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The fleshy skin, enlarged pores

The fleshy skin is a rather frequent occurrence both in women than in men and is formed by the dilation of the follicular openings that determines a particular aspect of the skin of the face, which appears as a mesh point or mesh characterized by polygonal depressions. This unsightly spent is not accompanied by other […]

Tips for losing weight: 10 tips practical and effective to burn off excess fat

How to lose weight in a healthy, safe, and why not … fun. The goal, stated or not, is to set us in shape, lose at least a size, feel lighter and more secure than our physical appearance. Easy to say. But how? With work, commitments, maybe the family … Sometimes, fortunately, the solution is […]

Losing weight

A question of you head weights every day to find that, despite all your efforts, the weight increase instead of decrease? Frequent the gym three times a week but the rolls on the sides are more and more instead of less? renounce all the sins of the throat but your pants are always too tight? […]

Losing weight. Questions and Answers

Losing weight. That company. Especially when you do not know where to start. And especially when friends, dear friends and acquaintances to do to confuse us further ideas. Yet there are few rules to follow, not at all complicated, if you decided to cut a few inches on their waist, or legs. Here are 5 […]

Are you on a diet? Weight Loss Diet: Some tips

The warm period, the period in which all would not have let go during the winter months, is also a time of good intentions, the diets of the entries in the gym, long walks in the hope of burning those … 3 chiletti say too … The Spring / Summer is the time when you […]

Excess sweating

Excess sweating Resume here on a subject that we have already discussed several times, and that is by far the request has been heard most often from readers of this column. We met so many people of both sexes, who unfortunately suffer from the daily embarrassment of excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, which puts them at […]

The double chin

“The results are good and durable, nothing is ever certain, however, because aging continues, you could just turn back the clock a few years and make them start from there” Interview with Dr. Patrizia Gilardino Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery What the so-called ‘double chin’ is a problem that affects many women, especially not young, […]

The lines of cleavage, what to do?

Many women are faced with, sooner or later, with the appearance of wrinkles on the decollete. These wrinkles can become very deep and rather unsightly. Because right there, and why so obvious? We interviewed Dr. Joseph Parodi, Dermatologist in Genoa, and we asked some questions about wrinkles, like trying to prevent them, how to intervene […]

Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends

How many how many fears, doubts, because we need advice when you start thinking about how to retrieve the physical form. Subscribe to the gym? And if ‘became big’? Put me on a diet? But if I put myself on a diet and I go to the gym I can eat more? And so on […]

The flu (or swine flu) Influenza

A (H1N1) can occur in mild or show a course that is sometimes quite serious. The symptoms of this variety, however, mostly flu are similar to those of classical seasonal and include fever with rapid onset, myalgias and arthralgias, headache, anorexia, fatigue and, sometimes, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Among the various aspects symptom […]