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Facts about massage therapy courses

Massage therapy courses has grown in popularity in recent years, and nowadays you can get almost any spa and request one. If you wish for health reasons or just to relax, massage offers many health benefits. With eighty different styles offered, you will surely find one that suits your needs. History It is believed that massage […]

Digestive ostomies and everyday life

About 100,000 people are bearers of a digestive Ostomy or “artificial anus” in France, largely following surgery for colorectal cancer. What are the indications and the daily lives of Ostomy patients? Reply with Daniele Chaumier of the Hopital Tenon in Paris. Danièle Chaumier is an enterostoma-therapist (and), a registered nurse of State (IDE) specialized in […]

Antiparkinsonian drugs

Who has never heard of Parkinson’s disease? Of numerous and famous patients participated in the media coverage of this pathology. Mistakenly, believed that it is limited to earthquakes. Similarly, treatment and therapeutic strategy are often unknown. Doctissimo reviewed drugs used to treat this disease… Of unknown cause, Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a weakening of […]

Parkinson’s disease in question

Discovered in 1817 by a British physician who gave him his name, Parkinson’s disease affects 4 million people in the world. Of the 100 000 a 150 000 probable PD, only 80,000 are known and followed. Too often slow and earthquakes are attributed to the simple fact of aging. Each year, 8,000 new cases. Although […]

The prowess of the cardiac surgery

Today, heart surgeons are able to realize yet what was unthinkable a few years ago: replace defective parts of the heart, adjust its beats, adapting new vessels, in short, offer a wide range of interventions tailored to each pathology. Is Doctissimo point on the techniques frequently used in hospitals and this therapeutic prospects offered by […]

Together, improve management of myocardial infarction

Each year, about 100,000 people suffer from myocardial infarction in France. Although mortality has significantly decreased since 10 years, 13% of patients still die in the year following the accident. To improve support, health authorities have established a programme of priority actions. The heart 2007-2010 program aims to further reduce mortality and complications of myocardial […]

Health on a plate

Iron is a mineral essential to the proper functioning of the body. It has a fundamental role in the formation of hemoglobin contained in red blood cells, in the constitution of Myoglobin in muscles and in that of many enzymes indispensable to the functioning of the body. Iron is present in very small quantities in […]

Men who are victims of their hormones

Depression, irritability, outbursts… women tend to put these on the account of fluctuations in hormonal mood swings. Limited to women? Not really. For stress, men may be victims of their hormones. The syndrome of irritable man. Why stressed men become irritable, cranky or emotional at melt into tears? And well, these mood swings may be […]

Virtual reality heals real phobia

Virtual air routes, of the virtual sliders, bridges virtuels… No, you are not in any park attractions but in treatment of phobias. These new ways could help patients manage their unhealthy fears more rapidly, and at lower cost than with conventional techniques. Advertising At the annual convention of the American Association of psychology, researchers say […]

The Health News

For treating pediatric cancers, girls receive a chest radiotherapy. Essential element of support, this technique exposed however to an increased risk of developing breast cancer later. This driving would be comparable to that of women with genetic predispositions to disease. The results of this study presented to the US Congress of cancer advocates early screening. […]