Panic disorders Are Actually A Dysfunction

Panic disorders Are Actually A Dysfunction

This often starts little as if you did not quite take in sufficient air with this last breath or your heart feels as though it is beating a little faster than usual. The majority of people-if they noticed all of them at all would brush away these feelings chalking them up to and including airless room or the looming limit.

Your heart price quickens you find yourself gasping for air and you start feeling sweaty unstable or nauseated. To help to make matters worse your vision starts in order to narrow so does your attention and you feel detached from yourself-as although what you are experiencing is not actually happening. You are only centered on one thing: Getting in order to safety. For anybody who has ever had an anxiety attack the situation above is really a familiar one. It might be triggered by something particular tight spaces or a concern with flying or its cause might be more mysterious.

Panic disorders Are Actually A Dysfunction

Either method those symptoms are your response to one point fear. A panic attack is really a sudden rush of somatic symptoms-the battle or flight response-that originates from the amygdale of the brain when it sensory faculties danger says Anne Jessica Albano, PhD, director associated with Columbia University’s Clinic with regard to Anxiety and Related Problems. Most of the period, panic is a normal reaction to a scary or harmful situation. However, even if panic comes on suddenly without any apparent trigger attacks are not always grounds to well panic.  Join get daily healthy living tips delivered right to your inbox. Anxiety is really a normal emotion Albano states. Continue reading “Panic disorders Are Actually A Dysfunction”

Symptoms of physical exhaustion and stress


If you feel affection for, his work or not, from what you have experienced exhaustion from time to time, frustration disappointment and a frantic need to pull the alarm around the room and Crouch beneath the sheets until further notice. Most of us do not take keen on account the exhaustion of being a form of depression. After all, it is only that the boss is an idiot, colleagues who do not pull their weight and the work is tedious and thankless. However, a new learn suggests that the exhaustion and depression are not so unlike.


Prevention recommends

In the study, published in the periodical of Clinical Psychology, and physical exhaustion researchers examined almost 1,400 teachers from public schools in the United States during the academic year 2013-2014. Based on the survey responses, we have recognized a group of teachers who have shown signs of exhaustion. When combining symptoms of teachers on a scale of depression fully 86% of those with burnout met the criteria for a provisional diagnosis of depression. In contrast, less than 1% of their colleagues without burnout are considered candidates for depression. What is more, teacher’s burn were roughly twice as likely to have a history of anxiety disorders, three times more likely to have a history of depression and nearly four times more likely to be taking antidepressants. Continue reading “Symptoms of physical exhaustion and stress”

Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?

On the forums, the rumor runs… Electronic cigarette would be the miracle solution to stop smoking! This is at least suggest several companies marketing these products. But in turn, French and the World Health Organization health authorities recommend the utmost caution.

Electronic cigarette reproduces the shape and feel of a conventional cigarette. Found inside this small feat of miniaturization: a battery, a microprocessor, a sprayer and a cartridge designed to be sprayed with a liquid that may contain nicotine or the aromatic substances of food additives or artificial flavourings. Each puff, the liquid mixed with the inspired air is broadcast in the form of steam, that reproduced the smoke from a cigarette, and is inhaled by the user.

Electronic cigarette

WHO has never guaranteed electronic cigarettes

Companies marketing electronic cigarettes generally describe them as a way to help smokers to get rid of their dependence on tobacco. Some have even been up to suggest that the World Health (who) organization considered this technique as legitimate as nicotine (gum, lozenges and patches to nicotine). Continue reading “Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?”

Tomorrow, a nicotine vaccine

Victim of successive failures, you are poised to confess defeated (e) by the cigarette. However, the harmful effects of smoking are more to demonstrate… Swiss researchers propose a new solution: a vaccine against nicotine addiction.

At the 2005 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Asco), Swiss researchers have announced the development of a vaccine against nicotine addiction.

a nicotine vaccine

New solutions needed to quit smoking

Despite the advances in medical research, lung cancer remains one of the deadliest diseases. Each year, more than 27,000 French die from this terrible scourge. Quasi-invariable, the cause is the same: smoking. Facing these figures and awareness of the harms of smoking, many have banned it from their daily lives. But it is not always easy to achieve… and this, despite the multiplicity of proposed solutions. Continue reading “Tomorrow, a nicotine vaccine”

Australia Day: Fun Celebration or Nationwide Bender?

With each passing year, Australia Day becomes an opportunity for media channels to remind the nation as a whole that they have an ever-growing problem with drinking. Substance abuse will often escalate into violence, and although the government is making attempts to counter potentially harmful behaviors, it seems like they haven’t quite found the right way to deal with addiction just yet. Meanwhile, attitudes toward drinking seem to be devolving to the point where a large proportion of Aussie youths believe that abstaining from alcohol is un-Australian. All these warning signs are pointing to the need for more efficient methods in addressing compulsive, self-destructive behaviors, such as popularizing and encouraging therapy and the patients’ drive for solving their own problems, one step at a time.


Australia Day – An Alcohol-fueled Rampage?

