Barbecues, avoid rubbing alcohol!

Accidents of barbecues, are, like those of domestic fires, sometimes responsible for deep Burns extended, that go beyond the skin to attack underlying tissues and muscles. Deaths occur in 10% of cases. Attention so when you prepare Grill and especially when you avivez home with alcohol to burn or any other flammable liquid.

Rare, barbecue accidents are serious. Because it is a happy male task, they are in two thirds of cases of men, ages often of less than 40 years. Children are however not spared and represent 15% of these accidents. Most often the projection of embers, is the use of methylated spirits or a flammable liquid that is at the origin of the fire: the products to which it is better to give up. It is recommended to use ‘light-barbecues’, but knowing that they can then be toxic for young children. Don’t let not within their reach.

avoid rubbing alcohol

Install the barbecue in a stable location
To avoid accidents, the main prevention measures are:
A never leave Grill unattended, especially if children are nearby;
At install to an authorized location, away from vegetation and protected from the wind, on good ground if it is removable, or better to build if you can barbecue hard with a fireplace in your garden or on your balcony.

To be particularly vigilant if you use rubbing alcohol or a liquid flammable, gasoline or another (which is absolutely contraindicated) and in this case to never leave the bottle next to the fireplace. It might spill on the barbecue and fire;

Use barbecues meet safety NF standards, what is their type (gas, charcoal, electric).
In the case of propane gas grills, you will need to to ignite with a match or a lighter before to open the gas valve.
About meat, it’s best to not eat too much charred because otherwise this could lead to the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on their surface, substances that seem to promote the development of cancer of the stomach.

What to do in case of accident?
Ingestion of a barbecue with Metaldehyde is dangerous for children, and must lead to consult a poison or even to consider hospitalization.
Before beginning fire, call the Fire Department (18) without delay.
Burn flames caused by a barbecue fire are often severe and may associate with burns to the face and arms, burns from the respiratory tract to the fumes of burning air.

If a person is burned, ditch the ground to smother the flames and roll in a blanket if there is a nearby (but in a material of synthetic nature) never obviously. Immediately call the Samu (15) or the firefighters if the burns appear to be extended or that the injured disorders of consciousness or breathing wrong. Follow their instructions. Never undress the person, if the clothes stick to Burns, as it may aggravate the injury.