Care for dry hair

Your hair is very dry, breaks or is extremely fragile? This is because often an insufficient sebum production, but also our bad habits and a lack of specific care. To remedy this, we present an overview of best practices to keep in mind.

On dry hair, sebum (whose key role is to hydrate the scalp) does not develop its function properly, favoring the irritation and itching. The hair loses its elasticity and becomes fragile, brittle and vulnerable, and the ends are easily opened.

It is a phenomenon of genetic origin, although the hair may also become drier due to atmospheric factors (sun, wind, sea water and pool), or habits of poor care, such as brushing too energetic and frequent use plates and drying at a temperature too high, too close together coloration or use inappropriate products.

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Basic Hair care:

The mainstay of treatment is a special for dry, smooth and rich shampoo rich in nourishing assets as essential fatty oils. It is important we wash your hair too often to not attack him.

In addition to your shampoo, it is good complete the care with moisturizing treatment and massage with your fingers. To achieve greater brightness, Generally avoids the water too hot or too lime, dry the hair and does not seal the cuticle, so all we have applied nutrition products will not remain in the fiber stacking for long. If you would like to know about beauty hair you could choose beauty school Phoenix.

Once or twice a week, before you know the shampoo , apply a mask with butter, avocado oil on the slightly wet hair. Then wrap hair in a warm towel for at least 20 minutes. Then wash it as usual.

Simple and comfortable practices:

– Massage the scalp before rinsing.
– A systematic rinse with cold water.
– A pre-drying hair with a terry towel that absorbs more water.
– Drying the hair slightly, to 15 cm hair and never for more than 15 seconds on the same site.
– Clear your hair with fresh water after swimming in the sea.


– Water too hot.
– The hot dryer too close to the root.
– Rubbing hair dry with a towel.
– Water with a lot of lime.

Home remedies:

Become yourself one nourishing mask with honey and olive oil and put it on before you shampoo. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and is hot for liquid honey. For brightness, you can also add egg yolk and lemon juice. Let stand at least half an hour, then wash with a mild shampoo.

Do it once a week when the hair is particularly punished, or every 15 days.

Watch your diet:
It is important to have a healthy diet and that food has an impact on health . Avoid saturated fats (meats, fast food, fried foods, bakery) and gives priority to fresh fruit and vegetables. To care for your hair, they are especially good almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and cereals.