Depression after Prozac

Drug of the 1990s, Prozac ® has been dubbed “happy pill”. It is true that as antidepressant treatment is today one of the most prescribed in the world. Leader of a new class of antidepressants, Prozac ® has a great success with French practitioners. But it is now competed by other more recent molecules.

Until the beginning of the 1990s, the depressed had certainly effective antidepressants, but they were relatively difficult to manipulate and sometimes the origin of side effects.

Depression after Prozac

Prozac General practitioners were reluctant so to support them depressed and willingly spent hand psychiatrists. Everything changed with the arrival of Prozac®. Well tolerated, supported by a very active commercial policy, this drug was quickly very prescribed, a success which also explains that consumption has been deemed excessive by some experts as Pr Edouard Zarifian. Continue reading “Depression after Prozac”

Men, women uneven before depression

At the time of parity, equality of the sexes… of American researchers tried whether the events promoting depression were the same for men and women. Results: if women are more sensitive to the problems of their family circle, men appear to be more difficulties to live a separation or professional difficulties.

All latitudes, women are more prone to depression than men. A factor that intrigues long specialists and remains poorly understood. Is the second sex life more difficult? What is the role of the social environment?

Men, women

To answer these questions, the team of Dr. Kenneth s. Lender studied for ten years, in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Virginia and the Institute of Psychiatry and behavioral genetics of Richmond, 5,000 pairs of variable sex twins born between 1934 and 1974. For this purpose, these twins were interviewed four times by professionals during this decade of investigation. Continue reading “Men, women uneven before depression”

Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!

Sleep apnea are more common than we think! 4 to 8% of the population would be concerned. And these nocturnal respiratory cases are a real threat to health. The responsible PR. Jean-Louis Racineux, of the Department of Pneumology at the CHU of Angers is one of the organizers of the day national apnea of sleeping. He developed for Doctissimo on this disease that strikes at night.

The sleep apnea is not a problem to ignore. This disorder results in short breathing stops during the night. Long term, the poor oxygenation of the body causes heart problems, high blood pressure and the risk of myocardial infarction. Screening, treatment… Pr Jean-Louis Racineux answers our questions.

Beware of sleep apnea

Doctissimo: Are sleep apnea now better detected?

Apneas sommelier. Racine: The number of consultations for sleep apnea increases regularly for a few years. Because the public is better informed and this disorder better diagnosed by doctors. But there are still many patients who ignore. It is estimated that 4% of the population suffer from this syndrome, but the exact figure would be closer to 8%. Apneas affect as many chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes world! Should therefore further strengthen public information and train practitioners to the identification of the symptoms. Similarly, should be given more human and material resources to services of pneumology, today totally overloaded. Because it is at the hospital will be the diagnosis, after a full night of sleep recording. Continue reading “Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!”

Proper use of the drug

Whatever the means, the important point is not to forget to take the treatment that you ordered your doctor. Here are a few tips to help you.

If one of us has ever wondered if he had taken the drug, he throws the hand. Certainly lying. Either, it has a few tips. Everyone can find his own stuff. Here are some that offer physicians and pharmacists that we interviewed.

use of the drug

Small stuff

For drugs to be while you are not sick, those that can remember a time without putting his life in danger, as the birth control pill, a treatment against cholesterol, etc., the easiest is to “somewhere in the House which is compulsory every day, even if it is not quite at the same time”. This place can be bath room, next to his toothbrush, the sugar bowl where the small demeanor… secretes Attention however, if you have children, never leave medicine within their reach. Continue reading “Proper use of the drug”

Doctor, Overmedication…: how to limit the risks?

To limit adverse effects and accidents related to these products, the simplest is, where possible, to limit their decision-making. Whatever the objective and the duration of the treatment, it is also essential to respect rules of good use.

According to the latest survey of health insurance in Europe on major drug classes, the French are aware that drugs are active products that can present a risk1. They are also the largest consumer of drugs in value and the latter volume2 : 42% of the more than 18 years took at least a drug all the jours1, a proportion that increases with age.

the treatment

Any drug has potential risks

If medicines remain indispensable, or even vital in certain pathologies, they present potential risks, so-called iatrogenic, users need to be aware. Continue reading “Doctor, Overmedication…: how to limit the risks?”

