Stroke: a cascade of events

130 000 vascular accidents (CVAS) are registered each year in France. A quarter of people die. In the majority of cases, others keep more or less important sequelae or even more or less final!

Lesions obviously depend on the brain reached territory and the importance and type of circulatory arrest.

a cascade of events

Various consequences
They can touch the motor unit and leave half paralyzed body (hemiplegia), reach the sensory apparatus and create or edit, or make disappear the spatiotemporal cues or Finally, focus on language, reading or writing problems. Continue reading “Stroke: a cascade of events”

Learn to manage stress in the workplace

At work, you feel tired, irritable, you have lost your concentration or your enthusiasm, you multiply the small health problems… Attention, you have perhaps stress.

For after a CSA survey (July 2000), “three out of four employees to say concerned” by stress, in particular due to an overload of work, difficult to meet deadlines, more strong to customers requirements or a too rapid pace.
Live under pressure…

manage stress

Stress is a normal reaction to adapt to a situation. In a society seeking more productivity, some people will need emergency situations, conflicts or complexity to outdo themselves and work effectively. Others, on the contrary, will react more violently to what seems to them be an assault. If the stress is halted, the balance back. But if it becomes chronic, there is a danger, because it pump much energy by constantly asking the Organization to adapt. It alters the nervous and hormonal balance and lower concentration and productivity capabilities. Not to mention the more or less severe psychological impact, and cardiovascular problems, such as hypertension, that it can generate. Continue reading “Learn to manage stress in the workplace”

Myopia: place to surgery!

Myopia surgery is increasingly practiced. But everyone can have such surgery? What are the different proposed techniques? Discover the answers to your questions by throwing an eye on this article!

Important progress in some parts of the world, the myopia retains its share of mystery. Thus, its origin is partly unknown. But facing this vision disorder, solutions abound. In addition to glasses or lenses, surgery offers new opportunities.

place to surgery

Myopia: a disorder in expansion
In general, the myopic eye is too long. For this reason, the image refracted previous tissues of the eye, the cornea and the lens, rather than focus on the retina is formed in front of it and consequently the vision is poor. Continue reading “Myopia: place to surgery!”

Medicinal products for direct access in 5 questions

Hundreds of drugs will pass in front of the counter. That is that characterize them? How to choose the right? Can I use for my child or if I’m pregnant? How long to use them? What to do if side effects?… The point with the French Agency of sanitary safety of health products (Afssaps).

1. What is officinalis medication drugs? Where can I find them?
The term officinalis medication refers to drugs designed to treat common and mild symptoms, for a limited time, without the intervention of the doctor with the help of the pharmacist, as for example the slight pain or moderate fever, the common cold, sore throat, labial herpes (fever button), the occasional gastroesophageal reflux disease , etc. They are available in direct access, in a space specially reserved only in pharmacies. All pharmacies do not directly accessible drugs offer the decision to propose them to the pharmacist.

Medicinal products.

2 Are. these drugs different from others?
These drugs meet the same requirements as other drugs, that is, the quality of their manufacture, their benefits and their risks assessed by health authorities. Officinalis medication is only available without prescription drugs. Among these drugs, only a portion may be presented in direct access, if they meet certain criteria (indication, dosage, record, box specifically studied) to allow you to choose them and use them without a prescription. Continue reading “Medicinal products for direct access in 5 questions”


Green light to the free service in pharmacies
It is, self-service drug landed in pharmacies. Goal: engage the French in the management of their health and lower prices for promoted patients “responsible consumers”. But what about this development? The point with Doctissimo.

It is now done: pharmacists have the right to pass certain non-refundable drugs in front of their desk. Open access in dedicated spaces, it will therefore soon find 217 drugs meet the daily headaches (fever, headaches, colds, cough, but also smoking cessation), 12 drugs of phytotherapy and 15 homeopathic drugs. A list that could soon go.

service in pharmacies

“Open-access” more than “self-service”
First observation: this is a priori no direct link with the fight against the hole of the social security system. All of these drugs were already sold without prescription and therefore not reimbursed. What will change, it is that the patient will freely have access to mailboxes without having to ask their pharmacist. Continue reading “Self-medication”

Smokers: more an excuse to stop!