For 2013’s Australia Day, the Australian police force announced it would enforce a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward aggression. This might seem understandable, since the same event in 2012 saw over one hundred cases of assault, while 2011 brought along 122 such incidents. In most cases, young males, 18 to 24 years old will be responsible for aggression complaints, which come mostly after 5 p.m. Several police representatives took the opportunity to warn against the use of alcohol and recreational drugs during publicly held events on Australia Day. Pleasantly sunny weather, music festivals, and parades are all being viewed as opportunities to get drunk, say the Police. Young people are particularly keen on expressing entitlement when it comes to alcohol consumption and the general view is that Australia as a whole is facing an ever more serious problem with drinking. As such, policemen and women across the country were instructed to monitor the way in which alcohol was advertised and sold in preparation of this year’s Australia Day. Continue reading “Australia Day: Fun Celebration or Nationwide Bender?”

Cardiac arrest

The heart is a hollow pear shaped muscular organ located between the lungs. It ensures the circulation of the blood in the body, allowing the cells to receive oxygen and nutrients. This movement is essential to life. Heart failure causes the death of the victim in the short term. React!

In a cardiac arrestif no gesture of relief is realized immediately, and if relief did not occur, the victim’s life is threatened in the short term. Any victim must have an external heart massage associated with artificial ventilation so that its survival is maintained pending the arrival of relief. The recommendations come from change recently. They are specified by PR. Pierre Carli, Chief of the Samu de Paris and president of the French Council of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CFRC).

Cardiac arrest

How to react?
The new recommendations focus on the simplification of the gestures: resuscitation, there is no time to lose because every minute is counted and paid by a loss of chance of survival. “The new recommendations do plus all the distinctions of situation (adult/children) taught previously. In the absence of signs of life, began cardiopulmonary resuscitation without asking any question, on the basis of 30 chest compressions to 2 breaths”said Pr Pierre Carli.
First case: the victim complains of a pain in the chest. Continue reading “Cardiac arrest”

Learn the gestures of emergency at school

Outside the hospital, cardiac arrest survival rate is less than 5% and the number of deaths it causes is every year in thousands. Yet, many lives could be saved if the first gestures of relief involved pending the arrival of professionals. But it is estimated that less than 7% of the French know these gestures which save. To remedy this, the Government proposes their learning at school.

A poll conducted in September 2000 by the SOFRES survey at the request of the French Red Cross has shown that 93% of the French believe that it is important to train in first aid. Yet less than 7 percent of the French are introduced to the emergency.

gestures of emergency

The importance of the first rescuer
The scientific work are categorical, the first rescuer plays a key role in the “chain of survival”. Thus, in August 2001, the Red Cross launched a massive awareness campaign first aid training. The Red Cross experts believe as well that “If the rescue of the first moment is quickly relayed by specialised relief, among others equipped with semi-automatic defibrillation devices, the chances of survival for a victim of cardiac arrest are increased by 20 %”. Continue reading “Learn the gestures of emergency at school”

The reasons for the delay

Only 7% form each year to emergency actions. A proportion should be multiplied by three to get satisfactory results in terms of public health. Dr Pascal Cassan, Associate Deputy national training in first aid to the French Red Cross, explains the reasons for this delay.

Doctissimo: How are organized training sessions for the general public to the French Red Cross?
Dr Pascal Cassan:The French Red Cross has of a potential important, consisting of 3,000 volunteer instructors, spread throughout the country and working in 800 local committees.

explain the attitude

About 300 instructors are responsible for teaching to the monitors, who receive 50 hours of additional instruction free of charge. National team training, which I run and which consists of about 30 doctors, is responsible for ensuring the consistency of the scientific content of the training and participates among others in discussions with scientific bodies and the Ministry of the Interior. Continue reading “The reasons for the delay”

How does it explore the coronary arteries today?

Prior fears a heart scan are good legitimate. Are but they based? In recent years, Cardiology (medical or surgical) has been the subject of such progress that these reviews are totally controlled and harmless.

Many reviews to explore the vascular network which irrigates the heart, some have lost their interest over time because they did not meet criteria for safety or modernity expected in this area. Others have earned their letters of nobility by offering a very satisfactory risk/benefit ratio. Therefore, if you are undergoing vascular explorations, you can rely on the experience of physicians and cardiac surgeons for more than two decades, enhancing their experience.

explore the coronary

The simplest and best known is the electrocardiogram (ECG). Its disadvantage lies in the fact that it traces the electrical activity of the heart at rest. Whenangina occurs only at the effort, the ECG may be quite normal. This is the reason why your doctor may prefer a stress test. Registration is thus closer to reality as he recreates the conditions of occurrence of the angina. There is an another more aggressive exploration as it is surgical instructions, which can view the status of your coronary arteries: coronary angiography is. These two explorations take place in a medical setting very strict, so that at the slightest problem, a team can intervene in an emergency. Continue reading “How does it explore the coronary arteries today?”

Stroke: a cascade of events

130 000 vascular accidents (CVAS) are registered each year in France. A quarter of people die. In the majority of cases, others keep more or less important sequelae or even more or less final!

Lesions obviously depend on the brain reached territory and the importance and type of circulatory arrest.

a cascade of events

Various consequences
They can touch the motor unit and leave half paralyzed body (hemiplegia), reach the sensory apparatus and create or edit, or make disappear the spatiotemporal cues or Finally, focus on language, reading or writing problems. Continue reading “Stroke: a cascade of events”