Attention to the erosion of the enamel!

In addition to change the aesthetics of teeth, this disorder can long term cause hypersensitivity and pain similar to those caused by caries. To avoid then, Doctissimo book you tips.

Cavities are in sharp decline, but dental pain still exist! From some point, alteration of the enamel of the teeth can cause comparable to decay suffering. How to avoid it? Preserve its tooth enamel isn’t to good oral hygiene…
Prevent erosion of enamel

Attention to the erosion

Our eating habits have changed. In Europe, consumption of fruit, soft drinks and fruit juice continues to increase. Result: we eat more acidic and our teeth pay the fort1 price! The erosion of the enamel of the teeth would affect 20% of the French2. This phenomenon increases with age and affects more men than women for bothersome symptoms…

This phenomenon of chemical wear is not immediately visible. Finer, less white, more rounded teeth may appear small cracks. The dentition becomes more sensitive to hot, cold, the sweet… When brushing, pain or a localized slenderness may appear. In the most severe cases, it can be seen a transparency on the edge of the teeth…

To this insidious phenomenon, better focus on prevention. Indeed, the enamel does not regenerate themselves. It must therefore fight against bad food habits and adopt a less abrasive, but equally effective brushing! A healthy diet and a good brushing against the erosion of enamel. It is possible to adapt its oral hygiene habits but also power to avoid or to limit the erosion of teeth3:

Reduce the acidity of its power:

Limit the intake of soft drinks: one liter ingested daily can remove up to 1 millimeter of enamel in a few years. Drinking acidic beverages through a straw to avoid contact of the drink with the teeth; Drink a glass of water or milk after eating a fruit. Dairy products allow to harden or rematerialize the enamel initially softened by acid with their high calcium content;

Avoid acidic foods:
foods are known to be acidic, such as citrus fruit. But others are all also acid without also acidulous taste: honey, tomato, rhubarb, asparagus… You should know that less fruit is ripe, it is acid. The acidity of the fruit is not the same depending on the variety: for example, apples bells are very acidic while the golden are less. Fruit juices are much more acidic than the fruits themselves, because they are more concentrated.

The pulp collected and discarded after the pressing of the fruit contains basic minerals, which cannot then neutralize acidity. Chew a chewing-gum: chewing triples the production of saliva and allow the mouth to find a normal rate of acidity rapidly.

Well to brush their teeth:

Use a little abrasive toothpaste containing fluoride, which strengthens the enamel and increases its resistance to acid attack. Some toothpastes combine a low abrasive power, neutral pH and elements to limit the dental sensitivity (such as potassium nitrate). Focus on the toothbrush flexible and avoid too intensive Scrubs; Not to brush their teeth immediately after exposure to acid.

Protect the enamel of the teeth of the erosion thus passes by suited, regular but not too frequent oral hygiene and dietary habits. If the tooth is too advanced erosion, dental care of reconstruction will be necessary.