Pregnancy: lack of sleep can affect the baby

Suffering from insomnia during pregnancy can cause premature births and affect the immune system of the baby. Kate Middleton has slept well when she was pregnant? It is a paramount issue for the health of the Royal Baby (which is still not known first name)! Indeed, a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, in the United States, comes to show that a bad sleep during pregnancy could have an impact on the immune system of the baby and slow down its growth in utero.

affect the baby

If you sleep poorly, you might give birth to a low-weight baby (with its 3,800 kg, the royal baby has no concern to be!) that will be hard to defend when it encounters the first virus.

To carry out a pregnancy 9 months is easy! We already knew that taking antidepressants in being pregnant is bad for the baby’s heart, that eating junk food night also in the newborn, drinking coffee every day has an impact on the weight of the baby… And we won’t mention the harms of tobacco !

This time, we learn that suffer from insomnia during pregnancy increases our production of cytokines. These molecules essential for the proper functioning of the immune system have the annoying habit to turn against healthy cells when they are too many. An excess of cytokines in pregnant women can also weaken its tissue, interrupt the placental circulation and cause a premature birth.

“The results of this study show that it is important to detect the possible disorders of sleep in pregnant women as early as the first trimester of pregnancy, especially among expectant mothers who suffer from depression because they are even more at risk. It is possible to treat insomnia and thus avoid risks to the baby”insists Dr. Michèle Okun, who led this study.