Eat for better sleep

A healthy life lie at a regular time, quiet in a room cool enough … But with a good diet! And even if there is no miracle food for sleep, some easy to follow dietary rules can help get a better night. You have trouble sleeping? And if the problem was on your plate? Here are some tips to not count sheep …

Spread the exciting
Coffee, tea and cola drinks should be avoided during the afternoon because caffeine they contain is very exciting for the nervous system, and its action may occur for several hours. Even chocolate (including any component, theobromine, caffeine is close), can have an exciting effect if consumed in large quantities: it suffices to observe children during the holidays of end of year!

Eat for better sleep

Dinner for sleep
Contrary to what the adage says “who sleeps dines,” it is better to sleep BEFORE dinner! By sunset fasting, one may be awakened by stomach cramps, or cravings. Experiments in animals have shown that fasting can completely eliminate sleep. And we know that pregnant women and the elderly, it can cause severe discomfort (fall, loss of consciousness) related to hypoglycemia.

Do not eat too much, or too late
Sleep requires a relatively low internal temperature. Or digestion increases body temperature. If the meal is very abundant, this phenomenon is more marked and more prolonged, which of course could jeopardize the rest of the night. Always for the same reason, even if you dine sensibly, it is best to wait at least 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes after eating to lie no question of going to bed after dinner!

Choosing Menus
Logically, it will not on the menu for the evening meal dishes richer, or laborious digestion: fried foods, pastries, mushrooms, strong cheeses, tripe, fondue … are generally banned under penalty of heaviness in the stomach and nocturnal awakening. It is also a question of individual susceptibility, and everyone knows him foods that do not succeed.

It has sometimes been said that protein foods such as meat or cheese, which increases the secretion of norepinephrine (substance centers of consciousness), were to be consumed in the morning instead, and avoided the evening. In fact, studies in humans have failed to observe a clear influence of the supposed action of proteins.