Benefits of drinking water with baking soda every day

Baking soda is a very common element in kitchens. However, not only there is its functionality water with Bicarbonate is an excellent natural antacid. That helps to alkalize our body, treat digestive problems and prevent numerous diseases.  Bacteria and microorganisms require an acidic environment to develop which encourages unhealthy eating. Luckily, there are organs in our body able to balance the pH level. The liver and kidneys sometimes they may not be enough. Baking soda may be the extra help we need.

benefits of drinking water

Powerful natural antacid

Its excellent antacid quality helps us to balance stomach acid levels. Thus preventing the burning, gastric reflux and favoring digestion. At the same time, the effervescence that provokes the reaction of sodium bicarbonate with water helps to prevent flatulence, belching and abdominal swelling. 

Powerful antiseptic

A good use that we can draw from its powerful antiseptic capacity is to disinfect our toothbrush, a real nest of bacteria. In addition, we can use it to relieve pain and inflammation of the throat by gargling.

Natural alkalizing

As we have said before, diseases need to develop an acidic environment, something that is easy to achieve with poor diet. Acidity is necessary to carry out certain functions for our body. Such as digestion, a slightly alkaline environment considered much healthier. Including water with baking soda to a much healthier and balanced diet will help us prevent many problems and naturally strengthen our health.

Prevents kidney stones

When the ion balance altered and the urine formed slightly acidic, it favors the formation of kidney stones. The bicarbonate helps us to restore the pH and avoid these problems.

Cure urinary tract infections

By reducing the acid in urine, baking soda is perfect for the treatment of urinary tract infections. An ideal remedy to complement with cranberry juice and an abundant is daily consumption of water.

Combat gout and other joint problems

The excess of uric acid can accumulate in addition to the urine and blood in the tissues of our body, leading to diseases and joint diseases such as gout or arthritis. The bicarbonate helps to balance the pH and reduce the levels of uric acid.

Improves physical and sports performance Physical

Exercise promotes the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles and joints. It contributes to the appearance of muscle aches and fatigue. The bicarbonate helps to counteract this problem, thus favoring sports performance.

How to take sodium bicarbonate

It is important to note that, as with everything, the abuse is not positive. Water with bicarbonate is an excellent remedy but it will never replace a healthy and balanced diet, use it as a complement to a healthier life. General dose: Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water after your main meal. You can take another one after dinner. To treat flu and colds: Sodium bicarbonate can be very helpful in relieving symptoms and ending up with a cold or flu first.