After 10 years of waiting, the results of the Interphone study are finally published. They are very disappointing because hardly reassuring. The experts have failed to demonstrate a link between brain cancer and mobile phone use. Which also means they have failed to? Prove the safety of mobile health…?

-The use of mobile phones increases his risk of brain tumor?
-Cell phone and brain cancer: sobering conclusion
-Precautionary measures are needed!


The use of mobile phones increases his risk of brain tumor?

The result of the Interphone study has just been officially published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, exactly 10 years after its launch by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Originally, they were planned for 2004, but they have always been remote, so the data were contradictory. The final conclusion is very disappointing, although expected because of rumors about the quarrels between the experts. Continue reading “MOBILE PHONE AND CANCER: THE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!”


Lumbago, sciatic, herniated disc, as many pathologies of the spine (called rachis again) become a Calvary for those who suffer from. Often presented as a solution of last resort, surgery of the spine allows today, through new technologies, alleviate the evil of the century.

-Back pain: who and when operates t – on?
-Between classic surgery and new surgery
-Operations of the back more “gentle”.
-Changing back surgery
-Back surgery: a miracle solution?
-Back pain: prevention and awareness
-Lumbago, backache, sciatique…, how to distinguish them?


“I had the feeling to be released”.
“I have full back ! This exclamation was not found by chance. The back is indeed one that bears the weight of pain, physical or psychological. In France they are about three million people who suffer back. Many people who have tried the physiotherapists and osteopaths, the disqualification and pomades relaxing without find outcome to this evil which range daily and sometimes becomes a real handicap social and professional. If all patients cannot be candidate for back surgery, for some diseases, it is very effective. With new technologies that today enjoys this surgery operations become less invasive and more in more rapid convalescence. Continue reading “THE BACK SURGERY, CHANGING”


The sciatic refers to a serious irritation of the sciatic nerve pain. The symptoms may vary slightly depending on the origin of the sciatic and including the root of nerve sciatic compressed (or herniated disc), but they are relatively typical. Update on sciatica and its symptoms.

1.What are the causes of sciatica?
2.What are the symptoms of sciatica?
3.What treatment for sciatica?
4.Sciatica: when to consult?


What are the causes of sciatica?

-It is most often a herniated disc, an abnormal protrusion of part of an intervertebral disc, and that compresses one of the 5 roots of sciatic nerve. Continue reading “HOW TO RECOGNIZE A SCIATICA?”


Episodes often without gravity, but very painful, acute low back pain or lumbago resolve within 10 days with paracetamol and a bit of rest. It should be recognized the rare cases where a medical consultation is essential.

-Recognizing an acute low back pain
-Acute low back pain: a more rapid disappearance
-For acute low back pain: is to deal effectively and safely
-For acute low back pain, avoid absolute rest in bed
-A medical consultation may however be useful for back pain


Recognizing an acute low back pain

An acute low back pain is a recent back pain that lasts for less than three months (according to the internationally accepted definition), reached the bottom of the back or sometimes the top of the buttocks, and sometimes descends along a two thighs, never exceed the level of the knees (if this pain down below the knee, talking lombo-sciatica or sciatic pain). Acute means only “recent”, but often back pain occur suddenly, in an effort (for example while trying to raise a weight), and are very violent, giving the impression of a serious disease (referred to as sometimes lumbago )). Continue reading “LUMBAGO, ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN, A VERY PAINFUL BACK PAIN”


Physiotherapy, Mezieres, osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, method of alternative medicine which can cure back. Choose them, he need to know them. Update on their specificities and their practices.

-Treat the back by alternative medicine
-Physiotherapy and Mezieres method
-Osteopathy, a science and an art
-Chinese medicines, another alternative?
-To the self-treatment with the McKenzie method
-The chiropractic, remedy or bluff?
-Going to a spa treatment
-Take your hand back!


Treat the back by alternative medicine

Eight out of 10 people have suffered, suffer or will suffer from a back pain. Continue reading “HOW TO TREAT HIS BACK, WHILE SMOOTH?”


Bernard Giraudeau, actor, writer, director, marine, and especially man highly regarded for its high value, passed away after a struggle of nearly 10 years against kidney cancer. His battle was instructive on all fronts. Taking us in his difficult journey, he teaches us to live, nothing less.

