Contraceptive patch: users speak!

The patch already has followers among our forums. Then, conquered or disappointed? This new method of contraception is practice? Secure? Our users confront their opinions online. Selected pieces.

Available in France since early 2004, the patch is an alternative to the existing means of contraception. What are its advantages and disadvantages? To be nonstick, discover an overview of their discussions.

Contraceptive patch

A formula practice
Unlike the pill that takes every day, the patch is placed on the abdomen or buttocks for 7 days. After three weeks (and therefore three patches) women should remove the stamp during the fourth week. So it’s the same principle as the pill, single route of administration and dosage change! “From a practical point of view, it’s great” explains Sofy 17 a Doctissimo surfer. “There is still a week.” It no longer has to wonder if it has not forgotten to take his pill. But be careful to correctly lay early in the week, otherwise the question constantly is well pasted, if there is no water that will go in and is effective even by making folds”. Continue reading “Contraceptive patch: users speak!”

A Parkinson Plan to change the lives of patients

Two years. This is the time it took to wait for a Plan Parkinson adopting all the measures proposed in the White Paper on this neurodegenerative disease measures be adopted. This is now done, and for the Association France Parkinson’s announcement in March by Nora Berra is a decisive step in the management of patients.

The implementation of the Plan Parkinson should result in a better structuring of health care delivery with the creation of 24 regional reference centers, and ultimately, better care for patients.

Parkinson Plan

Parkinson Plan contains 20 measures of Free White
A month before the World Day of XParkinson’s disease on April 11, 2012, Nora Berra, Secretary of State for Health, announced the launch of a Parkinson Plan 2011-2014 on the model of Alzheimer’s Plan. Expected for months, this decision is for Bruno Favier, president of France Parkinson, “a decisive step that finally takes into account the specificities of this neurodegenerative disease and is now of Parkinson’s disease a national priority and a major challenge public health. ” Continue reading “A Parkinson Plan to change the lives of patients”

A Parkinson when a Plan?

Great forgotten neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s disease receives no National Plan unlike Alzheimer’s disease in particular. This results in a lack of coordination in the management and research, to the detriment of patients and their families.

One year after the White Paper on Parkinson’s disease , which offered twenty measures to improve the management of patients at the time of diagnosis, help them cope with their disease and boost research, progress is stalled almost. The Association France Parkinson calls the government.

Parkinson when a Plan

Parkinson, the great “forgotten” neurodegenerative diseases
On the eve of the World Parkinson’s Day, April 11, the Association Parkinson calls on the State to launch urgently a national Parkinson Plan, like those that exist for other diseases, particularly for the Alzheimer disease . If the association has decided to act, it is estimated that Parkinson’s disease , which in France each year 14,000 new victims, is “the most overlooked of neurodegenerative diseases . ” “Today, solutions and concrete paths exist in support, but lack of resources, they are not coordinated nationally. There is no coverage of the French territory known visible and dynamic,” laments the association. Continue reading “A Parkinson when a Plan?”

Neurostimulation against Parkinson’s disease

It is possible for several years to improve the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease by stimulating deep brain area. This surgical procedure is not available to all patients. Benefits, indications, techniques … Doctissimo an update.

This method is now practiced in over twenty centers in France and concern 300 new patients each year.
Neurostimulation: a beautiful story.
Neurostimulation is a beautiful scientific history, which began with experimental work. The researchers knew that the injury sub-thalamic nucleus (particular area of the brain) improves Parkinson’s symptoms in monkeys. But to go from this observation to the development of neurostimulation, it took two innovations, as recalled Prof. Agid the Salpêtrière (Paris), at the 7th International Forum on Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson's  disease

“Researchers from Bordeaux showed that poses an electrode supplied with electric current in the brain of an animal used to suppress parkinsonian symptoms caused. These results were immediately taken by the team of Prof. Benabib and Pollak in Grenoble , who has applied to the brain of the patient.’s great trick was to use a pacemaker to transform the transient effect in permanent effect on the deep brain structures. ” Continue reading “Neurostimulation against Parkinson’s disease”

Good cannabis for the heart?

The main active compound in cannabis may prevent the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries. Called atherosclerosis, this phenomenon may lead to heart attack or strokes. No question to make an apology for the seal, it is very low doses!

Despite its pain, cannabis remains little studied and little used by physicians. But a new discovery could permanently cut the grass under the feet of the therapeutic use of critics. Very low doses may prevent cardiovascular disease.

