Exercises to work pecs at home


Not everyone has the possibility to go to a gym every day. That does not have to be an excuse to not be in shape and have the body you want. That is why we made this post to work the pectorals at home. The vast majority of exercises for pectorals designed to done in a gym. At least with machines specially designed for it, making some variations it is possible to do them at home and have the expected results. The advantages of doing the exercises at home are that you can take advantage of any time of the day to do them. What you do need is discipline. Because if you want to have a part of the body, like the pectorals, well defined, you need to exercise them about three times a week.


Exercising the pectorals implies, in almost all exercises, a bodily movement of almost the entire trunk and arms. What therefore helps you strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, biceps and triceps? Practically you will be exercising the entire upper body. What represents good news because you will have a muscular balance in the whole area? The training or the series of exercises that we will give you are self-loads. Continue reading “Exercises to work pecs at home”

Diet for the prevention of sports injuries

Did you know that injury prevention could also be done through eating? Sport consumes a lot of energy and resources necessary for your body so it is very important to know the nutritional keys so that your body does not suffer more than it should. Your diet must provide the necessary nutrients to cope with your level of physical activity and that favors the prevention of sports injuries.

sports injuries

It must meet the requirements of proteins fats carbohydrates vitamins minerals and trace elements. It is also important for injury prevention, to minimize the accumulation of free radicals associated with intense physical exercise as it causes stress for your body (oxidative stress) and accelerates the premature aging of your cells, joints and muscles. Continue reading “Diet for the prevention of sports injuries”

Stretches and exercises for gymnastics abs

If at the time of the year when you want to go, light clothes but you look in the mirror. You feel like it, it may be that the time has come to start working to get some crunches to look at the beach. Keep in mind that all your efforts will be of no use if your diet is still based on fast food, you buy it in the vending machines or you have an inadequate general diet.


Combining a regular exercise with a healthy diet will help you get your abs ready for the start of the summer season. More recommends that you do the following exercise plan for abs at least two or three times a week. When you have finished with each batch, you should change the order of the exercises. Continue reading “Stretches and exercises for gymnastics abs”