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Cholesterol: patient attention to risk!

That is to say: there is no standard cholesterol! For persons with a significant cardiovascular risk, usually considered as normal values are still too high. Zoom on the course and treatment. Cholesterol New recommendations are published to better clarify the objectives of the treatment from what rate is necessary to follow a treatment to lower […]

That we reserve the medicine of the future?

“The blind covered the view and the palsy walking.” What appeared to be a miracle or science fiction might well appear us in the near future terribly banal. Each week brings its share of new experiments by scientists seeking to push the boundaries of the restorative intervention of man on his body. A chip with […]

Elderly people and travel

Seniors travel more and more, organized or independent manner, for discoveries and marvels. Where are the limits? Up to what age can a trip? Here are some tips for starting out on the right foot! More active seniors travel more often and more frequently. But what types of destination should focus on? There is of […]

Pregnancy: guide authorized drugs

We all know, drugs and pregnancy do not mix. Also, making pharmaceuticals whatever cannot be considered trivial manner during this period. No need to take the slightest risk. Zoom on a small guide to health care without endangering the health of baby. Health authorities come to write a very complete guide to assist in the […]

Affect your pregnancy

We know that a drug should never be taken lightly in pregnancy. These products can be harmful at some stage but not to others. Doctissimo explains why. Prior to conception Some active principles can exert toxicity on reproductive function of the father or mother: on the production of ova or sperm, for example. This case […]

Why so many contraindications in pregnancy?

By looking at the records of drugs, we see quickly that they are likely to be discouraged if not contraindicated in pregnant women. Why? What are the harmful drugs known or unknown? Doctissimo provides a horizon… In theory, all drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy. This precaution is especially in the ethical impossibility to pregnant women […]

Pregnancy and medicines: the basic tips

You are pregnant or want to be soon and wondering what is the course before your Cabinet to pharmacy. Likely in making a drug? Doctissimo is the point. Advice to pregnant women or nursing mothers Never take a medication without medical advice Although this drug is sold without a prescription. Attention: a drug that has […]

Clinical trials in children

Very many drugs are administered to children without specific therapeutic evaluation. New measures at European level should help improve the provision of care in Pediatrics. The point with PR. Gerard Pons, service of Pharmacology-biochemistry of the Cochin Hospital, militating for years so there are specific studies in children. Lack of clinical trials in children, the […]

Fever: the good actions

The thermometer rises, do not yield to panic! Fever is a natural reaction of the body to fight infections. Must know how regain… Eight questions and answers for sweeping received ideas. Fever is a dangerous symptom. False This is a serious and even useful phenomenon that allows the body to defend! It is rare that […]

Influenza, how to reduce fever in children?

The flu epidemic is and as every year, it tackles first fragile… If there is no miracle cure to escape, drugs to overcome the most bothersome symptoms, especially fever. Course with your child. Chills, aches, throat made, difficulties in respirer…et a strong fever, your child, as thousands of others could escape the flu. How to […]