The high fiber diet

The high fiber diet It is known that dietary modifications are recommended by the physician in a variety of diseases that include, among others, the ‘obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, renal failure, inflammatory bowel disease and numerous other diseases including dyslipidemia and diverticulitis of the colon.

We have cited some of these diseases on purpose in order to introduce a brief discussion of those diets that are precisely characterized, in particular, by a modification of their fiber content. Just to bring some examples we can say immediately that the variation of the content and quality of fiber in a diet can sometimes solve the problem of a brilliantly functional constipation (see our previous note on constipation) or, in some cases, the opposite of chronic diarrhea.

The high fiber diet

We have already alluded to deliberately dyslipidemia to remember, from the beginning of this exhibition, which has now been demonstrated by numerous studies that some water-soluble dietary fiber, taken in large amounts, can reduce, for another example, also cholesterol levels in the states of hypercholesterolemia. Continue reading “The high fiber diet”

The clearing of tattoos by laser

One of the developments in recent times is having the laser treatment of tattoos is that they become not only a means to remove a tattoo, which had long been known and applied by those individuals who want or wish to remove a design or one written on their skin that had lost their meaning or attraction. Today laser therapy of tattoos is increasingly becoming a method that allows you to brighten the different colors of a tattoo to be able to “cover” that is conducting another more than that meets the needs and tastes perhaps using existing parts of the old tattoo: a kind of “facelift” entrusted all’estro the tattooist and renewed customers’ tastes.

All that is made possible by the laser q switch, the laser capable of removing the ink particles in a progressive manner without leaving any scarring, allowing the skin to undergo new injections of pigment without any problem, and can eliminate or lighten special inks colorful once considered unavoidable.

The clearing of tattoos by laser

So the interest that this laser gives rise to the world of tattoo artists and their customers is somewhat different from what one might imagine: the denial of what has been done in the past to a revision made possible by a technology that removes the ‘ink to leave absolutely no scarring, a way to make room for something new, but it requires at least partial removal of the previous tattoo. Continue reading “The clearing of tattoos by laser”

Sensitive skin and Combination skin

The right moves: Start by emptying your closet cosmetics or store one or two creams. Sensitive skin and allergies are often only support a few specific products. Choose them rather unscented and hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergy. Use mild cleansing lotions and sprays of thermal water. Do not forget to dry your skin by dabbing with a tissue. Use of protective care and soothing regulators of the microcirculation. At night, choose a richer cream and hypoallergenic.

Sensitive skin

Don’ts: Do not exfoliating scrubs or masks that can irritate your skin. Banish soap and toilet rolls to the attack, the dry and make it more responsive. Avoid sudden temperature variations, air-conditioned environments, alcohol and certain foods such as coffee and spices. The cosmetics can cause allergies. To limit the risks, choose them hypoallergenic. Finally, if you should care, stay faithful to him. The frequent changes sensitize the skin. Continue reading “Sensitive skin and Combination skin”

Hairstyles for Summer 2012 collections

The hairstyles and styles for hair cuts for summer 2012 are refined and sexy. On the catwalks have seen so many influences from the past. ‘Revival’ is the keyword. During the spring summer 2012 season will see many reinterpretations of the ’20s and ’50s and ’60s.

We made for you a selection of hairstyles for long hair gathered and medium long, among the many seen on the catwalks for spring summer 2012. To better understand the trends for the coming season and help you find inspiration. But before taking the picture here is a brief list of the main trends with regard to hair.

Hairstyles for Summer


Are different styles as regards the pony tails. From the 60-volume soft tails on the back of the head (see the parade of Blumarine) up to code very tidy in which the hair has been brought back with gel or other wet conditions produced the effect (see the parade of Paul & Joe) . Continue reading “Hairstyles for Summer 2012 collections”

Trend reports. 2012 Hair Trends

Curious to know what the hair trends for 2012?

The opinion of four international hair stylist, four of the most famous stylists who take care of their hair for fashion shows and the most important magazines in the fashion world. Who better to tell them and tell us what haircut will be the trend for the coming year?

A small summary, to begin with?

We will see a return to more natural forms, textures and more dry mat and hair soft and light. There will certainly influences the back. Dominate the ’20s, ’50s and ’60s.

Hair Trends


After more than a month of fashion shows, the conclusion of the Paris fashion week, I think the trend emerged for women for Spring Summer 2012 is the ‘wet hair’, says Enrico Mariotti, hairstylist official Pantene Italy. Style ‘surf chic’ that was developed depending on the imagination of the greatest hair stylist in the world. There will be a strong return to glamor and a natural desire for spontaneous beauty with soft textures. Communicate the message that your hair this summer is ‘wash and go’. The natural movement of the hair is the crown jewel of the summer. Will spray you spray on damp hair to give texture and will turn it into soft waves bun to get thin. We will also see influences from the past as a ’50s and ’60s. Continue reading “Trend reports. 2012 Hair Trends”

The secret to getting into shape for summer?

