Narcolepsy, sleep unpredictable those shots

Falling asleep in class can be a disease. A rare disease. Or maybe not because in fact misunderstood, sometimes unthinkable, “orphan” diagnosis.Not only in the classroom.During a conversation, while waiting for the bus, even at the dinner table between a bite. And what do you think of these unpredictable strokes of sleep. Don’t you think. «The guy makes the small hours. «It is bored by what you say if you fall asleep while I speak. ” «Pretends, it does on purpose. ” Actually that guy suffer and many more. Even he knows what happens, island, finds it difficult to integrate, test of guilt, is not confident (and how could it?), tends to depression.


THE DIFFICULTY IN DIAGNOSIS-The explanation is there. Suffers from narcolepsy. A chronic neurological disorder that impairs the brain’s ability to regulate wakefulness and sleep, due to lack of a substance (Orexin) which is no longer produced.The origin of narcolepsy? May be autoimmune in nature. A reaction against themselves, as many other diseases of today.Suffers for example actress Nastassjia Kinsky.
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Trend reports. 2012 Hair Trends

Curious to know what the hair trends for 2012?

The opinion of four international hair stylist, four of the most famous stylists who take care of their hair for fashion shows and the most important magazines in the fashion world. Who better to tell them and tell us what haircut will be the trend for the coming year?

A small summary, to begin with?

We will see a return to more natural forms, textures and more dry mat and hair soft and light. There will certainly influences the back. Dominate the ’20s, ’50s and ’60s.

Hair Trends


After more than a month of fashion shows, the conclusion of the Paris fashion week, I think the trend emerged for women for Spring Summer 2012 is the ‘wet hair’, says Enrico Mariotti, hairstylist official Pantene Italy. Style ‘surf chic’ that was developed depending on the imagination of the greatest hair stylist in the world. There will be a strong return to glamor and a natural desire for spontaneous beauty with soft textures. Communicate the message that your hair this summer is ‘wash and go’. The natural movement of the hair is the crown jewel of the summer. Will spray you spray on damp hair to give texture and will turn it into soft waves bun to get thin. We will also see influences from the past as a ’50s and ’60s. Continue reading “Trend reports. 2012 Hair Trends”

The secret to getting into shape for summer?

The secret to those who want to get fit, lose weight, tone, firm and reduce the circumference of waist, hips, legs, arms is just one: serious work in the gym, and balanced diet. All those who will offer miraculous ways to lose weight effortlessly you are selling what is commonly called … ‘Hot air’

But then, you say, how do you actually set to a serious program that will lead from now when the holidays (which are closer than you think …) in better shape than we have today? Many, indeed many readers write to us asking how to do it, wondering where to start, how to set up a workout, diet, etc..

The secret to getting

First, physical activity, which is very important. A gym is definitely the right place, especially when it’s cold again, to burn excess calories and train muscles with light weights and machines. So the first advice is to join a good gym, and organize themselves in order to have time for at least three sessions (preferably four) weekly training. Continue reading “The secret to getting into shape for summer?”

Streamline the legs and thighs

One problem that plagues the mind of most of the girls, and that is the subject of many letters with requests for advice, is to have your thighs are too big, or not to have good legs. Especially in a time like this, when we go around the shops dreaming coming holidays, and choosing the costumes that we wear at the beach, the problem arises in all its importance.

Let’s say that the ‘thighs’ as you call them in the letters that we write is a very subjective issue. There are girls who do not care, and probably are good for them, and girls who instead are desperately seeking advice to lose weight and slim legs.

Streamline the legs

In this short article we address the issue in a logical manner, framing it and above all trying to identify those that may be the most simple and practical remedies for those looking for some advice on how to streamline your legs, perhaps even ahead of the holidays. Continue reading “Streamline the legs and thighs”

Lose weight and tone up in the gym with weights?

Weights and fitness, aerobic training and weight loss. Often there is confusion, especially the girls do not really know if you even get close to weight, or stay away for fear of ‘bulk up’ instead of losing weight …

To do a little ‘light on this topic we have interview an expert in the field, Cristiano Riva, V-Trainer at Virgin Active Corsico Milan and we asked him how the actual weight training, if you can use it to streamline , and of course we talked of stomach and abdominal … Here’s what he said.

shoulder press

How to set up a workout with weights instead of if you want to increase muscle mass rather than weight loss? You can do it with weights?

