The fleshy skin, enlarged pores

The fleshy skin is a rather frequent occurrence both in women than in men and is formed by the dilation of the follicular openings that determines a particular aspect of the skin of the face, which appears as a mesh point or mesh characterized by polygonal depressions. This unsightly spent is not accompanied by other inflammatory diseases such as acne and seborrheic dermatitis and is not even easy to disguise as makeup, often tends to accentuate the defect rather than to minimize it.

The treatments that have been proposed for this type of problem are almost always based on an approach exfoliative-ablative more or less deep: removing the layers of skin to make it less visible the problem: then by retinoic acid, the peeling chemicals, microdermabrasion, up to the most modern ablative lasers, erbium or co2.

The fleshy skin

All these systems, also in the split, have the drawback of requiring a rather long downtime (7-10 days) with subsequent abstention from social life. Given the lack of risolutivit√† method (the tendency to relapse after 6-12 months), these treatments are unlikely to be proposed. Continue reading “The fleshy skin, enlarged pores”

Tips for losing weight: 10 tips practical and effective to burn off excess fat

How to lose weight in a healthy, safe, and why not … fun. The goal, stated or not, is to set us in shape, lose at least a size, feel lighter and more secure than our physical appearance. Easy to say. But how? With work, commitments, maybe the family …

Sometimes, fortunately, the solution is easier than it sounds. And sometimes it is so handy that we can not see: our advice is to do a few things but do them well. This is especially true for those who want to get in shape.


Here are our recommendations, ten rules (5 to follow in the gym, followed by 5 in the table) that will not fail to give their results.
In the gym Continue reading “Tips for losing weight: 10 tips practical and effective to burn off excess fat”

Losing weight

A question of you head weights every day to find that, despite all your efforts, the weight increase instead of decrease? Frequent the gym three times a week but the rolls on the sides are more and more instead of less? renounce all the sins of the throat but your pants are always too tight? So, maybe the problem is another: the head.

More and more nutritionists and doctors say that losing weight is not only a question of ‘physical’, but that weight loss also has a lot to do with our mood. If you want to get results, obviously not just take the stairs instead of daily or regularly attend an aerobics class.


To lose weight you must feel good. It seems a contradiction, because we often lose weight because we do not feel good, precisely because of those chalets too. But on the other hand this also shows just how closely the interaction between body and mind. Body and mind, inseparably linked. Continue reading “Losing weight”

Losing weight. Questions and Answers

Losing weight. That company. Especially when you do not know where to start. And especially when friends, dear friends and acquaintances to do to confuse us further ideas. Yet there are few rules to follow, not at all complicated, if you decided to cut a few inches on their waist, or legs. Here are 5 questions and 5 answers clear and direct. Then you will no more excuses…

Diet or exercise? Which one is more effective for weight loss?
The ideal would be to combine both. Reduce the calorie intake on the one hand, increase the consumption of the other, would be the winning combination. If you have to / want to make a choice: better diet. Eating too much thinking “so tomorrow I train …” never did anyone lose weight.

Losing weight.

What type of exercise is best for losing weight?
Definitely an aerobic exercise, like the jogging, stationary bike, step. Practiced regularly – at least 3-4 times a week with sessions of 30 minutes. The exercise with weights (anaerobic) can help to tone and firm, but not the most appropriate when it comes to burn excess fat. Continue reading “Losing weight. Questions and Answers”

Are you on a diet? Weight Loss Diet: Some tips

The warm period, the period in which all would not have let go during the winter months, is also a time of good intentions, the diets of the entries in the gym, long walks in the hope of burning those … 3 chiletti say too …

The Spring / Summer is the time when you feel more motivated, and often gets seriously to work to recover the shape.

Are you on a diet

Read: diet. Taking for granted that if you want to get serious about dieting will do so with the help of a doctor and let lose the potentially dangerous diets DIY, here we would like to give you some generic advice not only start a diet but also making sure that this function, and that motivation remains high throughout the period (and not in the first three days …). Continue reading “Are you on a diet? Weight Loss Diet: Some tips”

Excess sweating

Excess sweating Resume here on a subject that we have already discussed several times, and that is by far the request has been heard most often from readers of this column. We met so many people of both sexes, who unfortunately suffer from the daily embarrassment of excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, which puts them at ease in dealing with others, for various reasons and ascertainable.

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that serves to regulate the temperature of our body. The secretion sudorific occurs through nervous stimuli resulting from the vegetative nervous system and, more precisely, by that section of it which is represented by “sympathetic nervous system.” Now it may happen that in some subjects this portion of the nervous system must work at higher high for the purpose of maintaining body temperature values normali.Ne follows that these individuals have an excessive sweating, with all the consequences that readers can easily imagine, configuring the pathology that is aptly named the “sweating” or excessive sweating.