The nicotine patches would be perhaps less effective in women who wish to stop smoking than men. But the new drug to help with withdrawal, Zyban ®, could not be accused of such sexism.

Tobacco use increased significantly among women during the last decades. Now, close to a French four smokes. The problem of weaning arises even more often cigarette married poorly with a desire for pregnancy. Unfortunately studies conducted to evaluate the effects of Nicotinic substitutes seemed to indicate failures and more frequent relapse in women.


Is it the same with Zyban (bupropion), recently marketed drug as an aid to smoking cessation? Also having antidepressant properties, it could allay irritability and depressive symptoms often evoked by the women as the source of their relapse. Continue reading “Smokers: more an excuse to stop!”

Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?

On the forums, the rumour runs… The electronic cigarette would be the miracle solution to stop smoking! It is suggested by several companies marketing these products. But in turn, the French and the World Health Organization health authorities recommend caution.

The electronic cigarette reproduced the form and the sensations of a classic cigarette. It is inside this small achievement of miniaturization: a battery, a microprocessor, a spray and a cartridge designed to be sprayed and comprising a liquid which may contain nicotine or aromatic substances in food additives or artificial flavours based. At each puff, liquid mixed with the inspired air is released as steam, which reproduced the smoke of a cigarette is inhaled by the user.


WHO has never endorsed electronic cigarettes
Companies selling electronic cigarettes generally describe these as a way to help smokers to get rid of their dependence on tobacco. Some have even been up to suggest that the world Organization of the health (who) considered this technique as legitimate as Nicotinic substitutes (gum, lozenges and patches to nicotine). Continue reading “Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?”

Stop smoking, choose what method?

It is the day J, you decided to quit smoking. Alone or accompanied, with or without consultation in a tobaccologist withdrawal methods are many. How to choose one that you should be? Doctissimo asked Dr. Veronique Peim tobaccologist and attached hospitals of Paris, his advice to not be mistaken.

When it is smoking, it is never easy to choose “” method to his habits, his behaviour, his addiction, the method that will stop serenely, limiting the risk of relapse.

Stop smoking

Each smoker is unique
One might think that there are large categories of smokers and that a rapid classification would determine the best method to these groups. It is false. Every smoker is different and how to quit will not be your neighbor or even spouse. Indeed, it is difficult to say that a method is better than another. Dr. Peim adds however, that “the emergence of Nicotinic substitutes democratized smoking cessation treatments, because they require neither order nor specific consultation.” “Drugs on the other hand impose a passage to the doctor”. Continue reading “Stop smoking, choose what method?”

The brain more obeys the finger to the eye

In a few weeks, the brain adapts to a vision, in involving the specific circuits. A new body image is thus rebuilt, centered on hand.

It is well known, the man adapts remarkably to a disruption of its visual cues. Thus, if a lens is placed before the eyes, the brain is organised quickly that in this “world upside down”, the sensory perceptions remain consistent. But how is this adaptation? To find out, Japanese researchers conducted an original experiment on four students.

finger to the eye

Hands on the secrets of the brain

For a month, the volunteers (two girls and two boys, all right-handed) brought glasses permanently to prisms. Regularly, they were subjected to Visual and motor tests and their brain activity was recorded by a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Banco! With these careful reviews, the researchers broke the secret. A secret that takes in hand. It is indeed a new representation of the hand that will allow Visual and motor adaptations necessary to the correct perception of the space. In fact, it is as if the brain, seeking a particular circuit, is forged a new body image, whose hand would be the first marker. Continue reading “The brain more obeys the finger to the eye”

Is depression hereditary?

Depressive, sickly anxiety, victim of panic attacks? And if you were to blame your parents for letting you these problems in legacy? According to a recent study, children whose parents suffer from depression are more likely to develop the same kind of problems as a child.

Such transmission has already been the subject of numerous studies, but this “inheritance”, if it was confirmed, would better treat adults and especially children at risk.
Are mental illnesses hereditary?

depression hereditary

In May 20001, the results of the work of the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University noted that cases of depression in young children and adolescents were more frequent when the parents were themselves depressive. But only the occurrence of these disorders, from the very young ages, associated with the resurgence or continuity of disease in adulthood. Continue reading “Is depression hereditary?”