Losing weight is absolutely necessary to use the overload. Abandon forever the stereotype that sees the only weight loss related to aerobic activity, rather than learn the perfect weight loss is a close synergy between the two. We must point out that using the weights with loads not too high we can increase our muscle tone and therefore the same energy intake with food our muscles require more energy to maintain a tonic, which will take energy from where? Clearly the hated fat. Continue reading “Lose weight and tone up in the gym with weights?”

How I reduced my waist in 6 weeks

Not even I was counting a lot, and I say now is that of a model, but if I were to go to the beach tomorrow I would do without too many problems (a month and a half ago I would have to gather your courage …). If you are interested I will tell you how I did it.

If you are trying to find a solution to your problems online, remember that sometimes the solution lies in perseverance, in the ideas clear, and perseverance. No tricks, no magical substances, nothing futuristic tools, no telesales spring … only a few rules, and clear objectives.

my waist

I have done so (then everyone will know best what their weaknesses, and where and how to intervene).

1) Just ice cream and sweets, and sugar in coffee. I devoured them with great taste. Strange to say I miss the most. And my waistline thanks. Maybe soon they will insert back into my diet, but in moderation. Continue reading “How I reduced my waist in 6 weeks”

Walking to lose weight, lose weight or walking

Five myths debunked on the best way to lose weight in a healthy and fast with cardio training. Walking to lose weight? Yes, yes, but only if …

No denying it, the beginning of summer always makes us wanna dispose of a few extra pounds each year. We just want to get back on form for the summer, and feel (hopefully) finally at ease in front all’impietoso time of ‘dress rehearsal’.

And to lose weight, you know, the physical movement is very important. Important and useful to dispose of a few extra pounds, but only provided you do it properly, and combining it with a serious and balanced diet. In this short article will address five myths related to training cardio (which is the more technical term to indicate brisk walking, cycling or running or to make us understand) and in doing so we will try to understand together what is really needed and what is not needed or even dangerous. If you are planning to put a run on the streets of your neighborhood to get back in shape before you read below.


1) To burn fat you need to wear tracksuits materials that make you sweat while running, so you can dispose of the fat faster. FALSE: this way you will lose any liquid in the form of sweat, and minerals. The fat has nothing to do with sweat. Unfortunately. Continue reading “Walking to lose weight, lose weight or walking”

A flat stomach. 10 tips for a flat abdomen

Spring season, you start to think about the belly. Not just for the beach, but also in cities, at school, at work. A belly can show, a waist ‘content’, a flat abdomen is an accessory to all the effects for those who want to do well in light fashion, adherent, fluttering in the spring and summer.

And then, next to the inevitable (and certainly much more concrete) rules to lose weight and reduce your waistline through regular workouts and diets balanced, we also allow you to list 10 effective and practical advice that will help you to ‘accelerate’ time to give you a flat abdomen, or at least somewhat ‘flatter, in very short time. Do not believe us? Try to read and think.


1) Eliminate from your diet, starting from yesterday, all those vegetables and fruits that you know from experience that cause bloating, the famous beans on … the belly is not ‘air’ is already a flatter tummy. Continue reading “A flat stomach. 10 tips for a flat abdomen”

Workout for your abs at home

People often think that to effectively train your abs you should have to go to the gym. It is true, the best equipped gyms flaunt ultra ultra technologic machinery to train your abs. Machines for the rotation of the torso or legs to the torso. Machines for the crunch …machines often do not compare favorably with a simple mat on the floor.

And since the mat can also spread it on the floor of the house … why not take advantage and train your abs at home regularly, if you do not have time, desire or money to enroll in a gym?


In this short article will explain the most basic exercise for the abdominal exercise you can do in the bedroom. Here’s how. Continue reading “Workout for your abs at home”

It tones the ‘back’ of your arms

You know quell’ antistatic fat pad that over the years has accumulated on the back of your arms (or that of your friends …)? This is one of the major problems from the girls when they start to exceed 30, and also one of the most difficult (at least apparently) to be solved.

Already … how? Surely you’ve read and heard everything, but if you care to say now ours too.

Hide back arms

How to reduce the fat pads that are deposited in the rear area of the arms, the area of the triceps muscle? Here’s how. We will schematic :-

1) That the ‘spot reduction’ as they call him angolofoni – or the reduction of fat in targeted areas of the body – is more myth than anything else. So any area ‘critical’ in our body must be addressed in a ‘global’. It seems that we are talking about geopolitics and instead talk about fat pads … Continue reading “It tones the ‘back’ of your arms”