium intake. Otherwise, supplementation may be recommended. On vitamin D, it is important to expose every day about fifteen minutes in the sun because it is under the influence of sunlight our skin manufactures the majority of vitamin D we need. Remember that vitamin D helps in particular to the binding of calcium on bone. Again, if vitamin D deficiency, you can also use supplements. The ideal is to calibrate their vitamin D levels in the blood first. Continue reading “TIPS TO FIGHT DAILY AGAINST COLORECTAL CANCER”