Cardiovascular problems and travel

The holiday you are at heart but you think that it is precisely your heart keeps you at home? Note that if your cardiovascular problem is stable, you can usually go to travel. Advice before departure.

A disease of the heart can sometimes curb your enthusiasm of a world traveler, or even constitute a contraindication. However, if your state of health stability and a bit of preparation, most shifts are possible.

Contraindications to travel

Contraindications to travel

The two major problems of distant travel reside in transportation (by air, the pressure of oxygen reduction) and the sanitary conditions on the spot. Continue reading “Cardiovascular problems and travel”

Drugs: the particular case of senior citizens

Senior citizens are exposed to many risks to the medication. Advances in medicine, including therapies allowed an increase in life expectancy. But the elderly treatment must be monitored more closely and precautions are essential.

There are today more in addition to centenarians, is a little (much) the therapeutic progress of recent years. Drug treatments have thus experienced revolutions in many areas. But with age, the order tends to be allonger… Discover the mistakes to avoid and features of old age.


With age, the body to use…

As sight or hearing, other functions will lose their effectiveness with age. The metabolism and elimination of drugs do not work at full: liver, kidney and heart with more than twenty years. Indeed, the liver is a real plant for the reprocessing of waste favouring their elimination. With age, the capacity of treatment of senior citizens are dampened and dosage for adults in full force of the age may be too high. Continue reading “Drugs: the particular case of senior citizens”

Cholesterol: some rules for good treatment

Nine million French have high cholesterol and is now known that this silent condition results in major cardiovascular risk. Yet all these patients are not treated and when they are, it is not always in a way optimale… A reason just to encourage the French Agency of sanitary safety of health products (Afssaps) to update its recommendations to support.

We know with certainty that when cholesterol decreases, the risk of cardiovascular disease also decreased. Another certainty, lipid-lowering agents, including Sta tins, prevent the onset of these diseases or limit recurrences. However, a survey conducted in March 2002 by insurance revealed that these drugs are often used, some people taking while they do not need while others, on the contrary, received not while their risk of developing cardiovascular disease are high.

good treatment

New rules of management

The French health products safety agency therefore corrected the shooting by updating the recommendations of dyslipidemic patients support in March 2005. Continue reading “Cholesterol: some rules for good treatment”

Many toxic products flow in hospital

Doctissimo: What do you think of the development of the General Directorate of health concerning the use of ethylene oxide to sterilize baby bottles?

Olivier Toma, President of the C2ds: Directorate-General of health has limited sterilizing baby bottles ethylene oxide for premature infants suffering from serious diseases, until new techniques to obtain the same degree of sterilization. Can if surprise a late decision, the C2ds had written to the Ministry of health and the Afssaps to alert about this mode of sterilization since several evolved letters remained unanswered. In addition, this “case of the baby bottles” is only part tip of the iceberg.

Many toxic products

Doctissimo: That do you mean by that?

Very many medical devices (catheters, tubing, prostheses, implants…) are sterilized with ethylene oxide. If this product is dangerous to the point of formally prohibit its use in materials in contact with food, is not that surprising its wide use in the hospital. What about the safety of nurses, of anaesthetists, and médecins… exposed chronically to this compound? No one knows today because there is no census of these products containing ethylene oxide. Continue reading “Many toxic products flow in hospital”

Declare war on bad cholesterol!

Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of mortality, far ahead of cancer or road accidents. To combat this scourge, the doctors attach to reduce bad cholesterol. In addition to health, Statins are weapons so effective that they disrupt the support of patients.

Each year, there are France 120 000 myocardial infarction and 130 000 stroke (stroke). And the balance sheet is very heavy, with 180 000 deaths and many legacy irreversible1. To combat this scourge, it is important to lower the “bad” cholesterol (or LDL-cholesterol)2. The doctor relies first on changes of food and health. But often, the resolutions are not sufficient and the use of drugs is required. Most often, it is then prescribed statin.

Declare war on bad cholesterol

Lower is better?

Mauvais cholesterol For several years, the therapeutic objectives of LDL – c defined by the Agence Francoise de Security Sanitaria health products (AFSSAPS) have periodically been revised downward. There is indeed a linear relationship between the decline in the rate of bad cholesterol and decrease in cardiovascular risk3. Continue reading “Declare war on bad cholesterol!”