Cholesterol: patient attention to risk!

That is to say: there is no standard cholesterol! For persons with a significant cardiovascular risk, usually considered as normal values are still too high. Zoom on the course and treatment.

Cholesterol New recommendations are published to better clarify the objectives of the treatment from what rate is necessary to follow a treatment to lower his cholesterol? It must be admitted that it is impossible to simply answer this question, because there is no “normal” value of cholesterol. We know that more cholesterol-LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, which is deposited on the arterial walls, is low and more cardiovascular risk is low. But it is not clear what is the optimal value for that there is a global benefit health.

patient attention to risk

The indication of treatment is therefore calculated individually, according to the cardiovascular risk of each. If you are part of the people “high risk”, the experts are very strict: it is desirable that your level of LDL-cholesterol is below 1 g/l, i.e. less than values considered normal in the general population. Continue reading “Cholesterol: patient attention to risk!”

That we reserve the medicine of the future?

“The blind covered the view and the palsy walking.” What appeared to be a miracle or science fiction might well appear us in the near future terribly banal. Each week brings its share of new experiments by scientists seeking to push the boundaries of the restorative intervention of man on his body.

A chip with a kind of camera barely larger than the head of match which transmits information through electrodes implanted on the nerve cells of the retina helps a blind man to recover a partial vision. Electrodes judiciously placed in major muscles legs that allow moved to walk. An intervention in the gallbladder (read the interview of Professor Jacques Maraca) in 7 000 km from the operating room where the patient with a robot. It is not the top of the last competition Lupine but scientific experiments which have already given initial encouraging results.

Reserve Medical

New technologies for new century

On entering the new century two prestigious scientific journals, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), asked experts to predict what would be the next advances in medicine. Continue reading “That we reserve the medicine of the future?”

Elderly people and travel

Seniors travel more and more, organized or independent manner, for discoveries and marvels. Where are the limits? Up to what age can a trip? Here are some tips for starting out on the right foot!

More active seniors travel more often and more frequently. But what types of destination should focus on? There is of course no rules. All depends on your state of health and current treatments, but also destination and especially in the preparation of the journey with the doctor.

Preparing for the trip

Drugs and seniors

With your doctor
See the at least one month before your departure; Check the relevance of the selection of the destination of your trip with him. Your physician, who know your state of health, will be able to advise you on your ability to travel (travel, transportation on the spot), potential hiking programs (duration, altitude, weather conditions, etc.) or sports, food found on the spot, and the medical resources of the regions visited. In some cases (for example a respiratory, rheumatologic disease or serious heart, loss of common knowledge, a complicated diabetes, chronic renal failure risk of dialysis, etc.), may advise that your doctor against you distant travel, recommending you to favour short movements. In any event there is no established rule, it is common sense that premium (attendants, opportunities for resting, health at the outset, treatment and climate); Continue reading “Elderly people and travel”

Pregnancy: guide authorized drugs

We all know, drugs and pregnancy do not mix. Also, making pharmaceuticals whatever cannot be considered trivial manner during this period. No need to take the slightest risk. Zoom on a small guide to health care without endangering the health of baby.

Health authorities come to write a very complete guide to assist in the prescription of medicines during pregnancy. Physicians, but also pharmacists are regularly confronted with this problem and as we’d not joke with the health of a baby coming, it was high time to issue clear guidelines for drugs during pregnancy.

guide authorized drugs

A novelty that comes to point

This small guide of drugs banned, discouraged, or allowed, has certainly been published to facilitate the work of physicians but also and especially for safety during your pregnancy. Continue reading “Pregnancy: guide authorized drugs”

Affect your pregnancy

We know that a drug should never be taken lightly in pregnancy. These products can be harmful at some stage but not to others. Doctissimo explains why.

Prior to conception
Some active principles can exert toxicity on reproductive function of the father or mother: on the production of ova or sperm, for example. This case is extremely rare for potentially dangerous drugs are eliminated before their commercialization.

affect your pregnancy

Indeed, tests performed in animals to determine quite precisely risk in humans. However, other risks exist and are often overlooked: chemical, radiological and bacteriological risks. Continue reading “Affect your pregnancy”

Why so many contraindications in pregnancy?

