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Panic disorders Are Actually A Dysfunction

Panic disorders Are Actually A Dysfunction

This often starts little as if you did not quite take in sufficient air with this last breath or your heart feels as though it is beating a little faster than usual. The majority of people-if they noticed all of them at all would brush away these feelings chalking them up to and including airless […]


Symptoms of physical exhaustion and stress

If you feel affection for, his work or not, from what you have experienced exhaustion from time to time, frustration disappointment and a frantic need to pull the alarm around the room and Crouch beneath the sheets until further notice. Most of us do not take keen on account the exhaustion of being a form […]

Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?

On the forums, the rumor runs… Electronic cigarette would be the miracle solution to stop smoking! This is at least suggest several companies marketing these products. But in turn, French and the World Health Organization health authorities recommend the utmost caution. Electronic cigarette reproduces the shape and feel of a conventional cigarette. Found inside this […]

Tomorrow, a nicotine vaccine

Victim of successive failures, you are poised to confess defeated (e) by the cigarette. However, the harmful effects of smoking are more to demonstrate… Swiss researchers propose a new solution: a vaccine against nicotine addiction. At the 2005 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Asco), Swiss researchers have announced the development of a […]

Australia Day: Fun Celebration or Nationwide Bender?

With each passing year, Australia Day becomes an opportunity for media channels to remind the nation as a whole that they have an ever-growing problem with drinking. Substance abuse will often escalate into violence, and although the government is making attempts to counter potentially harmful behaviors, it seems like they haven’t quite found the right […]

Cardiac arrest

The heart is a hollow pear shaped muscular organ located between the lungs. It ensures the circulation of the blood in the body, allowing the cells to receive oxygen and nutrients. This movement is essential to life. Heart failure causes the death of the victim in the short term. React! In a cardiac arrestif no […]

Learn the gestures of emergency at school

Outside the hospital, cardiac arrest survival rate is less than 5% and the number of deaths it causes is every year in thousands. Yet, many lives could be saved if the first gestures of relief involved pending the arrival of professionals. But it is estimated that less than 7% of the French know these gestures […]

The reasons for the delay

Only 7% form each year to emergency actions. A proportion should be multiplied by three to get satisfactory results in terms of public health. Dr Pascal Cassan, Associate Deputy national training in first aid to the French Red Cross, explains the reasons for this delay. Doctissimo: How are organized training sessions for the general public […]

How does it explore the coronary arteries today?

Prior fears a heart scan are good legitimate. Are but they based? In recent years, Cardiology (medical or surgical) has been the subject of such progress that these reviews are totally controlled and harmless. Many reviews to explore the vascular network which irrigates the heart, some have lost their interest over time because they did […]

Stroke: a cascade of events

130 000 vascular accidents (CVAS) are registered each year in France. A quarter of people die. In the majority of cases, others keep more or less important sequelae or even more or less final! Lesions obviously depend on the brain reached territory and the importance and type of circulatory arrest. Various consequences They can touch […]