Child at each age toothbrush

Your child is growing … and growing small teeth. Should an early age he learned the gestures of the brush? Which brush to choose? When to change? Our advice and tips for toddlers have smiles of stars.

At 6 months, your baby is teething. In his little mouth, beginning to point the first incisors. Period wonder parents, often painful time for children … Your little one will be finished garnish his pretty face baby teeth around 30 months. It was not until 6 or 7 years for the little mouse begins to move. But during any period, it is important to provide the utmost care to these young teeth.

Child at each age toothbrush
Brush at an early age
If it is advisable to regularly massage the gums before the teeth erupt, you can start brushing without toothpaste first tooth. Not always easy to understand what Baby gesture, but it can be a little game he learns gradually to one in large disorderly movements …

It is important not to neglect the teeth. We often hear that they do not matter to the extent that they will be replaced. This is wrong! These teeth are preparing the way for future permanent teeth and he must take care as they emerge.

The goal is to accustom the child to brush their teeth after every meal and before bedtime. It will begin using toothpaste to 2 years when the child will not have the reflex to swallow. We generally recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste specially designed for younger children. The advantage: it strengthens the enamel of teeth and helps prevent cavities. Question perfume, avoid mint, unappreciated small and prefer a fruity, strawberry always winning membership. Attention, if its really like toothpaste, it may want to eat it, watch it … If swallowed, do not panic, toothpaste is certainly not easy to digest but presents no danger.

Brush adapted to the child’s mouth

Must remember to change toothbrush 4-5 times a year, you’ll have no trouble adapting the toothbrush selected age and the shape of your child. For younger children, the toothbrush should be small to drag around with hair tight and flexible to not hurt his gums.