Good cannabis for the heart

Reduce the harm caused by atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis is characterized by the buildup on the walls of the arteries of fat (lipid deposits) deposits forming atheroma plates, mainly composed of cholesterol. These plates more often accumulate in the large arteries (coronary arteries, brain…). This process is also marked by the intervention of the cells of the immune system. Come to repair the damaged vessels1, they cause inflammation. Result: This cascade of events causes a loss of elasticity and a narrowing of the vessels. The blood circulation is made difficult and can contribute to the formation of a clot (thrombosis), resulting sometimes in a myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident (stroke). Continue reading “Good cannabis for the heart?”

The essentials on implantable cardiac defibrillators

Each year, 50,000 sudden deaths occur in France, whose main cause is an extreme excitement of cardiac contractions. In this figure, the use of an implantable defibrillator ventricular may have a salutary effect.

Automatic Implantable Ventricular defibrillators (IAD) allow each year saved thousands of lives around the world.

The essentials on implantable cardiac defibrillators

Effective prevention
50,000 sudden deaths occur each year in France. A main cause of these deaths is an extreme runaway of cardiac contraction (ventricular tachycardia – TV) which can become totally chaotic and ineffective: it is ventricular fibrillation (VF). This accident may cause reversible cardiac arrest (syncope) or (sudden death). Continue reading “The essentials on implantable cardiac defibrillators”

New treatments for heart failure

A range of new drugs have come to enrich the therapeutic arsenal available to physicians to treat heart failure, which is a serious condition.

With age, sometimes the heart become gradually unable to ensure its pump function, which leads to eject blood into the circulation during each of her contractions. Some diseases such as myocardial infarction, high blood pressure or, more rarely, early damage to the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) can also promote this state of fact by reducing the ability to eject from the heart (myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy) or by increasing the resistance to the flow of blood (hypertension). In any case, result is the onset of heart failure that causes an enlarged, reflexively mechanism or dilation of the heart Chambers.

heart failure

After years of evolution, heart failure can affect lung function by causing the appearance of edema in the alveoli. While the left side of the heart is often only to be concerned at the beginning of the disease, congestive heart failure can reach the right side of the heart in a second time and lead to a stagnation of blood in the liver and the legs, which may increase in volume. Continue reading “New treatments for heart failure”

Headaches: a risk of stroke?

Migraine or not, chronic headaches affect millions of people. Before the violence and intensity of some pain, many are those who have questions about the State of their brains after the crisis. A number of studies point to an increased risk of stroke. Doctissimo is an update on these relations still not solved.

Commonly referred to as “brain attacks”, cerebral vascular accidents (CVAS) are the third cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Their prevention relies on regular medical follow-up and a good understanding of the risk factors. Is it necessary to add to an already long list chronic headache?

a risk of stroke

Women migraine and stroke, attention!
Statistical studies show that there more than migraine in people who have suffered a stroke. However, such observations make it possible – it for as many consider migraine as a risk factor for stroke? Continue reading “Headaches: a risk of stroke?”

Cerebral vascular accident

Stroke prevention passes by a better understanding of the risk factors but also by that of warning signals. Thus, sustainable ischemic stroke are to almost one-third preceded by transient ischemic symptoms are brief. Too often overlooked, they must bring to consult. With Doctissimo, learn to recognize them!

Awareness of stroke warning signs could save thousands of lives each year. This prestigious American Heart Association is easily transposable to our country. As are very certainly the figures attesting to their lack of knowledge. According to a telephone survey in Georgia, only 39% of those interviewed could cite a stroke alert signal… The results would certainly not be different in France. What are the warning signs and symptoms of stroke?
The transient ischemic should not be underestimated!

Cerebral vascular accident

A transient ischemic (attack TIA) is a stroke which sometimes stealthy symptoms go unnoticed. Yet, they represent real warning signs since nearly a third of sustainable ischemic or cerebral infarction are preceded by one such episode. Continue reading “Cerebral vascular accident”

Stroke: what you need to know

The stroke is an abrupt shutdown of the blood flow to the brain. Vascular accidents are mostly secondary. They are due to either a clot located directly into the artery (and it does three times out of four), hemorrhage, is kind of breach of the walls of the vessel.

Of course, their severity depends on the location and the extent of brain damage. The consequences are, in general, immediate and are reflected by a neurological, motor or sensory deficit or loss of memory or speech.

what you need to know

Phenomena of variable recovery
The possibilities of recovery are fortunately very real. But they vary from one individual to another. Some meet 100% of their initial capacity, and the accident will be just a bad memory, others only partially recover and will have to fight every day to overcome their deficits. Continue reading “Stroke: what you need to know”