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Contraceptive patch: users speak!

The patch already has followers among our forums. Then, conquered or disappointed? This new method of contraception is practice? Secure? Our users confront their opinions online. Selected pieces. Available in France since early 2004, the patch is an alternative to the existing means of contraception. What are its advantages and disadvantages? To be nonstick, discover […]

A Parkinson Plan to change the lives of patients

Two years. This is the time it took to wait for a Plan Parkinson adopting all the measures proposed in the White Paper on this neurodegenerative disease measures be adopted. This is now done, and for the Association France Parkinson’s announcement in March by Nora Berra is a decisive step in the management of patients. […]

A Parkinson when a Plan?

Great forgotten neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s disease receives no National Plan unlike Alzheimer’s disease in particular. This results in a lack of coordination in the management and research, to the detriment of patients and their families. One year after the White Paper on Parkinson’s disease , which offered twenty measures to improve the management of patients […]

Neurostimulation against Parkinson’s disease

It is possible for several years to improve the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease by stimulating deep brain area. This surgical procedure is not available to all patients. Benefits, indications, techniques … Doctissimo an update. This method is now practiced in over twenty centers in France and concern 300 new patients each year. Neurostimulation: […]

Good cannabis for the heart?

The main active compound in cannabis may prevent the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries. Called atherosclerosis, this phenomenon may lead to heart attack or strokes. No question to make an apology for the seal, it is very low doses! Despite its pain, cannabis remains little studied and little used by physicians. But a […]

The essentials on implantable cardiac defibrillators

Each year, 50,000 sudden deaths occur in France, whose main cause is an extreme excitement of cardiac contractions. In this figure, the use of an implantable defibrillator ventricular may have a salutary effect. Automatic Implantable Ventricular defibrillators (IAD) allow each year saved thousands of lives around the world. Effective prevention 50,000 sudden deaths occur each […]

New treatments for heart failure

A range of new drugs have come to enrich the therapeutic arsenal available to physicians to treat heart failure, which is a serious condition. With age, sometimes the heart become gradually unable to ensure its pump function, which leads to eject blood into the circulation during each of her contractions. Some diseases such as myocardial […]

Headaches: a risk of stroke?

Migraine or not, chronic headaches affect millions of people. Before the violence and intensity of some pain, many are those who have questions about the State of their brains after the crisis. A number of studies point to an increased risk of stroke. Doctissimo is an update on these relations still not solved. Commonly referred […]

Cerebral vascular accident

Stroke prevention passes by a better understanding of the risk factors but also by that of warning signals. Thus, sustainable ischemic stroke are to almost one-third preceded by transient ischemic symptoms are brief. Too often overlooked, they must bring to consult. With Doctissimo, learn to recognize them! Awareness of stroke warning signs could save thousands […]

Stroke: what you need to know

The stroke is an abrupt shutdown of the blood flow to the brain. Vascular accidents are mostly secondary. They are due to either a clot located directly into the artery (and it does three times out of four), hemorrhage, is kind of breach of the walls of the vessel. Of course, their severity depends on […]