An Insight into Vein Doc Mohammed Islam

Doctor Mohammed Islam is one of the best vascular surgeons. He is licensed and has experience as a vein doc for over two decades. The doctor believes that technology has an impact that can be utilized to treat individuals who are suffering from artery and vein problems. Mohammed is committed to helping patients who are suffering from those diseases.

Besides, he has been a member of the Metro Vein Center. He could treat patients and ensure that they go back home on the same day, having made sure that the patients are contented with his service. Currently, Dr. Mohammed Islam is working with the New York branch of the Metro Vein Centers at the White Plains.

Metro Vein Company

The firm has specialized vein centers that apply the best treatment for vein disease or any other conditions involving blood vessels. It has been made possible by hiring vein doctors who are certified. Moreover, the usage of modern technology has caused patients to get access to multiple treatments, which are catered for by the insurance policies. Besides, the firm has various leading vein centers that are located in the following areas:



Rochester Hills

Clinton Township

West Bloomfield


(b)New Jersey


Florham Park



(d)New York

Forest Hills

White Plains

Treatments offered in Metro Vein Company

There are four different kinds of medications that are offered at the Metro Vein Center. They include Sclerotherapy that also results in the end to scarring, transdermal laser therapy, and endovenous laser ablation therapy.

However, some procedures are used when offering treatment for sclerotherapy. It can only be accomplished by injecting a unique solution that is meant to make the veins to swell, scar, and collapse. Transdermal Laser therapy is used in spider vein, whereby the laser is expected to move over the surface of the skin.

While Endovenous laser ablation therapy requires the placement of a very tiny laser catheter via a small incision, the catheter must be threaded inside the vein to be treated. It makes the scar closed after the vein tissue has been heated. When it comes to phlebectomy, two tiny incisions are made by the vein doc and the vein is pulled out with a unique hook through the skin.

Pros of Sclerotherapy

(a) After or during the procedure, it has been noted that patients report that they do feel a little discomfort. However, no anesthesia is required.

(b) If these diseases are found in an individual, various insurance policies are ready to cater for the hospital bill. This mode of treatment has been recognized as one of the safest methods of treating spider veins.

(c) Between 13 and 15 minutes, the injection is booked, it does not need any form of downtime later on.

Cons of Sclerotherapy

(A)It is only meant for spider veins and tiny varicose veins. Patients who have got larger varicose veins are recommended by the Atlanta vein specialist to opt for either radio or laser frequency ablation procedure.

(b) More than one treatment is required.

Pros of endovenous laser ablation

• There are a few risks that are involved during the treatment.

• In the deep system, damages are prevented

• Discoloration and deterioration of the skin is protected

• Some pain is relieved

Cons of Endovenous laser ablation

After treatment, the vein doc recommends the wearing of 30-40 Hg Compression stockings for a whole week.

Pros of transdermal laser therapy

• During the treatment, the procedure is bloodless

• It works harmoniously with the structure of the skin

• The results are realized quickly

• It is a safe mode of treatment

• Healing time is minimal

Cons of transdermal laser therapy

• The treatment has side effects

• Some types skin does not respond to this type of therapy

• The treatment leads to the formation of tough scars when done on black skins