1.Bernard Giraudeau loved life, but “with great fury and a feverish enthusiasm”
2.Live fully in the present is not simple and requires a real workout

Bernard Giraudeau loved life, but “with great fury and a feverish enthusiasm”


It’s not that life was burning at both ends. It’s just that, like many of us, there never arose to look at things calmly. So when the diagnosis of kidney cancer has touched in 2001, he had the feeling of being “dispersed”, of not knowing who he really was. He wanted to still continue unabated, and this is his relapse who really pushed for reflection. Continue reading “THE GREAT LESSON OF LIFE OF BERNARD GIRAUDEAU”


Rectal cancer is common and dreaded because it stands for gravity and artificial anus. However, considerable progress has been made by surgeons to keep up the natural anus and remove more lymph sick. They use it for a new surgical technique, assisted by prior radiotherapy.

1.Practical advice in case of bleeding from the anus
2.What causes rectal cancer?
3.Rectal cancer: when to see?
4.Rectal cancer: what’s going on there during the examination?
5.What is the treatment of rectal cancer?

Cancer of the rectum surgery

Practical advice in case of bleeding from the anus

Bleeding from the anus, however slight, and even if there are hemorrhoids, should lead to perform a rectal examination by a doctor and a colon examination by colonoscopy. A colonoscopy should also be routinely performed from 45 years in all first-degree relatives (parents, children, siblings) of a person who had a colon or rectum.
Namely: the rectal cancer for both men and women. Continue reading “CANCER OF THE RECTUM”


The anti-cancer chemotherapy for many patients cause significant side effects and disabling weakness, fatigue, depression … A Swedish team has discovered that the intense physical activity can reduce symptoms.

1.A physical activity program for intensive chemotherapy
2.Less fatigue when doing exercise during chemotherapy
3.Some flats for a study

A physical activity program for intensive chemotherapy


Sport is very important to reduce the risk of developing cancer, including breast cancer. But physical activity can help us once the cancer is there, and that the side effects of very heavy treatments, particularly chemotherapy, are raging? Previous studies were rather discouraging. A Swedish study, however, wanted to test the effects of a comprehensive exercise program that included relaxation and other soft methods (Pilates, stretching) but also more intensive physical activity (cardio and weight training), all performed group. The study lasted six weeks and people were recruited on a voluntary basis, they suffered from a variety of cancer at various stages too. Their only common denominator was to be under chemotherapy. The activity program was set for everyone, but the most intense exercises could be set aside for some days when their health would not permit them to practice. Continue reading “CHEMOTHERAPY MORE BEARABLE THROUGH SPORT”


Since the reform of the attending physician, the more we put our hand in pocket. While a board, choose your complementary health!

1.How to do it to choose its complementary health?
2.Eight tips to choose your complementary health
3.How to do it to choose its complementary health?

Herve Requillard: For example, you are a family whose parents have dental problems for a long time, a weakness in this area. Preference should be given a generous supplemental health on the dental plan. But it is not easy to find, as do his market research with complementary health is not very clear, the information is not always clear. When receiving an offer of complementary health, reimbursement rates are often a percentage relative to the rates charged by Social Security. Except you do not necessarily know it by heart rates of Social Security, which are themselves very complicated. We must therefore seek to obtain this information before choosing a medical insurance company.


One can simply go to the website of the Social Security that displays the cost of the most commonly performed actions. I would advise to get the rates of complementary health and then, with a calculator, to see what is for example 300% of the rate of Social Security. This gives a clear idea of reimbursement levels that we can then compare with the prices charged by health professionals. For example, in dental, where tariffs on prostheses are free, the same prosthesis can vary from 1 to 5 between Dunkirk. Continue reading “HOW TO CHOOSE COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH?”

Train your ABS at home

Not all attend a regular gym. But there are periods during the year (like this before the holidays …) where a bit of muscle tone, especially at the level of the abdominal belt not go amiss. Indeed, I would like to own!

Fortunately, your ABS are among the few muscle groups which can be train in virtually any environment and situation, not requiring special equipment.

ABS at home

If you have decided that from today you want to train and tone your ABS, and if you have no desire or time to subscribe to the gym, maybe the advice that follows will help (or so we hope). Continue reading “Train your ABS at home”