The secret to those who want to get fit, lose weight, tone, firm and reduce the circumference of waist, hips, legs, arms is just one: serious work in the gym, and balanced diet. All those who will offer miraculous ways to lose weight effortlessly you are selling what is commonly called … ‘Hot air’

But then, you say, how do you actually set to a serious program that will lead from now when the holidays (which are closer than you think …) in better shape than we have today? Many, indeed many readers write to us asking how to do it, wondering where to start, how to set up a workout, diet, etc..

The secret to getting

First, physical activity, which is very important. A gym is definitely the right place, especially when it’s cold again, to burn excess calories and train muscles with light weights and machines. So the first advice is to join a good gym, and organize themselves in order to have time for at least three sessions (preferably four) weekly training. Continue reading “The secret to getting into shape for summer?”

Walking to lose weight, lose weight or walking

Five myths debunked on the best way to lose weight in a healthy and fast with cardio training. Walking to lose weight? Yes, yes, but only if …

No denying it, the beginning of summer always makes us wanna dispose of a few extra pounds each year. We just want to get back on form for the summer, and feel (hopefully) finally at ease in front all’impietoso time of ‘dress rehearsal’.

And to lose weight, you know, the physical movement is very important. Important and useful to dispose of a few extra pounds, but only provided you do it properly, and combining it with a serious and balanced diet. In this short article will address five myths related to training cardio (which is the more technical term to indicate brisk walking, cycling or running or to make us understand) and in doing so we will try to understand together what is really needed and what is not needed or even dangerous. If you are planning to put a run on the streets of your neighborhood to get back in shape before you read below.


1) To burn fat you need to wear tracksuits materials that make you sweat while running, so you can dispose of the fat faster. FALSE: this way you will lose any liquid in the form of sweat, and minerals. The fat has nothing to do with sweat. Unfortunately. Continue reading “Walking to lose weight, lose weight or walking”

The diverticula of the colon

The diverticula of the colon diverticula when we talk about in general is normally used to indicate the saccular protrusions that develop against the wall of a hollow organ. They can occur in various locations (pharynx, esophagus, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, bladder, …), but occur primarily dependent on the large intestine, namely and especially of the sigmoid colon.

It ‘s good diverticulosis easy to distinguish from the outset rather than being designated as diverticular disease. The first form, which is also the most frequent, is characterized by the presence of diverticula in the colon, as we said, which, however, have never given clinical manifestations have been highlighted significant and occasionally. However, when using the term diverticular disease is to indicate clinically active diverticulosis of the colon that is highlighted with a different set of symptoms, as discussed later in detail.

The diverticula of the colon

Diverticulosis of the colon, therefore, we intend to briefly deal with, both in its simple form in that complicated, is rather seldom below forty years ago and its prevalence is statistically more significant in the later decades of age, until to arrive at a rate that exceeds 30% in Western populations. Diverticulosis seems to have a slight predominance in females for reasons that are not yet known. Continue reading “The diverticula of the colon”

The disease laxatives

The disease laxatives The so-called “disease laxatives” is determined, in fact, intensive and prolonged use of these drugs, usually for a phobic attitude, as we shall see, against constipation or an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which case they are often taken together, including diuretics.

The purges have certainly represented, in the history of ‘man, one of the oldest therapies and even today remains the most frequent mode of self-medication, despite the damage that can sometimes lead and whom we shall in this brief note, which is educational and informative at the same time.

The disease laxatives

But because we own the copyright for establishing a truly morbid event it is necessary that the ingestion of laxatives, cathartic or purgative (depending on the intensity of the effect) is consistent, continuous and prolonged and not only refers to a regular intake of doses in time effective of this or that drug. Continue reading “The disease laxatives”

The chronic fatigue syndrome

The chronic fatigue syndrome “I’m tired, always tired, I do not want to do anything …” This is known as chronic fatigue syndrome, or at least could be. He speaks frequently and often without really knowing what it is. We interviewed Prof. John Cristianini, and we shot some of the questions most frequently arrive in on this topic.

There is a chronic fatigue syndrome? Yes there is. In December 1994, an international study group, formed in the United States, was able to publish a definition of this syndrome, which was to replace a previous description of six years earlier. He came to establish, in that occasion that this syndrome is characterized by the presence of symptomatic conditions listed in the following section.

The chronic fatigue syndrome

What’s’ intended for chronic fatigue syndrome? The chronic fatigue syndrome (known in English speaking countries such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a disease whose origins are not yet well clarified and that manifests itself in a state of prolonged fatigue (at least over 6 months and often lasting several years) often accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, a sore throat applicant, sleep disturbance, memory loss, musculoskeletal pain. Continue reading “The chronic fatigue syndrome”