How to manage my allergies during pregnancy?

The allergy increase them during pregnancy? What drugs do in a crisis? Are there dangers for the baby? Can we continue desensitization?… The answers to all your questions of allergy moms.

Compatibility of Antiallergics treatments, risk of asthma for the baby, bounce of the allergic crises during the grossesse… Bernard Poitevin, allergist physician and homeopath helps you manage your allergies during pregnancy.

allergies during pregnancy

The basic rules to avoid crises
No need to take food precautions. “Currently, it considers that should be tolerance in children by exposure to the allergen.””Make”preventive regimes”during pregnancy to prevent baby from future food allergies did not interest” explains Dr. Poitevin.

To avoid crises, regardless of the nature of allergy, some simple tips should help you:
• Outlawing the passive and active smoking.
• Establish an allergic in allergist balance (with skin tests) before pregnancy if this has not been done and MOM suspect an allergy.
• In case of respiratory allergy proved to allergens in the environment, strengthen normal (mites, spores of mould) prevention measures and avoid exposures to pollen to which the woman is aware.
• If for example you are allergic to dust, it is time to delegate the tasks of cleaning: have someone vacuuming, sweeping, dust in your place.
• To the extent possible, try to determine the factors triggers, to avoid them of course.
• Especially not eat the food to which you are allergic, although they are recommended for pregnant women.

Continue the treatment or not?
Ideally, it is better to prevent than cure course. Then feel free to speak your allergies with your doctor before even to conceive your child to have the more serene pregnancy possible. If you took allergy treatments, it is better not suddenly stop them because you are pregnant. The physician to determine on the one hand and on the other hand, the disease can be more harmful for the baby and the MOM than treatments.

Sometimes, it happens that an allergy appears during pregnancy. Any suspicious symptoms, see your doctor so he can diagnose. Thus, he may propose local treatment, most often to relieve symptoms.

Here are a few categories of Antiallergics drugs which can you are prescribed:
• Antihistamines : only the premises are usually allowed. For others, the doctors still lack back-up.
• Anti-asthma : they are allowed (the effective minimum dose is desired) and even recommended. Better treated and stable asthma as a situation that can lead to fetal distress.
• Desensitization : “No need to interrupt a desensitization well supported at the stage of maintenance treatment (especially by perlinguale way)”, said Dr. Poitevin. “It must simply continue.” However, this is not the time to start a desensitization. “A balance will be established after the birth”.
• Homeopathy : It may be prescribed during pregnancy safe. “It is useful and effective, especially for rhino-conjunctivitis allergic, in addition to antihistamines and cromones that can be used locally, said Dr. Poitevin.” “It should not be over classic monitoring of diseases, especially asthma which must be subject to treatment inhaled with the minimum doses for stabilization”. In homeopathy, the specialist reminds us that one must be wary standardised treatments often ill-adapted, and rather consult a competent physician (trained University of homeopathy in 3 years) and who can prescribe drugs tailored to clinical signs and the “field” of each.