Excess sweating

If the summer is an experience quite common and annoying, for many of us, to feel the sweat pour on him, try to imagine what they ought to try those who sweat, or rather, dripping all year (gocciolazione), in a such a way that is, literally soaked clothes, and to suffer harassment and humiliation of having hands, feet or armpits constantly damp with sweat. We refer to those people who suffer from the clinical situation we have just named, characterized, in fact, a continuous and excessive sweating, is not always easy to treat. Continue reading “Excess sweating”

The double chin

“The results are good and durable, nothing is ever certain, however, because aging continues, you could just turn back the clock a few years and make them start from there”

Interview with Dr. Patrizia Gilardino Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

What the so-called ‘double chin’ is a problem that affects many women, especially not young, and often is a problem that could be resolved, but no one knows how. Cosmetic surgery can be helpful, in case of a double chin that was a problem so heartfelt that it must be solved at any cost. To learn more, we interviewed Dr. Patrizia Gilardino Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, and we put some questions on surgical techniques to remove a double chin, and opportunity costs. Here’s what he told Dr.

The double chin

What is basically a double chin, or the ‘crop’ as they call many women?
It is an accumulation of fat below the chin, often concomitant with an excess of skin and the muscle relaxation of the neck.

Many women have recourse to exercise real ‘exercises’ to try to reduce its size. Serve a purpose? And if so, what?
May serve to give tone to the platysma muscle, and therefore to reduce one of the components that determine the formation of double chin.

What does the surgery, nowadays, to eliminate a double chin?
If the predominant component is given dall’adipe, the solution is a liposuction or laser lipolysis a better (less invasive and capable of promoting even in part the retraction of the treated skin, reducing a modest excess). If the main problem is an apparent excess of skin, the only possible solution is a lifting of the neck. Finally, in the event of a relaxation of the platysma muscle (which is evidenced by the presence of two or more unsightly vertical bands under the chin) can be simply intervene with some punt urine of botulinum toxin or, in a more definitive surgery, suturing together the bands or interrupting.

What results is reasonable to expect. And there may be relapses or intervention solves the problem for good?
The results are good and durable, nothing is ever certain, however, because aging continues, you could just turn back the clock a few years and starting them from there. And convalescent care after surgery. You only need to wear a belt for a few days compressive

How much, approximately, the intervention for the reduction of double chin?
It depends on the technique used, ranging from 700-1000 euros for a laser lipolysis to 5-6000 of a neck lifting

The lines of cleavage, what to do?

Many women are faced with, sooner or later, with the appearance of wrinkles on the decollete. These wrinkles can become very deep and rather unsightly. Because right there, and why so obvious? We interviewed Dr. Joseph Parodi, Dermatologist in Genoa, and we asked some questions about wrinkles, like trying to prevent them, how to intervene when they appeared. Here’s what he said.

What are the causes? There is thought to be excessive sun exposure. Some women argue instead that the wrinkles are deeper cleavage after a night’s sleep and try the case also in a position where they sleep …

The lines of cleavage

The cause is certainly to find in the progressive degradation of the dermis with the formation of collagen denaturation, the damage occurs mainly in people who have been exposed to the sun without sunscreen. Continue reading “The lines of cleavage, what to do?”

Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends

How many how many fears, doubts, because we need advice when you start thinking about how to retrieve the physical form. Subscribe to the gym? And if ‘became big’? Put me on a diet? But if I put myself on a diet and I go to the gym I can eat more? And so on … To try to answer your questions we interviewed (and thank you very much for the lovely interview) Silvia Lagorio, National Fitness Manager at Virgin Active Italy (19 fitness centres in Italy). Here’s what we said about diets, workouts for weight loss, new trends in the field of aerobics, train your ABS, reduce your waistline …

The biggest fear for a girl who is thinking of enrolling in gym is “Oh I’ll do weights, I will become huge instead of lose weight …!”. Is a fear founded? A few years ago when it was still in vogue the culture of body building women’s image often associated with the human body builder was extremely muscolarizzata and has created the myth that the activity with the weights would “enlarge” women easily.

Weight loss

Now I would say that this fear is almost disappeared, replaced by a greater culture on the effects of an activity with the right body weight. She loves having the lean physique but should know that this is not enough to get the cardiovascular activity, even a toning is essential to accelerate metabolism and thus to increase the daily calorie expenditure, together with a balanced diet. Important also that both toning program following multiple repetitions series preferring to high loads. Continue reading “Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends”

The flu (or swine flu) Influenza

A (H1N1) can occur in mild or show a course that is sometimes quite serious. The symptoms of this variety, however, mostly flu are similar to those of classical seasonal and include fever with rapid onset, myalgias and arthralgias, headache, anorexia, fatigue and, sometimes, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Among the various aspects symptom of the condition to be counted even those that correlate with a worsening of existing chronic diseases such as pneumonia and respiratory failure that may be associated.

It should also be noted in this connection, that those who are infected are already potentially infectious during the incubation of the disease when the symptoms are still to come: an adult infected, in fact, can transmit the virus to a healthy individual when he still feels in good health, then, from the first appearance of symptoms, is still contagious for a period or up to seven days.


Children, especially those in the earliest age, they may spread the virus for longer periods. Furthermore, the human transmission of this virus strain is also generally or by coughing and sneezing of those who are carriers (droplets of saliva and nasal secretions), or through contact with infected mucus from the hands airways. Continue reading “The flu (or swine flu) Influenza”