High heat and medicines

Since the 2003 heat wave, health authorities were better studied the links between drugs and large heat. Can drugs aggravate the effects of the thermometer? How store them?… The answers with Anne Castor health products safety agency.

In August 2003, the France was going through an unprecedented heat wave and 15 000 elderly people died. In order to avoid that such a tragedy does not happen again, the French Agency of sanitary safety of health products (Afssaps) provided an update on the proper use of drugs for heat wave1.

High heat and medicines

Some medications to monitor

Excessive heats asked the Organization an effort of adaptation, particularly challenging for vulnerable people: older children, infants, people with underlying diseases (particularly cardiovascular, renal, and neuropsychiatry) or critiques… Continue reading “High heat and medicines”

Essential oils during pregnancy: Attention danger!

When you are pregnant, the use of medications is contraindicated, as well as the use of essential oils during the first months. Find out more about the benefits and limits of aromatherapy during this period, discover the advice of Danièle Festy, pharmacist.

Even if it is natural and extremely effective against some inconvenience, thearomatherapy(or essential oils therapy) can be dangerous during certain periods of life, and especially during pregnancy. Our advice to use wisely the natural essences.

Essential oils during pregnancy

Two precautions are better than one!

“Even if the risk is purely theoretical and that this is an excess of caution, the majority of essential oils are strictly prohibited during the first three months of pregnancy” explains Danièle Festy, author of many books on the subject. The reason is simple: as they may pass through the placenta, they pose a risk to the fetus in training and may even be at the origin of spontaneous abortions.
Same caution if you decided to give baby the breast, as essential oils through breast milk. Nevertheless, some are allowed from the 4th month, even throughout the pregnancy. “It is essential oils which do no toxic molecule may cause less damage to the mother as the child” explains our specialist. Feel free to use them with the approval of your doctor. Continue reading “Essential oils during pregnancy: Attention danger!”

How to manage my allergies during pregnancy?

The allergy increase them during pregnancy? What drugs do in a crisis? Are there dangers for the baby? Can we continue desensitization?… The answers to all your questions of allergy moms.

Compatibility of Antiallergics treatments, risk of asthma for the baby, bounce of the allergic crises during the grossesse… Bernard Poitevin, allergist physician and homeopath helps you manage your allergies during pregnancy.

allergies during pregnancy

The basic rules to avoid crises
No need to take food precautions. “Currently, it considers that should be tolerance in children by exposure to the allergen.””Make”preventive regimes”during pregnancy to prevent baby from future food allergies did not interest” explains Dr. Poitevin. Continue reading “How to manage my allergies during pregnancy?”

The jaundice of the newborn

A few words to understand:

Red blood cells are produced continuously in the bone marrow. They then pass in the blood and, after a life of 120 days, will die in the spleen. The normal destruction provides in the release of free bilirubin. This free bilirubin is toxic from a certain rate to the brain. Free bilirubin blood enters the liver where biochemical processes will transform it into a conjugated bilirubin, which is not toxic and which is one of the components of bile. This pigment is at the origin of the staining of feces and urine. Jaundice (jaundice) reflects the excess of bilirubin in blood, combined or free, as it has been transformed in the liver. The richness of blood bilirubin tint the skin and mucous membranes in yellow by transparency.

Where come from this excess of bilirubin?

In infants, the number of red blood cells is higher than in adults and there is a hyper-destruction of these cells. This number of destroyed red blood cells may exceed an immature liver enzyme opportunities. This results in an excess of bilirubin which translates “physiological” said simple jaundice. This is by far the most common case.


For the baby, in addition to the normal destruction, there are diseases that cause premature destruction of red blood cells. This is the case of fetomaternal blood incompatibilities (ABO and rhesus systems). Red blood cells are destroyed in large numbers; the liver is overwhelmed and cannot metabolize all this free bilirubin is happening and which increases the blood level. Family hemolytic disease may be at birth by intense jaundice. Continue reading “The jaundice of the newborn”