It tones the ‘back’ of your arms

You know quell’ antistatic fat pad that over the years has accumulated on the back of your arms (or that of your friends …)? This is one of the major problems from the girls when they start to exceed 30, and also one of the most difficult (at least apparently) to be solved.

Already … how? Surely you’ve read and heard everything, but if you care to say now ours too.

Hide back arms

How to reduce the fat pads that are deposited in the rear area of the arms, the area of the triceps muscle? Here’s how. We will schematic :-

1) That the ‘spot reduction’ as they call him angolofoni – or the reduction of fat in targeted areas of the body – is more myth than anything else. So any area ‘critical’ in our body must be addressed in a ‘global’. It seems that we are talking about geopolitics and instead talk about fat pads …

2) The two problems that must be resolved in this case are: loss of fat (including skin and muscle) and toning the underlying muscle (the triceps muscle of course)

3) The fat will reduce the (not only in that area but throughout the body) with a proper and balanced diet. A short diet, combined with a regular aerobic exercise (see below)

4) For aerobic exercise is defined as a half hour brisk walk, or step, or exercise bike, at least three times a week.

5) The muscle will be toned through simple exercises with dumbbells. Exercises that you can easily run into the house and we’ll cover here below (please note that the bell’istruttore you see in the picture is not part of training:)

Exercise 1: seated triceps extensions with a dumbbell. Sitting on a chair or on the edge of the sofa, holding a dumbbell as in the photo next to it, stretch your arm up until full extension. Return to starting position while inhaling. Perform this movement with a handlebar light that allows you to repeat the movement at least 15 times in a row. Switch arms and repeat the same routine. Three sets of 15 repetitions (the weight is not critical, indeed, better to be on light weights).

Exercise 2: Triceps Extensions bent forward. As you see in the picture, bend your torso forward slightly, perhaps by leaning with one knee on the edge of the couch and holding you firmly with your free hand. Extend your arm back up to full extension, hold that position for a second, then inhale slowly return to starting position. Even here, 15/20 reps for 3 sets.
Good job …