By looking at the records of drugs, we see quickly that they are likely to be discouraged if not contraindicated in pregnant women. Why? What are the harmful drugs known or unknown? Doctissimo provides a horizon…

In theory, all drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy. This precaution is especially in the ethical impossibility to pregnant women a topic of study.


The precautionary principle prevails

Indeed, it is not conceivable to study the risk of malformations on the embryo of a drug under real conditions. Data therefore remains unclear, often based on an extrapolation of the effects seen in animals. In short, the safety of a drug on the fetus is never sure 100%. In General, it is therefore better to refrain. Doctors still have back today. They know what the safest products. Some drugs are used for a long time and others could be taken by inadvertence or ignorance by women pregnant without adverse consequences. Continue reading “Why so many contraindications in pregnancy?”

Pregnancy and medicines: the basic tips

You are pregnant or want to be soon and wondering what is the course before your Cabinet to pharmacy. Likely in making a drug? Doctissimo is the point.

Advice to pregnant women or nursing mothers

Never take a medication without medical advice Although this drug is sold without a prescription. Attention: a drug that has been authorised to you in early pregnancy may be contraindicated in the past months.

Pregnancy and medicines

Always announce the existence of your pregnancy if you are in contact with health professionals (physician, pharmacist, nurse, etc.). Continue reading “Pregnancy and medicines: the basic tips”

Clinical trials in children

Very many drugs are administered to children without specific therapeutic evaluation. New measures at European level should help improve the provision of care in Pediatrics. The point with PR. Gerard Pons, service of Pharmacology-biochemistry of the Cochin Hospital, militating for years so there are specific studies in children.

Lack of clinical trials in children, the dosage forms are inadequate. The studies in children are needed, because they have their own diseases (or forms of diseases) and their body reacts differently from that of an adult. This concern has led to the recent establishment of a pediatric Committee to the European Medicines Agency and the establishment of a European regulation.

Clinical trials in children

Absent clinical trials, inappropriate drugs

Clinical trials in children are very rare for economic reasons (less important ROI) and ethical. Yet, “it is estimated that trials in adults are more simple and more ethical, while this is not necessarily true” announced the Necker Hospital neurologist, Dr. Catherine Chiron. This lack of testing result was an inadequate assessment of drugs and the use of inadequate dosage forms. Continue reading “Clinical trials in children”

Fever: the good actions

The thermometer rises, do not yield to panic! Fever is a natural reaction of the body to fight infections. Must know how regain… Eight questions and answers for sweeping received ideas.

Fever is a dangerous symptom.

False This is a serious and even useful phenomenon that allows the body to defend! It is rare that the fever is the only sign of a disease serious or even causes complications. However if it persists several days or gene really the child, it is important to inform your doctor. Attention in very young children (under 6 months) should be consulted immediately.

Story time

Bathing her child in warm water (2 ° C below that of the child) is significantly lower the temperature. Continue reading “Fever: the good actions”

Influenza, how to reduce fever in children?

The flu epidemic is and as every year, it tackles first fragile… If there is no miracle cure to escape, drugs to overcome the most bothersome symptoms, especially fever. Course with your child.

Chills, aches, throat made, difficulties in respirer…et a strong fever, your child, as thousands of others could escape the flu. How to relieve it?


Forget mother cures for large

If your child has flu, or treatment for this virus, it will just relieve symptoms and in particular his fever. Considering that a child has a fever over 38 ° C. According to the recent recommendations of management of fever in children over 6 months, it is useful to treat from 38.5 ° C and, only if the child feels visibly ill. Fever is a normal body’s defense mechanism, and it now has more the obsession to decline at all costs if it not gene not the child and is not too high. Careful, before 6 months, the course is different, and to consult. Continue reading “Influenza, how to reduce fever in children?”