Move after a breast cancer!

Physical activity is beneficial against overweight and cardiovascular health. But it is also after a breast cancer, reducing the risk of recurrence. For sports practices of women cured of such cancer, the French mutuality and the French Association of the after breast (Afacs) launched the first national survey entitled “Move against breast cancer”.

We know that physical activity is good for health. It is also known that his regular practice prevents the risk of breast cancer. What was unknown however, is that it is also beneficial for women who have survived breast cancer.

breast cancer

Physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence
According to estimates, a 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Thanks to medical advances, most can be cured. But women are not necessarily free, so doctors interested more and more to the quality of life in the apres-cancer. “Physical activity is probably the most effective weapon to combat the negative effects about which little: chronic fatigue, anxiety and weight gain”, explained Dr. Christian Jamin, endocrinologist and president of the French Association of the after1(Afacs) breast cancer. According to this expert, are just beginning to realize that “physical activity reduces the occurrence of breast cancer and that there is a correlation between the intensity of physical activity and breast cancer prevalence”2. “But what is less known, is the fact that physical activity decreases the risk of recidivism and mortality from cancer of the breast in proportions not negligible”, he added.

Studies have shown that physical activity started after a breast cancer reduced 25% risk of recurrence (by reducing overweight including), decreased 30% of mortality, and improved the quality of life by greatly reducing fatigue3. The origins of this mechanism, believed that adipose tissue secretes hormones beneficial to the development of cancer. It is playing on this hormonal balance that exercise and weight loss would have a beneficial effect.

Improve the quality of life after breast cancer
Finding strong, the Mutualite fran├žaise and the Afacs launched, September 14, 2010, a large survey called “move against breast cancer’ sponsored by champion Christine Arron, holding current European record of 100 m. open until March 2011, this study must judge the sport of women after breast cancer and identify sport brakesboth on their part as those of doctors. Carried out in partnership with the CHU de Clermont-Ferrand sports medicine service and the medical service of the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (Insep), this survey aims to identify physical activity after the breast with women but also their doctors.

The gender component is accessible via the or by phone (39 35, price of a local call from a landline). It invites women to fill out a questionnaire about their age, treatment they received, their way of life, time spent on physical activity, fears felt at the idea to take again a sport and the general attitude of the medical profession when they discussed this idea.

Investigators hope to clarify the influence of health professionals on the resumption of physical activity. A pane is also reserved, in order to know their own sports practices, recommendations for physical activity they do to their patients cured of cancer of the breast, as well as matters which could curb their prescription.

“Statistical work will be to seek the correlation between their speech and physical activity of women, to see if their tips are modulated by their own way of life,” said Pr Martine Duclos, Chief of sports medicine at the CHU de Clermont-Ferrand, in charge of the analysis of the data. This “photograph” of women after breast cancer has will also see which can have an influence on the quality of life after such an illness.