The best breakfast foods for diabetics

Breakfast is imperative for diabetics. In addition to providing energy, a balanced breakfast also helps to balance blood glucose levels. Start with a solid glucose reading in blood makes it easier to maintain good levels throughout the day. The best foods for breakfast for diabetics are those that are high in lean protein and whole grains, as these types of foods are more filling and generally have a low glycemic index.

foods for diabetics


Lean Protein
Lean protein is an excellent fuel source for diabetics, especially early in the morning. The food filled with lean protein but not contain many carbohydrates that can shake the blood glucose levels. Although many foods for breakfast are high in protein, very few are suitable for a diabetic diet. The bacon, sausages and eggs fried in butter, for example, contain too much fat to be nutritionally sound. Cottage cheese and low fat yogurt or wrongly are excellent sources of lean protein for diabetics, like boiled or scrambled eggs. The lean ham or turkey can be added to scrambled eggs or omelette.

Whole grains can be used to supplement a diabetic breakfast, when portions are adequately controlled. Although food grains contain carbohydrates, also provide an energy boost that may be useful in the early hours of the morning. Your doctor will tell you how many grams of carbohydrates you eat per day. Be sure to eat a fraction of them at breakfast. The best foods for breakfast for diabetics grains include whole wheat bread, buns and rolls. Oatmeal is also a great option. Other options include pita bread, corn or low carb tortillas and whole grains, breakfast cereals low in sugar.
Fruits and vegetables
Breakfast of a diabetic always be supplemented with fruits and vegetables to make meals bigger and fuller. Fresh berries are among the best options in this category because they tend to be low in carbohydrates. Other recommended fruits include a small banana or apple or a handful of grapes. Be careful not to go overboard with candied fruit, as they can affect blood sugar levels. The vegetables can also be included in a diabetic breakfast. Add a handful of spinach or chopped onion, peppers or tomatoes to eggs for a full off vitamin. It may be a small amount of sliced ‚Äč‚Äčavocado breakfast sandwich on a rich and filling. Even half a baked potato with cheese can be a great breakfast for diabetics.