Better Healthy Tips

Do you know the best time to start the bikini operation? Let us find out together with Rachel and great channel. When I was younger, I always ended up dragging my classmates to the gym. I had such a good time that in the end they also signed up.

I ate fate, I just exercised to go home, where I was not even 5 minutes, to the office and on weekends, those were the worst. Sometimes the hard knocks of life make you re-take the helm, and with the death of my father, I took refuge in the sport. That made me takes the bad thoughts out of my head. I took up the healthy life and I decided to share it because I knew I could help more people not only lose weight, especially to have a healthier life style and be a little happier.

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable

My surprise was that the one that ended up being happier. Get up and see the comments on my YouTube channel, which is where my fans is more active has become a drug for me. For me health is always the most important and having a more beautiful body is a consequence of having a healthy lifestyle. It seems like a lie, but replace the elevator up the stairs, take advantage of dead times on the phone to walk around the house, tighten the gut while we are with the computer or the buttocks when we queue in the super do for us much more than we think.

What exercise?

Well if you want to get rid of stubborn fat I am a fan what is the same Intervals of High Intensity. Although it sounds very sophisticated, it is nothing more than giving everything for a few seconds, lowering the intensity to recover a little and give everything again. With this type of training, in addition to using fat more effectively while we do, we will also get a greater post-combustion effect. What does that mean well that while you are relaxing on the sofa still burning calories. If we combine the routines with strength exercises such as squats, pushups or weight much better.